Best Mountain Bikes Under 400 Dollars with Buying Guide

Mountain biking is a great sport that you can practice alone or with friends, but it can be expensive, which is why we compiled this list of the Best Mountain Bikes under $400 for you. With a great bike that won’t break the bank, you will have an excellent chance to experience the outdoors and the wilderness while getting a great cardio workout. Not only will you be losing weight and getting in shape, but you’ll also be getting a great opportunity to get away from the stress of everyday life. Thus, finding the best bikes under $400 is important!

Buying a reliable mountain bike is a long term decision since you will be using it for a good number of years, yet many folks are on a budget and don’t want to pay thousands of dollars. At the same time, you don’t want to buy something low quality, as a great heavy-duty mountain bike will keep you safe on the trail and will allow you to enjoy the wilderness for many years. Before you start looking for the best mountain bikes under 400, check out our list here and ensure that you get a bike that is appropriate for your level of experience, riding style, and use case!

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Quick Answer – The Best 10 Mountain Bikes Under $400

Best Mountain Bikes Under 400 Dollars Reviews

Detail Review of Top 10 MTBs under 400 Dollars

We tested and reviewed a number of bikes to help you with your purchase decision. This is a complete guide that will help you choose the best bike for a safe and enjoyable ride. You can even go on a mountain bike race (check those mtb racing tips, if you’re planning for a race) with some of these bikes under $400.

A mountain bike is a bicycle with rather strong and hard frame. It should always feature broad deep-treated tires that will stay stable even on the most difficult terrains. Mountain bikes share a lot of qualities with other bikes, but they feature special traits to enhance durability and performance.

A mountain bike is usually ridden on rough trails and unpaved paths. This is why it should be safe and sturdy; otherwise, you might be subject to injuries. The sport has become quite popular since the 1970s. As a result, a lot of enhanced and improved models were designed to be more durable and safer.

1. Hiland 27.5 Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bike

Hiland produces a range of fantastic, affordable mountain bikes, and their 27.5 Inch 21-Speed MTB offers great overall performance at a tough to beat price. It’s aluminum frame is strong, and it has a double disc brake system which allows you to operate both on light trails and steep, hilly environments. The Hiland brand overall offers a great balance between affordability and performance, as many of their solid mountain bikes are only a couple hundred bucks.

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Its Shimano gear shifters offer 21 speed to adjust as needed. You get multiple color choices, as well as options for different sizes of tires. Most of the parts come assembled, which makes set-up easy and quick. It is simply an amazing quality bike at a really reasonable price, and this makes it the Best Mountain Bike Under $400 on our list. Definitely consider the Hiland 27.5 Inch MTB at this price point!

Hiland 27.5 Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bike

Hiland 27.5 Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bike

2. Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike

November 2021 Update: The Sirdar S-900 is $60 off currently, check it out!

Sirdar is a relatively new entrant to the mountain biking scene, but they are taking over with their high quality yet affordable mountain bikes. The Sirdar S-900 offers tremendous value at its reasonable price, and ranks near the top of our list of the best Mountain Bikes Under $400 because of that combination of value, design, and performance.

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The Sirdar S-900 is equipped with a top of the line aluminum suspension fork. In addition, the 26 or 29 inch wheels are perfectly suited to helping you glide up mountain trails, fly along paved roads, or trek across off-road dirt and gravel pathways.

The overall build of the Sirdar S-900 is focused on a balance of high-performance and maneuverability. The frame in general is solid and sturdy, made of a high-quality aluminium alloy. The S-900 can withstand years of use and abuse, with its anti-rust features also keeping the bike safe from water damage. The parts of the bike are all made of carbon steel, which we love because it means long-lasting durability and little chance of needing to replace them. The suspension fork is fully adjustable, which allows you to adjust for different terrain.

The S-900 has both a front and rear derailleur, 3 and 9 gears respectively. With 27 speed options, you can adjust as needed for your locale, goals, and riding style. We love how smooth the gear transitions are — the shifters are well-placed and designed and there’s no delay as you’re shifting gears.

The Sirdar S-900 is equipped with a three gear front derailleur, and a nine gear rear derailleur, providing the user with a full range of 27 speeds. This enables the rider to experience both steep mountain paths and flat highway roads with the same comfort and efficiency.

