Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Bike

Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a less tiring way to move around. This is because the bikes incorporate the use of a motor and a battery, which reduce the load that your feet have to bear. However, if you do not take care of this bike, it will give you more troubles than benefits. It is recommended to get insurance 4 ebikes just in case it comes to the worst, but you should also follow these maintenance tips so as to keep it in good condition.

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Have a proper toolkit

It is always cheaper to do your own repairs rather than paying someone to do it for you. After taking your bike to a repair center one or two times and watching what is being done during repairs, you should buy your own toolkit and maintain it yourself.

To do this without damaging the bike, you should go through the user manual carefully to ensure that you have all the required tools and follow the right procedures to fix any problem. The good thing about this digital age is that you can also find repair videos on the internet, which provide easy to follow, step by step guides to restoring your bike.

Keep it in dry storage

Electric bikes contain electrical components that should not come into contact with water. Therefore, regardless of the storage space that you intend to keep your bike, ensure that it is free from rain, ice or snow.

Of course, the bike is designed to protect its electrical components from these elements but continued exposure will make the water leak inside little by little, causing corrosion and possibly electric shorts.

Also, if you get caught in the rain, ensure that you wipe all its sensitive parts once you get home before storing it.

Keep the battery in good condition at all times

The battery is the most important part of an electric bike. It directly affects your bike’s performance and because of this, proper care should be given to its charging and discharging cycles. For instance, you should avoid letting it drain completely because this can damage its ability to hold the charge. Also, avoid exposing it to water, especially around its terminals.

Ensure it is always clean

It is important to keep the bike clean so as to keep the dust and dirt out of the mechanical parts, including the motor. This will ensure that they keep running smoothly, with minimal wear and tear. However, parts such as the motor should not be cleaned using pressurized water because this might damage its internal electrical components. A low-pressure stream or even air blowing will do.

Lubricate all the mechanical parts

Apart from washing, these mechanical parts should be lubricated regularly so that they perform optimally. The chain needs some bike lubricant regularly while the motor might need greasing on its bearings if it has any.


Such simple steps might go a long way towards prolonging the lifespan of your electric bike. They might not seem important but if you ignore them, you will end up spending a lot on repairs or, in the worst case scenario, replacing your electric bike after a very short time.

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