The 10 Best Bike Rear Lights with Buying Guide

You need some decent front light when you are cycling at night or even in the daytime. This light will enable you to see the details of the road. This includes the rough bumps and pedestrians which will ensure your safety and that of others.

With the help of the street lights, you will be good to go. But what about the cars, cyclists, and people behind you?

Having the best rear bike lights enables you to be seen by other users on the road. This is the best option to help avoid accidents before it is too late. It is also a legal requirement as you shouldn’t cycle without proper rear lights.

These lights are legally required to be installed to your bike after the sunset and until sunrise. That said, many experts recommend that rear light should be functioning all day long. They should be reliable and properly work to avoid legal problems and accidents.

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Quick Answer – Best Bike Rear Light

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Detail Reviews of Top 10 Bike Rear Lights

For your rear lights to be legal there is a certain minimum requirement. Buying a reliable and durable product will keep your back covered. It is a must whether you are cycling with a group of friends or alone. You must clean and maintain your lights to make sure that you are having a safe ride every time.

Rear bike lights are red and should emit a steady beam of light. This will make car drivers aware of your presence so that they don’t hit you by accident. Although you are not required to keep your lights working when your bike is being pushed or parked, you can still do that for safety.

Best MTB Rear Bike Lights with Buying Guide

Review of Top 10 Bike Rear Lights in Detail

There are a lot of rear lights available on the market and picking the most appropriate one can be tricky. This is why we have decided to test and review some of the best lights on the market. In each tail lights review, you will find detailed information about the product.

Going through each one carefully will help you choose the most suitable product on the market.

1. Portland Design Works Danger Zone Tail Light

This is a reliable rear light that you can quickly install to your bike. It is the best and most suitable light to attach to your bike that will warn car drivers and bikers of your whereabouts. The three modes red light is outstanding for a fun ride at night.

Since it features LED bulbs it is far more durable and more convenient than other lights available on the market. It is an affordable night-light that will run on two batteries for about 15 hours of steady output. It is durable enough to last for 50 hours on blinking.

You will not have to worry about your light malfunctioning for several days. It has 3 light settings that are suitable for all riding conditions. This rear light is also weather-resistant and this means that it will not stop working even when it starts to rain and is also tested against meteor showers.

This tail light comes with a backpack clip and seatpost mount so that you can easily attach it to your bike without any tools. It can be mounted in a few seconds. It comes with a precision reflector that will protect you and your bike from a rear collision.

The powerful beam resembles that of new cars and will keep car drivers warned. The light is USB rechargeable and will make your picnic so much more fun.

Features at a glance:

  • Reliable and affordable red LED lights.
  • 3 light settings for different riding conditions.
  • Long-lasting USB rechargeable batteries. The light will last for 15 hours on steady setting and 50 on blinking mode.
  • Weather-resistant. It won’t stop functioning during rain or meteor showers.
  • Precision reflector to keep car drivers aware of your presence.
  • Easy to mount without any tools.
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2. Ultra Bright Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg Bicycle Tail Light

This is an incredibly affordable light that will keep you visible not only at night but also during the daytime. A lot of rear bike lights are only bright at night but this light is different.

Due to its advanced technology and 120 lumens, car drivers will be aware of your presence during any time of the day. The extra-wide beam of red light is strong enough to keep your bike visible to car riders.  It is eye-catching from all angles and will keep you protected against collision.

This light is USB rechargeable. It has no external batteries or wires.  All you have to do is to plug it into any device that has a USB port like a laptop or mobile phone and your light will be recharged. It takes 2 hours to fully charge and will run more than 2 hours on the highest setting.

Thanks to the smart charging technology, it will cut off automatically once it is fully charged to ensure longer battery life. It is also very bright and water-resistant. Regardless of the weather conditions, it will keep on working perfectly.

This light features an innovative design that makes it more reliable and brighter than other lights on the market. Thanks to the clips, you can easily attach it to your bike and you will be safe regardless of the weather. It is a versatile light that you can also use if you are running or walking your dog.

It can be easily strapped and mounted using no tools. Moreover, it is super safe and will not move due to the Velcro straps.

Features at a glance:

  • A great affordable light that is visible at daytime and night.
  • 120 lumens that will keep car drivers aware of your presence in all riding conditions.
  • USB rechargeable with smart cut off once your battery is fully charged.
  • Water and weather resistant. Durably built to handle all riding conditions.
  • Wide beam of light with 180 degrees visibility.
  • Easy to mount clips. Can be attached to your bike, your wrist or a wheelchair in a few seconds.
  • Stays in place to protect you from rear collision.
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3. Cygolite Hotshot Pro 150 USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light

When you are on the road, you are always looking for the best and most reliable products that are built to last. This is a super durable product that will keep your back covered in all riding conditions. With 150 lumens, this is the best rear bike light that you can use every day.