Another great feature of the Sidar S-900 is its super easy assembly. With much of the bike already ready to go outside of the box, set-up is a breeze and hassle-free, meaning fun can be had right away.

Overall the Sirdar S-900 offers an amazing blend of affordability, high performance, quality craftsmanship, and durability which make it one of the best bikes under $400 on the market today.

Features at a Glance

  • 27-speed and 27.5 inch wheels perfect all terrains
  • High-quality aluminum frame and long-lasting steel parts
  • Bike comes 95% assembled – easy set-up and use right away
  • 1 year warranty covers all your concerns
Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike

Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike

3. Merax 26″ 24-Speed Mountain Bike

Merax was founded in Los Angeles in 1995 and offers a variety of products, which includes mountain bikes. It hasn’t been around as long as Nishiki or other brands like it, but they’ve still got decades of experience. They are aimed at the beginner cyclist and have positioned themselves to be at the lower end of the price range.

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This Merax mountain bike features 26” wheels which are ideal for someone over 5’5”. Originally, 26” used to be the only size offered on mountain bikes as a smaller size wheel offers better acceleration. However, in recent years, suppliers have started to offer 27.5” and 29” wheels. The larger the wheel, the easier the bike will ride over obstacles in its path. A large wheel also increases the top speed but on the downside, it has inferior acceleration.

Shimano Derailleurs have a great reputation and the 21 speed derailleurs installed on the Merax 26″ mountain bike will make your ride so much easier, especially on those steep inclines. Additionally, the disc brakes improve performance and braking responsiveness.

The Merax features both front and rear suspension which not only makes for a more comfortable ride but also helps maintain ground contact on more rough tracks. The seat has also been designed to fit the human body better and will make your ride more comfortable.

The Merax 26” mountain bike is a great entry-level choice, making mountain biking more affordable. The bike is built with comfort in mind and the smaller wheels and 21-speed derailleurs will enhance the performance over larger wheeled models. This Merax mountain bike is certainly worthy of a high ranking on our list of Best Mountain Bikes Under 400.

Features at a Glance

  • 26” wheels – giving fast acceleration.
  •  21-speed Shimano derailleurs – top brand, quality product.
  •  Safe dual disc brakes – Disc brakes, a must for mountain bikes.
  •  Lightweight aluminium frame – more responsive and lighter.
  •  Weight capacity 330lbs – one of the higher weight limits
Merax 26" 24-Speed Mountain Bike

Merax 26″ 24-Speed Mountain Bike

4. Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame

Smooth riding is what you get with the Schwinn Protocol mountain bike. With the dual suspension, the bike ride on this machine no longer be a burden on your shoulders or wrists, unlike other mountain bikes. Disc brakes in the front and back mean that this bike can be trusted when you take up a rugged, dirty, and uneven mountain track.

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With 24 speeds you can be assured that you would be able to climb the steepest of hills without much effort. Even novice bikers would find this bike easy to use and provides you the best value for your money.

Double-walled alloy rims along with three-piece cranks make this mountain bike light in weight but still strong enough to withstand tough terrain. The aluminum frame adds up to the weightlessness of the bike that any rider would enjoy.

Sturdy make-up of the bike means that you have a machine that you can trust for a long time. The tires are of the knobby type that makes it ideal even for everyday use. The bike is easy to assemble and disassemble that allows the transportation of the bike easier making it also one of the most affordable mountain bikes.

Features at a Glance

  • Dual front and rear suspension make for effortless riding
  • Light in weight at 44.5 pounds enhancing maneuverability and comfort
  • 24 speed Shimano shifters for effortless steep climbing
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Strong yet light alloy rims with knobby tires offer supreme control
  • Low in maintenance compared to other mountain bikes
Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame

Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame

5. Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a lightweight and high-performance MTBs Under $400, this may be a good option to look at. Hence the Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike has a frame made of aluminum which increases both comforts as well as performance. It is loaded with alloy wheels that come along with a quick-release front that makes up for easy riding in rough terrain. Both the front and back wheel disc brakes are made of an alloy that gives supreme control on all weather conditions.

