The 10 Best Mountain Bike Wall Mount – Indoor Bicycle Racks

A good MTB promises hours of unlimited fun. Investing in a good bike is a chance to break free and experience the adrenaline rush while getting in shape. But in order to be a proud owner of a high-quality mountain bike, you will have to make a few decisions. These will include deciding on the extras and accessories and how to store your mountain bike properly. A bicycle wall mount allows you to store your bike without occupying much space.

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Quick Answer – Best Bike Wall Mount

Storing your mountain bike can be a real problem if you are space-challenged. Even if you have plenty of space in the basement or the garage, you don’t want to just leave your precious bike lying there. A wall mount will ensure that nobody trips over your bike and that it is always where you last left it. Moreover, you will get the chance to take a look at it and fully inspect the parts before your upcoming ride.

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Wall Mount - Indoor Bicycle Racks

Detailed Review of The Top 10 Mountain Bike Wall Mounts

We know that picking the right wall mount for your bicycle is not the easiest task. There are a lot of models and features to pick from. This is why we tried to make our bike wall mount reviews as detailed as possible. Now, it is time to go through the reviews and pick the one that best suits your needs.

1. Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger

This is one of the best accessories that will help you store your bike. It is hanged at a 45 degrees angle that you can easily adjust to keep your bike level. It is made of high-quality aluminum that will not bend or break because of your bike’s weight. It is the perfect solution to save floor space while keeping your MTB in one piece. It is a convenient horizontal hanger for a single bike that delivers what it promises.


This is not the perfect bike wall hanger for bigger or heavier MTBs but it is very well made. It also comes with all the needed screws in addition to a user’s manual that will make your life easier. It can carry up to a maximum weight of 40 Ibs. which is enough for medium weight and lighter bikes.

What we love about this hanger is that it is designed in a way that will keep the paint intact thanks to the padded ABS holders. You can stop worrying about scratches because this wall mount will keep your baby safe. It works with most bike frames and can be adjusted to fit narrow or wide handlebars. Moreover, you can secure your front wheel and prevent it from moving. It will also look great on your wall and allow you to make a statement about your mountain biking passion.


  • Sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Adjustable angle to keep your bike level.
  • Padded ABS frame to protect your bike from scratches.
  • Space-saving solution to store your MTB.
  • Adjustable length.


  • Projects a bit far from the wall.

2. HOMEE Bicycle Bike Wall Hook

You can’t go wrong with this high-quality steel bike hook, especially if you have a heavier bike. It is the perfect solution to hang your MTB vertically in order to save floor space. You can easily grab your bike whenever you need to explore the trail.


This wall hook is made of strong steel that won’t bend or break. It is designed to handle a maximum weight of 60 Ibs. That is enough to handle some of the heaviest mountain bikes on the market. It is designed with safety as the main feature. It comes with a locking mechanism that will prevent accidental release and make sure that your bicycle will stay in place.

Moreover, it comes with sponge covered hooks that will keep your paint safe from scratching. You don’t have to worry about storing your bike regardless of its weight, type and shape. It is also very easy to install and attach to your wall.


  • A heavy high-quality steel bike hook.
  • Sturdy construction with sponge covered hooks.
  • Vertical storage of your MTB to save space.
  • Works with different types of bikes.
  • Can handle a maximum weight of 60 Ibs.


  • Works better with fat bike tires.
  • You will need to replace the anchors with more sturdy ones if your bike is too heavy.

3. Bike Rack Garage Dirza Wall Mount

This is practical and very easy to use. No prior assembly is needed as you can easily install it on your garage wall or corner. It comes with all the needed screws and plugs that will allow you to use it immediately.

This is a space-saving wall mount that fits in the most challenging areas providing easy access to your bike. It will keep your bike safe and look great. The metal hooks are covered with rubber to prevent scratches and maintain the condition of your precious mountain bike.


This is a sturdy mountain bike wall mount that will carry weights up to 65 Ibs. You can rest assured that it won’t get damaged because of the weight since it is very well made. This is a versatile wall mount that fits all types of bikes including folding MTBs. Moreover, it features a locking mechanism that prevents accidental release. This will ensure that your bike will stay where you need it and it won’t hit the floor under any circumstances.


  • No assembly and easy installation.
  • Space-saving wall mount that can be installed in corners.
  • Rubber covered metal hooks to protect the paint.
  • Carries all sorts of bikes up to 65 Ibs. of weight.
  • Mechanical locking mechanism to prevent accidents.


  • Doesn’t fit fat tires.

4. Clarian Bike Wall Mount

This is the bike wall mount if you want to save your space and your bike. Simply hang your baby on this sturdy hanger and fold it up when it is not in use. It is made of sturdy steel that will live for long. This is the Best Mountain Bike Wall Mount if you are looking for an affordable, high-quality product that will not bend. It is properly made to handle 50 Ibs. of weight. If you want to keep your MTB safe and undamaged, then this is the one to pick.