It features 6 different adjustable light settings and flash speeds and can last up to 210 hours on a single charge. It is guaranteed to beat any other light on the market.

Some lights are good to warn others at night-time, but this light has special daytime and night-time settings that will keep your bike visible at all times. The steady pulse alerts even other motorists to keep a safe distance behind your bike. This is the best bike light that will keep you and others safe.

The LED bulbs are durable and long-lasting. This is a reliable light that you can depend on in the most extreme conditions. There are 2 buttons located on the side of the light to help you adjust the mode and intensity for your convenience.

It is USB rechargeable. You don’t have to worry about replacing your batteries on the road. Any device with a USB port will be good enough to recharge your light for a safe ride.

Features at a glance:

  • Durable and sturdy light that will work properly in all conditions.
  • Strong 150 lumens with LED bulbs for a solid light beam.
  • 6 different light settings. Special daytime and night time settings for maximum visibility.
  • The light setting can be easily adjusted for mode and intensity.
  • USB rechargeable light with a long lasting battery. It can run for 210 hours on one single charge, beating other products on the market.
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4. Planet Bike Blinky Super Flash LED Rear Bicycle Light

When you are looking for the best bicycle tail lights you want to make sure that you are choosing a reliable product. This tail light will give 1 mile of visibility.

It is the best to use on rough roads and in the most extreme conditions as it will warn car drivers of your presence. It is an affordable product that won’t break the bank but would still do a great job at protecting you and others.

This light features ½ Watt Blaze LED in addition to two extreme LEDs for the best light output. It features steady and flashing modes to suit different conditions. It is very easy to adjust and will not malfunction even in the toughest situations.

With various modes to choose from, it is the best and most suitable light to use at night or at daytime. It won’t malfunction or break when you use it for long hours.

This light will not weigh your bike down. It is very lightweight and compact with an attractive vertical design. It is a versatile light that can be attached to any bike regardless of its condition.

This rear light also features a water-resistant housing to work in the toughest weather conditions. It will keep you visible to cars, pedestrians and other cyclists to ensure your safety. And will work for almost 100 hours on two AA batteries.

Features at a glance:

  • Compact ultra-light tail light with an attractive vertical design.
  • Offers 1 mile of visibility.
  • Extreme LEDs for the best light output.
  • Different steady and flashing modes to suit different riding conditions.
  • Weather-resistant and won’t malfunction if it starts to rain.
  • Easy to mount and will last for 100 hours of use.
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5. CatEye – Rapid 3 Bike Light

Are you looking for a hassle-free bike light that is easy to mount? Look no more. This is a wonderful rear light that you can attach to any bike in a few seconds. It is a wonderful product and will give great visibility, keeping you and others super safe on the road.

The high power output will give an excellent beam of light enough to warn other road users of your presence.

The light offers different light modes that are suitable for all riding conditions. Between constant, flashing and rapid light modes, you can easily pick the most suitable one. It won’t stop working until you decide to turn it off.

It can last up to 80 hours using the included batteries. And also allows you to spend less time worrying about installing your gear and more time actually riding on the road. You can easily mount this light and you will not need any tools to attach it. It also fits most bikes. Now you can quickly adjust it and move it by hand for your convenience.

This light is compact and lightweight. It won’t bother you on the road. Moreover, it is water-resistant and can handle the rain very well. It is the best tail light to use for your safety and to avoid a rear collision.

Features at a glance:

  • Hassle-free bike light that you can mount, adjust and move in a few seconds using no tools.
  • Gives great visibility that is essential to warn others of your presence. It is the best light to avoid rear collision on any road.
  • Different light modes to choose the most suitable one.
  • Works for up to 80 hours.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Rain resistant.
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6. Stupidbright SBR-1 Strap-On LED Rear Bike Tail Light

A reliable rear light might save your life in a tough situation. Car drivers might not be aware of your presence or unable to detect your bike in the dark. But thanks to this rear light, they will be able to see you any time of the day or night.

This LED light will give a strong light output. The light beam is not only visible straight behind but also from the sides. With amazing 180 degrees visibility, this tail light is your best companion on the route.

It is built from sturdy aluminium and this means that it won’t break or rust. It is very lightweight yet durable also water and shockproof. This is a reliable rear light that will keep on functioning even in the toughest conditions.

It features a special rubber gasket that will keep water away. It runs on 2 batteries and features 3 light modes. Choose to set it to solid, fast strobe or slow strobe to suit every riding experience.