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People who have ridden the Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain bike talk a great deal about the SRAM twist shifters that allow for easy gear changing. This mountain bike comes in two models such as Impasse HD and Impasse. However, the Impasse HD is much better in comparison with the Impasse model in terms of features and comfort.

The total weight of this mountain bike is around 47.6 pounds which is roughly about 21.5 kgs. With basic assembling tools, you can assemble this bike in no time at all while at your home without too much effort. If you are a biker choosing to ride on trails, gravel roads, downhill, uphill, and even for daily rides on city parks this bike would be an ideal fit for you.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy to install at home with the basic tools without professional help
  • Aluminum frame and allow wheels makes it light in weight and maneuverable
  • Dual disc brakes for supreme control even in tough conditions
  • 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur
  • Suitable for all weather and terrain conditions
  • Extremely comfortable, affordable, and suitable for beginners
Mongoose Impasse Men's Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

6. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Anyone looking for mountain bikes under $400 would find the Schwinn high timber mountain bike just about fitting their requirements. The 7-speed gear system it comes with allows the bike to be used on any terrain of your choice with relative ease.

With a durable front suspension, it makes for an easy ride and is easy on the wrists and shoulders of the rider even in bumpy conditions. Alloy rims make this mountain bike furthermore light in weight making it an easy ride even for beginners.

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The supreme stopping power of the bike is due to its front and back alloy linear-pull brakes. You can expect precision stopping even in wet conditions with this braking system that the bike has to offer.

The Schwinn steel frame makes this mountain bike suitable for lightweight. This can also double up to be used daily on pavements, parks, trails, steep roads, and even in rugged terrain.

You can assemble the bike with ease without having to seek professional help with the basic tools in your garage. The bike is also a low maintenance machine that is suitable for people of all age groups belonging to different weight categories.

You can choose between a steel or aluminum frame based on how heavy or light you want the bike to be.

Features at a Glance

  • 7-Speed Shimano twist shifters for precise gear shifting and Schwinn alloy crank allows for steadiness
  • Dual alloy wheels and all-terrain tires
  • Rear and front linear-pull brakes for efficient braking
  • Suitable for beginners of all age groups
  • Front suspension for enhanced comfort
  • Light in weight yet durable in rough conditions
  • Easy assembling with basic tools without professional assistance
Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

7. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike

One of the first things that you would notice with the Mongoose Dolomite fat tire men’s mountain bike is the build of the tires. Among the most affordable mountain bikes, this brand comes with a uniqueness about it. The super-sized knobby tires are capable of letting you conquer almost any type of terrain with relative ease.

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This mountain bike comes with disc brakes provided for both the front and rear tires. The beach cruiser pedals along with disc brakes make safety a priority for the rider. You would be able to assemble this bike once you receive it with just the basic tools available in your garage.

The adjustable height means that it can be used by both teenagers and adults alike without much effort. Lightweight alloy wheels help in keeping the weight of the mountain bike lesser. With 7-speed along with the twist, shifters make it easier to shift between gears whilst you ride the bike in different conditions.

The metal used for the frame is made of steel which reduces the weight of the bike to enhance better maneuverability. Additional speed and performance are what you would get with this bike that can be used for anyone up to the height of 6 ft without any difficulty.

Features at a Glance

  • 7-Speed Shimano drivetrain for easy gear shifting while riding
  • Fat tires that make for efficiency in all weather and terrain conditions
  • Front and rear disc brakes for additional safety
  • Lightweight and durable alloy rims
  • Easy to assemble without requiring any complex tools
  • Suitable for off-road trails, mountain tracks, and daily park rides
  • Low in maintenance
Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men's Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike

8. Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

There are lots of products on the market, but finding the best mountain bike can be a bit tricky. This is why you need to make sure that you are choosing an exceptional bike that will stay safe and stable even on the wildest trails. This wonderful mountain bike is strong and durable. It comes at a great price range with 24 speeds. This is a terrific bike that is suitable for entry-level mountain biking and beginners since it is very sturdy.

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The advanced Aluminum frame is very durable and strong. It won’t break or bend and will stay in excellent shape even if you ride it on a rough trail. At the same time, Aluminum is very lightweight. This means that your bike will be speedy and easy to control. The frame features a single pivot technology with an adjustable lock out the rear coil. It is the best bike to ride with great shock absorption. It will stay stable through bumps.

