Rambo Bushwacker 750 Watt XPC True Timber Electric Hunting Bike Review

A well-known company in the field of electric hunting bikes, Rambo electric bikes are known worldwide for their efficiency, durability, and capability. Designed with the outdoor hunter in mind, all levels of Rambo electric hunting bikes are produced in the United States and made out of sturdy aluminum alloy and high quality components, to ensure an excellent riding experience for their customers. An upgrade of Rambo’s traditional 750 watt electric hunting bike, the Rambo Bushwacker 750 watt XPC True Timber electric hunting bike is significantly upgraded to provide better overall performance. In this electric bike review we will go over the highlights of the Rambo Bushwacker electric bike, the difference between this bike and the original Rambo 750W electric bike, and which one we believe is the better product for your money. 

Rambo Bushwacker Electric Bike Review 

Rambo Bushwacker Review 2


Like other Rambo bikes, the Rambo Bushwacker was designed by the US based Rambo production team with the outdoor hunter in mind. The Rambo bushcwacker was made for someone who enjoys and appreciates the outdoors, and needs a bike capable of handling rough terrain, heavy gear, and rugged trails. Equipped with the classic Bafang 750 watt motor and a Samsung 48 volt, 14 amp hour lithium ion battery, this high quality electric hunting bike is sure to have the power necessary to take you wherever you need to go. Although not as high end as some other Rambo electric bikes, like the Rambo Megatron electric hunting bike, the Bushwacker model is efficient, more affordable, and will provide the high quality performance necessary to justify its price. 

Bafang 750 Watt High Torque Mid Drive Motor

Unlike the Rambo Megatron, which has dual Bafang motors on both the front and back hub, the Rambo Bushwacker has only one motor which is located near the pedals. This motor placement is known as a mid drive motor. Other motor placements are front hub, rear hub, dual hub, and ultra mid drive. The mid drive motor is by far the most common for high end electric hunting bike, however if you are looking for additional power you could replace this motor with an ultra mid drive. This would be unnecessary for all but the most extreme riders who are looking to tackle extremely steep hills, and excessively long rides. For a more traditional outdoor hunter looking to buy an electric bike and normal mid drive motor is more than sufficient, and the Bafang 750 watt high torque motor will allow you to glide up hills, through snow, sand and shallow water, and reach a speed of up to 19mph using only the motor’s power. 

With a top speed of 19mph and smart pedal assist integration with the motor, the Rambo Bushwacker electric hunting bike is sure to provide enough power for most outdoor hunters. Additionally the motor has a sealed drivetrain, which is nearly an industry standard at this point, allowing the rider to venture out in the harshest weather conditions without fear of their bike breaking down on them in the middle of their ride.

Samsung 48 Volt 14 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery

Quickly becoming the favorite for electric bike producers, lithium ion batteries hold their charge more efficiently, and last longer than other batteries on the market. With your 48 volt lithium ion battery, your Rambo Bushwacker has an effective range of 19 miles on its battery charge alone. This range can obviously be greatly increased with pedaling, however a 19 mile effective electric range is around the industry average for electric hunting bikes. Compared to the most high end electric hunting bikes 19 miles is quite inferior, however upgrading to a better battery is one of the reasons why electric bikes can get far more expensive very quickly. As with the other features of the Rambo Bushwacker electric bike, the range of the Samsung lithium ion battery is perfect for all but the most intense riders, and will be sufficient for almost every ride. 

Aluminum Alloy Frame 

Like all high quality bikes these days, the Rambo Bushwacker is made out of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, which is both durable and lower weight than a more traditional steel frame. Although weight is not as important for an electric bike as it is for a normal mountain bike, any weight that can be saved corresponds to a greater effective electric range which makes the riding experience far better. In addition to being lightweight and durable, the strong 6061 aluminum alloy is completely weatherproof and will not rust or deteriorate regardless of how much you use it in harsh weather. This is a must for outdoor riders who can never be certain what nature will throw at them, and lets you worry less about whether or not you bike will get wet, and more on your actual ride. 

Rambo Bushwacker Review

Increased Front Suspension 

The main difference between the Rambo Bushwacker XPC True Timber electric hunting bike and the original Rambo 750W electric bike is the suspension. While the Rambo 750W electric hunting bike is a good bike, one of the main criticisms of its performance was its suspension, or more accurately, its lack of suspension. While equip with a comfortable seat and fat tires which cushion the rider over rugged terrain, the Rambo 750W did not have great suspension which turned off some riders who would frequent rough trails. Hearing the criticism Rambo upgraded the front suspension of the new Bushwacker XPC electric bike and after testing it out, our team agrees that the ride is far smoother and more enjoyable than the previous model.   

Hydraulic Tektro Disc Brakes

If you have read our review of the Rambo Krusader Electric Hunting bike, you will know that while they are not as well-known as the gold standard Shimano brakes, Tektro, and Logan hydraulic disc brakes are nearly identical in terms of quality, durability, and performance. Equipped with both front and rear wheel Tektro 180mm 2 piston hydraulic disc brakes, the Rambo Bushwacker will give you all the stopping power you need to navigate winding trails, downhill paths, or rugged terrain. The best of the best in terms of effectiveness, hydraulic disc brakes have been taking over the traditional biking and electric biking world due to the stopping power, and while Shimano is currently at the peak of braking technology, Tektro is not far behind. 


Overall the Rambo Bushwacker is an excellent electric hunting bike for its price range. An improvement on its predecessor the original Rambo 750W electric bike, the Bushwacker has greatly enhanced suspension making for a much more enjoyable riding experience. After testing this bike our team agrees that the Rambo Bushwacker is a substantial improvement over the previous bike and certainly justifies its increase in price. For a very sophisticated rider looking for the absolute best electric mountain bike there are certainly more pricy models with better specs, however for the vast majority of outdoor riders the Bafang 750 watt motor and Samsung lithium ion batter will be more than sufficient to fulfill your needs. Our team at Mountain Bikes Lab recommends this bike without any hesitation, we are sure you will love your new Rambo Bushwacker XPC TrueTimber electric hunting bike!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where are Rambo Bushwacker Electric hunting bikes made?

The Rambo Bushwacker, like all Rambo electric bikes are designed, engineered and produced in a factory in Lakeville, Minnesota, USA.

How fast does the Rambo Bushwacker Electric hunting bike go?

Using only the motor/throttle, the Rambo Bushwacker can reach a top speed of up to 19mph.

Can you ride the Rambo Bushwacker electric hunting bike in the rain?

Yes. The Rambo Bushwacker electric hunting bike is designed to be ridden is any and all types of weather and is built to withstand anything that nature throws at you.


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