It comes with an easy universal mount and 3 rubber straps. Now you can pick the suitable one and attach it in no time. The rubber is stretchy and will fit any bike frame perfectly. It won’t slip or move once you have properly installed it.

You don’t need any tools to have it secured. It can also be attached to your backpack or helmet because it is so versatile.

Features at a glance:

  • Aluminum durable yet lightweight casing.
  • Waterproof and shockproof design.
  • Strong light output thanks to LEDs with 3 different light modes to pick the most suitable one.
  • Great visibility from the rear and from the sides for maximum protection.
  • Easy mount with straps that will fit any bike frame.
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7. Portland Design Works The Red Planet 5 LED Tail Light

Don’t be fooled by the price tag on this product. It is by far more affordable than most of the products on the market, yet it is still designed to give the best visibility on the road. This light features 5 LEDs for the best red light output.

Attaching it to your bike will prevent rear collision and will ensure your safety on the road. 3 of the LEDs will shoot the light straight back while 2 LEDs on the sides will shoot it sideways. It has a wide beam of light that will keep car drivers aware of your presence on the road in all conditions.

With multi-light settings and modes, you will be able to pick the most suitable one. You are not stuck with one single option. You can easily switch and adjust your light to match your riding needs.

This is one light to use all year-long, any time of the day. You can choose among steady, blinking or Kitt modes for maximum convenience. It also comes with a high-quality reflector that complies with all safety regulations.

This light works on 2 batteries that will keep it running for long. It comes with a backpack clip and seat post and seat stay mounts. Once you attach it to your bike it will stay exactly where it is. It is super easy to install and will be good to go in a few seconds. It is also weather-resistant and designed to work in extreme conditions.

Features at a glance:

  • A budget-friendly weather-resistant tail light.
  • 5 reliable LEDs to give a wide beam of light.
  • 3 LEDs will shoot light straight while 2 LEDs will shoot it sideways to keep you fully covered.
  • Different light settings and modes to choose from.
  • Works on 2 replaceable batteries.
  • Attaches fast and stays in its place.
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8. Planet Bike Blinky “3” 3-Led Rear Bicycle Light

This is one of the most budget-friendly options out there. When you are shopping for a reliable bike light, safety should be your main focus. But there is nothing that can beat a reliable and sturdy product that doesn’t cost much.

This bike light is made using high-quality materials. It is not likely to break or malfunction even if you use it for long hours. It has been properly tested to ensure its quality and durability.

Thanks to 3 bright LEDs, you will get the best light output regardless of the road condition. This light is designed to keep others aware of your presence, regardless of the natural lighting or lack for it.

With flashing and steady modes, you can easily choose the most suitable light setting. This is a versatile light that is designed to satisfy every need.

This bike light is very easy to mount thanks to the seatpost and seatstay mounts. It can be clipped in a few seconds and will not move once you attach it to ensure your safety.  It features built-in parabolic reflector that will guarantee clear visibility for up to 1 mile.

This LED rear light comes with 2 replaceable batteries and will work up to 200 hours before you start thinking about buying new ones. It is also light, compact and weather resistant.

Features at a glance:

  • An amazingly affordable product with high-quality parts.
  • 3 Bright LEDs with a built-in reflector to give clear visibility for up to 1 mile.
  • Different flashing and steady modes to choose the best one.
  • Easy to mount and will stay in place.
  • Works for 200 hours before the batteries need to be placed.
  • Lightweight and weather resistant.
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9. CatEye – Omni 5 Bike Light

This is a great compact light that will keep you safe by protecting you against rear collisions and accidents. Thanks to high-quality LED lights, it is designed to give the best visibility on the road even in the toughest conditions.

It features multiple light settings that are suitable for every need. The constant mode will keep car drivers aware of your presence thus ensuring your safety. The flashing and rapid modes are excellent for warning and signalling when you are making a turn or trying to pull over.

This is a durable light that will keep you covered for long. It works on two batteries that will provide the best light output for 120 hours. This great light is very to install. It will allow you to enjoy your biking experience to the maximum.

Without using tools, you can easily attach and detach this bike light for the most remarkable and safest ride. Moreover, it can be easily adjusted and moved by hand to suit your needs.

This is a sturdy and strong bike light that is designed to work under extreme conditions. It won’t stop functioning in the rain and is very lightweight and compact. It is the best addition to your bike and will not cost a fortune.

Features at a glance:

  • High-quality LEDs for the best visibility on the road.
  • Various light settings for every condition.
  • Easy to replace batteries that will give you about 120 working hours.
  • Can be easily mounted and adjusted with no tools.
  • Compact design. It is also weather resistant.
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10. Cateye LD610 Taillight

Bike lights are not accessories in the traditional sense. Whether you tend to ride your bike at daytime or at night, bike lights are must. They are essential to ensure your safety and that of others in all-weather and light conditions.