This bike features front and rear suspension for easy control. The quick-release wheels are easy to replace. It also comes in various sizes to suit different frames. This means that you will be able to ride it comfortably and safely regardless of your weight. The various speeds are suitable for different abilities. With a little time for complete assembly, you will be able to explore the most challenging trails with ease.

Features at a Glance

  • An advanced Aluminum frame that will not break or bend.
  • Durable construction for stability and safety on the road.
  • Sturdy quick release wheels for your convenience.
  • Rear and front suspension for easy control.
  • 24 speeds and various sizes for different frames.
  • You can ride it safely even on the most difficult trails.

9. Max4out Mountain Bike Review

This traditional looking mountain bike is a great choice for off-road cycling. The chunky tires, on a 26” wheel, provide great traction and the disc brakes are easy to use and super-efficient and provide extra safety.

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The Maxout comes with 21 gears. In truth, the number of gears is more hype than anything. As long as you have gears that cover the range you need, low gear for getting up those hills, and a high gear for comfortably maintaining speed on the flat. you may as well have fewer gears. It should not be a big issue in deciding your purchase.

This mountain bike comes with a three-spoke wheel format, with chunky tires that provide increased traction and grip in off-road conditions.

This mountain bike is described as a “stunt bike” and the design is such that users could use it to perform on trails (self-made dirt jumps) or for flatland, a style that incorporates spinning the bike and maintaining a balanced bike while it is manoeuvred in an extreme way.

Features at a Glance

  • Strong solid frame – a long-lasting bike.
  • Off-road tyres on 26”, three spoked, wheel.
  • Stunt Bike – Versatile design for off-road or flatland stunts
  • Adjustable design – suitable for riders of various sizes
  • Easy assembly – Not a great deal of assembly to do
Max4out Mountain Bike Review

Max4out Mountain Bike Review

10. Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Mountain Bike

When you are looking for a suitable mountain bike, you need to make sure that you are buying a reliable and sturdy product. Moreover, you need to buy a mountain bike that is appropriate for your build and frame. Whether you are short or tall, you could always find a great mountain bike that is the proper fit. This excellent mountain bike comes in 4 different sizes to suit different builds and frames. You can easily go through the sizing chart and this will enable you to choose the appropriate one.

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This is a great entry-level mountain bike. It is where the pavement ends and the adventure begins. A great bike for every day commuting as well riding through the dirt and the rough tracks. It features a 27.5 suspension fork. This fork will absorb different shocks on the rough path and you will be able to ride comfortably even if you are not an expert. The wheels on this bike are 2 inches wide. This means that they will roll easily and comfortably through rocks and gravel.

This mountain bike is a customer’s favorite since it features reliable shifters. With 21 gears to choose from, you will be able to ride this bike through different terrains. If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable mountain bike, then this is definitely the one you should consider.

Features at a Glance

  • An affordable mountain bike that is designed to meet your expectations.
  • A well-built bike that comes in 4 different sizes to suit various frames.
  • Suitable for everyday commuting as well as wild experiments and adventures.
  • Reliable suspension fork for stability.
  • Reliable shifters with 21 gears to choose from.

11. Eurobike Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Bicycle

If you are looking at various options with mountain bikes below $400 then this one might just be the right choice for you. It brings to the table most of the features that you would expect in a mountain bike with 21-speed gears that are easy to use.

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The 3 spoke mag alloy wheels adds that extra bit of glamor to your mountain bike. In terms of safety, this mountain bike boasts of disc brakes for both the front and rear tires. The overall weight of the bike is less than 20 kilograms or approximately 40 pounds. This makes the handling of the bike much easier than its counterparts that are available in the market.

The bike comes in a semi-assembled package and you would not require any expertise to assemble it. The manufacturer also provides the tools that are necessary to assemble this mountain bike. This means that you would not have to go around looking for them in the market.

Anyone who is above 5” 7 – 6″ with a weight of 300 pounds or about 130 kilograms can ride this bike effortlessly. This bike is suitable for all-terrain and weather conditions with supreme braking efficiency when you ride it downhill.

