BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Hardtail MTB Review

BEIOU is the leading mountain bike manufacturer in China. Boasting the world’s largest number of keen cyclists, it is fair to say that as the globe’s bicycling superpower, the Chinese market certainly knows their bicycles. With this latest offering from BEIOU, we are pleased to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and enjoy the ride on an ultralight hardtail that is big in style, but as light when you thrash it on the trails, as it is on your wallet at the checkout. So come on bike fans, to give the guys at BEIOU a chance we bring to you our BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Hardtail MTB Review, read on!

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BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Hardtail MTB Review with Detail Features

Lightweight Frame

The signature center piece of any BEIOU bike is the quality of the engineering that goes into the frame, and this model is certainly no different. Made from the highest grade T800 carbon fiber, developed in partnership with Mitsubishi, the BEIOU frame is able to weigh in far lighter than its Aluminum cousins, all without compromising the strength or stiffness. Perfect for those technical trail climbs where do you don’t what excess weight, yet still ideal for jaw-dropping descents due to the responsive feel of the frame.

Dynamic Suspension

Uding forks are Asia’s best-kept secret. Cheaper to run and maintain than many more expensive American brands such as Rock Shox and Foxx, these are certainly a component you will be readying a lot more about. Accepting a 26” wheel, and made from hardened alloy, the Uding suspension system is as responsive as it is active and dependable. What’s more, they are air sprung, so no changing out the oil as your travel goes soft after a few months.

Advanced Groupset

The groupset is the workhorse of any ride. The cranks, chainset, shifters, cassette, chain, bottom bracket, you name it, it’s probably in the groupset. With this latest offering, BEIOU opted for the class in metal form by going for the Deore 610 set from Shimano. You can bet your house that anything Shimano will put their name to, is guaranteed to outlast any other component on your bike, and the Deore is no exception. With 10-speeds you will be equipped to tackle the steepest of climbs to the gnarliest of downhill and free-ride sections.

Stopping Power

The last thing you need when tackling a trail at night or a commute in the rain, are brakes that won’t pull you up in the nick of time. The BEIOU offers you the use of a pair Shimano M355’s – their well-priced hydraulic disc brakes. Just to note, they are front and rear enabled, so you won’t run the risk of slamming on the front disc brake and going over the bars just because your rear V-brakes can’t handle a little bit of mud. Hydraulics certainly are the future, easier to maintain and more consistent over time than the cheaper cable alternatives that tend to become spongey as the cables stretch.

Optimized Riding Position

Hardtails are all about balance and poise. Navigating through off-road terrain with style rather than plowing straight through it on your full suspension downhill bike. They are also perfectly matched for road cycling or the city based commute, truly a ride for all seasons and challenges. By offering a fully adjustable racing seat, lightweight post, and 4-bolt stem with sweeping riser bars, the BEIOU is the perfect candidate for customizing your riding position on the fly. Drop the seat down low for technical descents, or up high for long road climbs in the saddle. All the while feeling at home and in comfort on the lightweight riser bars.

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  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Powerful Shimano disc brakes: front and rear
  • Field proved Deore groupset: 10 speed
  • Available in 15” – 19” frame sizes


  • No option to upgrade to 29” wheels: only available with 26”
  • Only currently available in one paint job: white with red trim
  • Rigid stem: headset spacers are needed to alter ride position fully

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Who is BEIOU?

A: BEIOU are China’s leading bicycle manufacturer, they specialize in mid-to-high end mountain bikes and are known for their innovative carbon fiber frame designs.

Q: Why carbon fiber?

A: Carbon fiber is a great alternative to traditional Aluminum or alloy frames. You pay a little more for your bike, but you get a stronger and stiffer frame, for nearly half the weight.

Q: What type of forks is using?

A: Uding are makers of high-quality air-sprung suspension. Air sprung forks tend to be slightly more expensive than oil-bath forks, but are easier to maintain, and more responsive.


If you are looking for a top quality lightweight hardtail, that is fun to ride, easy to maintain and looks great on the roof of your car as you head out to the trail park, you won’t go wrong with the BEIOU Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike. The carbon fiber frame handles like a dream, feeling stiff and responsive as you descend the rockiest of technical trails. Combine that with the proven quality of Shimano used throughout the rig and the innovative design of the air-sprung Udings. Then this is one ride that is sure to have you coming back for more. We highly recommend you try this BEIOU Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike.

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