This is the perfect wall mount to hang all sorts of bikes. Whether you have a big one, a small one or a folding one, it will suit it perfectly. You can even use it to store little Junior’s MTB when they are off the trail. It comes with all the screws needed to install it on wood studs but it doesn’t work with hallow walls. This space-saving wall mount is covered with rubber to avoid scratching your bike.


  • Space-saving wall mount.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Folds up when it is not in use.
  • Suits different mountain bikes including the small ones.
  • Easy installation.
  • Rubber covered frame to prevent scratching.


  • No instructions are included.


5. Newdora Bike Storage Rack

Are you worried about your bike falling off the wall? Are you thinking about the best way to store it when you are off the trail? This is a great garage bike rack that will help you store MTBs, road bikes, and even folding ones. It is made of high-quality steel that is strong enough to handle 60 Ibs. of weight. Your bike will stay in great condition and will not fall to cause any damage thanks to the locking mechanism. This actually prevents your bike tire from slipping.

This bike rack hangs vertically to save space when you are not exploring rough terrains. The steel hooks are covered with rubber to protect the paint from scratching. It is sturdy and durable but also looks elegant thanks to the epoxy finish. This will also ensure that your rack will not corrode and will stay rust-free regardless of the weather.

No prior assembly is required. It comes with all the needed accessories that will enable you to mount it easily whenever and wherever you want to. You can use it to display or store your bikes as you can rotate the hook to suit every model.


  • Strong and sturdy bike rack.
  • Made of durable steel.
  • Holds up to 60 Ibs. of weight.
  • Elegant epoxy finishes preventing rust.
  • Works with different types of bikes.


  • You need some help to hang your bike on the rack.


6. Impresa Products Bike Hanger

If you are looking for the best indoor or outdoor storage option then consider yourself lucky. These are quite a bargain because they are the best bike hooks for the wall. You receive a pack of 4 hooks that you can easily install to the walls, ceiling or wherever you need to install your bike. The hooks are strong and sturdy enough to carry 100 Ibs. of bike weight with no problem whatsoever.

This is a cost-effective option because you will be able to store multiple bikes for the price of one storage option. Moreover, the vertical display is a great solution when you don’t have enough space to store the bikes of the whole family. The hooks feature a wide mouth that allows for easy on and off the movement. You will be able to grab your bike and hit the trail with no struggle or worries.

These hooks are made of galvanized steel that comes with a soft nonslip coating. Your bike will stay in place and your hook will not rust or bend. The hooks are very easy to install and work on stud or wood walls to perfectly secure your MTB.


  • Galvanized steel hooks to store your MTB vertically.
  • 4 hooks in one package.
  • Carry a maximum weight of 100 Ibs.
  • Vertical storage to save space.
  • Non-slip coating.
  • Big mouth for easy on and off.


  • Don’t work with fat bike tires.


7. Racor B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack

One of these hooks is good enough to store your bike when you are not using it. The strength lies in the simple yet convenient design. It will store your bike vertically to save space. This will enable you to clean your bike and easily maintain it without having to trip over it. Moreover, it will save space in your garage, shed or basement for bigger items without risking your bike falling off and damaging any valuables.

This hook is made of durable steel. It won’t show any signs of wear and will stay in great condition for years. The epoxy finish protects your hook from erosion and will ensure that it will stay rust-free for long. Thanks to the rubber cover, your bike frame will stay safe and scratch-free every time you hang your bike or remove it for an exciting ride. It is the perfect solution to protect the bike rim and keep it looking great. This is a versatile hook that will work with any type of bikes and help you reclaim floor space. It has a security loop that accommodates cable locks to keep your MTB safe. No assembly is required. Just use the screws to install your hook and voilà!


  • Strong steel hook that fits different types of bikes.
  • Epoxy finish to protect from rust and corrosion.
  • Rubber covered hook to protect the rim.
  • Easy installation with no prior assembly needed.
  • Special security loop.


  • Rubber covers can be torn easily if you are not careful.


8. Topeak One Up Wall Mount Bike Hanger

Quality comes with a price. This is something that you should bear in mind when you are checking this bike mount out. Although it is more expensive than other models on the market, it is guaranteed to last for long and keep your MTB safe.

This wall hanger is made of aluminum which is one of the most durable metals. It will not rust, break or bend even if you use it for years. This means that you will probably not worry about replacing your mountain bike mount in this lifetime which makes it great value for the money. The hooks are sturdy enough to carry different bikes provided that they don’t exceed the weight limit of 35 Ibs. In that sense, this wall mount works for smaller bikes. It is the perfect hook to install for your kid to put them on the right track of caring for their favorite bike.

This wall mount bike hanger is the perfect solution to store a bike in tight spaces. The rubber covered rubber will prevent the front wheel from moving. It comes with all the accessories needed in addition to a wheel pad that will prevent wheel markings on the wall. As a bonus, it comes with 2 extra hooks to hang your helmet or any of your mountain biking accessories for your upcoming trip.


