Girls Mountain Biking

Most probably you have seen girls mountain biking before? Or you might be one of those sporty ladies I’m talking about. That’s one of mountain biking’s beauty – This sport is for both men and women. It doesn’t matter to mountain biking if you are a male or a female; neither will it discriminate because of age range or even nationalities, everyone can try this great sport.

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Now great numbers of women of all ages are joining the joy of mountain biking. Unlike in its earlier times when it had been mostly the dominion of males. Because of the all females mountain biker teams in many United States high schools; girls mountain biking initiated to attain popularity in the sport.

Presently there are now High school MTB riding programs that make it possible for girl students to learn the technique essential to flourishing in females mountain bike tournaments, and several seem to be as good as the guys riders in their universities, how about that?Girls Mountain Biking - Mountain Bicycle Labs

There are even female groups now that holds summer time mountain-biking-camp that aid the ladies to enhance their techniques as well as develop their self-confidence for mountain bike racing competition.  The league has created the dedication to routines especially for girls and also teaching their team instructors in ways of recruiting and dealing with women mountain biking prospects.

These girls mountain biking camps and clinics include many different topics. For instance; the girls will have to move around their bikes through natural trails filled with obstacles and all the way down the steep downhills on many occasions they do this over and over again until most of them or all of them can overcome all the obstacles.

These girls are also being thought of improving their stability, skill, and biking control needed for playing in cross-country, endurance, as well as short-course race events. The ladies are even thought of bike repair and maintenance along with setting up their bike for the terrain and for themselves.

One of our female authors said:
If only there are MTB camps for girls here, I would love to be a part of it. By the way, I am a girl and began to love mountain biking just a few months ago. Riding with the boys have certainly helped me progress but I still would like to go to a mountain biking camp exclusively for girls to catch up with my group here filled with boys.

With a group, you have all the pressures added of keeping up, but up until now, I am still having a bit trouble keeping up with other group members. It is not because I am a girl I think everyone, boy or girl who just started mountain biking 3 months ago will really have a hard time trying to keep up with them.

I am not the only girl in the group there’s another lady in the group who started mountain biking way earlier than me and now keeping up with the boys . At times I’ve found myself walking obstacles but this girl can ride through it, plus I can tell that she has a strong cardio since she can keep up with the boys in long rides.


If you are a girl and would like to try mountain biking, just go out and ride, read a lot about tips on this website, this sure can help.

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