This is why we tried to look for the best products that will provide great visibility and won’t cost a lot.

This is a wonderful affordable bike light that you can easily install on your own. It comes with easy mounts which allow you to attach it a few seconds. Moreover, it will stay exactly where you install it providing great and convenient visibility.

With 5 ultra-bright LEDs, you can’t go wrong. This is a wonderful reliable light that will keep on working for 30 continuous hours on the maximum setting without dimming or malfunctioning. If you opt for the flashing mode, you are guaranteed to get 60 hours of optimum operation.

This will keep your back covered on the toughest routes. This light is visible at daytime and at night and features different modes and patterns to suit every need. As a plus, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get a reliable light.

Features at a glance:

  • A reliable light that won’t disappoint you at daytime or at night. It is budget-friendly.
  • Various modes and settings to choose the most suitable one.
  • Easy to mount and secure. It will stay stable throughout your ride.
  • 5 Ultra-bright LEDs for the best light output.
  • Runs for 30 hours on maximum setting and 60 hours on the flashing mode.
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Buying Guide For Best Rear Bike Lights

Since there are a lot of lights on the market, there are a few criteria that will help you pick the best one.

i. The number of Lumens

In simple words, this is how bright your light is. Since we are basically talking about back or rear lights, you can do well with a fewer number of lumens than what you should look for in the front lights of your bicycle.

Basically, any number between 50 and 200 lumens will be decent enough to warn car drivers of your presence on the road. It is also appropriate so that it doesn’t cause discomfort or temporarily blind them.

In a good bike tail lights review, you would probably find that the light has more power or more lumens. This is simply because of the terrain and the route. If you have a commuting bike that you will ride on the road, you can go for a smaller number. The road lights will add some visibility.

Pick up a reliable light that will provide visibility and won’t break down. The best lights feature LEDs which give a decent light output that is bright enough to keep your back covered.

ii. The light settings

Most high-quality tail lights will have more than one single setting. This will allow you to choose the most suitable mode and light intensity that will be appropriate for that time of year or day.

Having rear bike lights is not only a must if you ride at night. A warning light that is also visible at daytime is essential for your safety. When you have a versatile bike tail lights, you will be able to adjust the light intensity easily thus making sure that it is appropriate and enough.

A flashing or blinking mode will be crucial to warn drivers, cyclists, motorists or even pedestrians if you are planning to make a turn or to pull over. Pick up a light that you can easily adjust. You will not have to pull over or slow down every time you need to switch to a different mode or setting.

iii. Batteries

Bicycle tail lights are either USB rechargeable or come with replaceable batteries. Each type has its pros and cons. USB rechargeable rear lights are very convenient to use. All you need is to find a device that has a USB port and enough charge, and then you’ll be good to go. Lithium batteries are more powerful and last longer than alkaline batteries.

They are more suitable if your bike light has more lumens. They are also great if you are looking for an eco-friendly product since they are designed to last for long. But they do have their cons.

They usually cost more than replaceable batteries. They also need charge often especially if you choose to use the highest light setting. You might have to stop your bike for a while until your batteries are fully charged.

On the other hand, rear bike lights that come with replaceable batteries are quite cheap. They don’t need to recharge for as long as your batteries are working. They might not be as powerful as rechargeable lights but they will give a decent light output.

Unfortunately, once they are done, they are done. You might need to carry an extra pair of batteries in case yours stop working.

iv. Easy to mount and adjust

You don’t really need to pack bicycle tools to keep your back covered on the road. Some of the best bike lights can strap to the seatpost without any tools. They can also be moved and adjusted for better light output on the road.

Moreover, they are very easy to remove and won’t hinder you if you decide to have them recharged on a bright day.

v. The design and features

Rear bike lights come in different designs. Always choose a design that will give a better light output. When the beam your light emits is bright and steady, this will provide better visibility for people on the road.

This will protect you against rear collisions. Always opt for a lightweight model with a compact design. It won’t feel like a pain when you are trying to go faster.

Most of the best tail lights are designed to be weather resistant. They will keep on working and will be visible through rain and other inconvenient conditions.


Bike lights have come a long way over the past few years. With safety as your number one concern, you can always find durable and sturdy products that will keep you safe at all times.

Whether you are riding on a mountain bike or a regular commuting bike, it is always good to invest in reliable rear bike lights. There are a lot of various models that are designed to give the best visibility to other users on the route.

The Best MTB Rear Bike Lights will keep you safe and protected in different weather conditions. The developing technology makes it possible to find a suitable bike light for every riding need. Invest in a reliable and sturdy bike light that will keep your back covered for fun and safe time on every route.

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