  • High-quality aluminum wall mount.
  • Perfect for tight spaces.
  • Rubber covered bar to keep the front wheel stationary.
  • Pads to prevent wall markings from the rear wheel.
  • Easy installation.
  • Extra hooks for your helmet or other accessories.

9. Coastal Provision LifeStore Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount Bike Hook

Steel is super sturdy and durable. And if you are looking for the best bike hook, this durable product should be on your list. It is an adjustable rack that you can use for different bike frames. You can even get more than one to store the MTBs of the whole family. It is very well made and folds up easily when you are not using it.

These hooks are rubber coated to prevent your bike from slipping. The rubber will do a great job at protecting your bike from getting scratched. The mounts are good enough to carry a maximum weight of 50 Ibs. They will not get damaged due to the weight of your bike and will ensure that it stays where you last put it. The hanger shape will better distribute the weight of your bike eventually putting less pressure on the walls. They are easy to install and come with the hooks crews needed to install it in no time.


  • Durable steel bike hook.
  • Adjustable hooks that fit different bike frames.
  • Rubber coated hooks to prevent slipping and scratching.
  • Even weight distribution to protect the frame and the hooks from bending.
  • Easy installation.


  • Front tire can’t be secured or kept stationary which might occupy much space.

10. Ultrawall Bike Rack

This rack is very quick and easy to install. No preparation is needed. In no time, you will have your MTB perfectly hanged ready for you to take it on the next adventure. The heavy-duty mounting screws will keep your bike in place as long as it weighs less than 65 Ibs.

This is easy to use the bike rack that suits different types of mountain bikes, beach bikes, and even folding models. This simple yet sturdy bike rack folds painlessly when you are not using it. This will help you keep your space free without any accessories protruding for no reason.

This bike rack is made of strong steel that is meant to last. The powder coating keeps it rust-free and resistant to chipping and cracking for years. The elegant epoxy finish will keep it looking great for a very long time while the rubber-coated sleeves will prevent scratching.


  • Durable powder-coated steel construction.
  • Rubber coated sleeves to prevent scratching.
  • Handles a maximum weight of 65 Ibs.
  • Folds when your hook is not in use.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant.


  • More expensive than other models on the market.


The Best Mountain Bike Wall Mount Buying Guide

Picking the best tool to hang your bike shouldn’t be a problem, right?

We know better, and we understand how confusing the buying process can be. When you are looking for the best option to store or display your bike, there are a few factors that will help with your purchase decision:

I. Material

Your bike is not a light item. This means that you want to make sure that your bike wall mount is built to withstand the weight of your MTB along with any additional extras. This will ensure that your bike doesn’t fall off or break any valuables. It will also keep your wall intact and ensure that the frame won’t bend.

Most hangers are made of steel or aluminum because they are both sturdy. It is wise to stay away from flimsy hooks that will break under the weight.

ii. Vertical or Horizontal Mount

Bike wall mounts come to store your bike vertically or horizontally. The choice is a matter of personal preference and hugely depends on the space you have available. If you have a free wall where you will be able to hang your wall horizontally, it will be a convenient option to buy a horizontal mount that will distribute the weight of your MTB more evenly. This will allow for easy access and will keep the surrounding area free.

A vertical mount works when you are tight on space or want to hang your bike at the corner. You can pick your bike easily whenever you need it. However, it will protrude to the outside so you will have to put that into consideration. Be careful not to knock your bike off while waking.

iii. Adjustability

It is important to pick a wall mount that can fit different bikes or frames. This will enable you to adjust it to hold your bike snugly. It is the best option if you want to make sure that your bicycle will not fall off the hanger or cause any damage.

Some bike racks fit only small tires or big ones. It is important to keep an eye on such features to make sure that you are picking the right product.

iv. Protection

You always want to find your MTB in perfect condition and ready for the next ride. The best MTB wall hanger is the perfect accessory that will allow you to do that. Most high-quality wall mounts come with some finish or coating that prevents rust and corrosion. This will not only keep your hanger safe but will also protect your bike in the long run.

Metal against metal friction will cause long-term damage. This is why it is crucial to make sure that the hooks or sleeves of the hanger are rubber or foam coated. This will prevent excessive friction and keep the paint on your bike free of scratches.

v. Easy Installation

Your mountain bike wall mount shouldn’t be a pain to install. Most of the good models will come with all the accessories needed for installation so that you can use it in no time. However, sometimes the screws might not be strong enough to carry the weight of your bike. You might need to buy stronger screws to help secure your wall mount.

Make sure that you pay attention to installation instructions as some wall mounts will not work with specific walls. Make sure that you get the right type of bike mounts to avoid wasting your money. Check this guide if needed, How to Install and Hang a Bike on the Wall.


The Best Mountain Bike Wall Mount is a valuable accessory if you want to keep your MTB clean and safe. Leaving your bike lying around is not the most practical option because it will occupy the necessary space.

Moreover, if you don’t do the required research, you might end up with a flimsy product that can break under the weight causing a lot of damage in the process. Invest in a good bike hanger that will keep your bike looking great and allow you to use it whenever you feel like it.

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