Features at a Glance

  • Low weight among its competitors in the market
  • 21-speed gears for ease with uphill and downhill rides
  • Front and rear disc brakes make is safer compared to linear brakes
  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy assembling along with the tools provided by the manufacturer
  • 3 spoke mag alloy wheels make it not just durable but stylish in looks too
Eurobike Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Bicycle

Eurobike Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Bicycle

11. 2021 Gravity FSX LTD Dual Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike

A lot of people feel confused when they are looking for a suitable mountain bike. Durable products might be too heavy which makes them difficult to control and handle, while lightweight models might not be stable enough on the trail. But if you are looking for a well-built product that won’t break down, it’s hard to go wrong with the 2021 Gravity FSX Mountain Bike. The FSX won’t bend or shatter even on the wildest terrains. This bike is designed to keep you safe and confident even if you are not a mountain bike expert. It has the perfect combination of sturdiness and speed.

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The Gravity FSX light yet durable mountain bike. The Aluminum frame is very strong yet lightweight which allows you to go fast on your mountain bike. At the same time, you can be sure that there will be no dents even if your bike hits a stone. It features front and rear brake discs that will allow you to control your bike even on the wildest trails.

This mountain bike features easy-to-use Shimano Shifters for an easy and convenient ride. At the same time, you get to adjust the suspension according to your convenience. It features strong and light double-wall rims for a stable ride on the road. The wheels are also quick-release at the front and rear so that you can change them quickly and safely whenever you need to. It has 24 speeds for different abilities and comes in various sizes to suit different heights. The seat is super comfortable and will not strain your back even when you ride it for long hours. Overall, the Gravity FSX Mountain Bike is a perfect balance of performance, quality, durability, and affordability.

Features at a Glance

  • A lightweight Aluminum mountain bike that won’t break or bend easily.
  • Safe to ride even on the wildest and roughest trails.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Quick-release wheels.
  • Adjustable suspension with 24 speeds to choose from.

Buying Guide For Best Mountain Bikes Under $400

Buying a good mountain bike can allow you to enjoy the experience to a great extent. Once you have started experimenting with mountain biking, buying a high-quality mountain bike will be a must. There are a lot of types and models available on the market and choosing the appropriate one can be a bit tricky. In this section, we offer some tips that will help you choose the best mountain bike:

i. The Suspension Type

Rigid bikes are not that common. They are less expensive and easy to maintain. But most riders would rather ride bikes with suspension because they are more comfortable. Hardtail bikes have a front fork that is designed to absorb the shock from the front wheel. In this model, the back wheel will not have suspension.

These bikes are not difficult and sometimes have a lockout feature. You can use the lockout when you are comfortable with using a rigid bike. These bikes allow for power transfer between the pedal and the rear wheel. These bikes are excellent for different mountain biking experiences unless when you are going on a downhill trail.

Full suspension bikes feature a front fork and rear shock absorption to keep you comfortable despite the impacts of the trail. This reduces the impact on the rider and gives you a comfortable riding experience. These bikes are great but can lose some of the energy as you ride uphill. These bikes usually can lock out the rear suspension for better power transfer.

ii. The Wheel Size

Wheels come in different sizes. The bigger the size of the wheel the faster the wheels will go. The wheels will roll easier even through bumps. Smaller wheels will offer maneuvers on rough trials but you might not be extra comfortable.

iii. The frame material

When you are looking for a reliable mountain bike that is both durable and fast. Aluminum is one of the most popular materials because it is very lightweight yet very sturdy. Aluminum doesn’t rust or bend even on the toughest trails. This also means that the bike will be fast for a great mountain biking experience.
Carbon steel is another sturdy material that is less expensive than aluminum. If you are willing to buy a reliable mountain bike that won’t break a bank, then you should probably consider buying a carbon steel mountain bike.

iv. Mountain Bike Gears

The number of gears is determined by your fitness level and the type of terrain you are riding. If you are riding through difficult trails and steep hills, you should opt for more gears. If you only ride through flat terrains, then you can get away with a fewer number of gears. This means that your bike will be lighter and easier to control.

v. The bike size

You should always make sure that the bike is a great fit for your height and weight. A mountain bike that fits very well will increase your level of confidence on the trail. The sizing charts usually correspond to the height. If you are between sizes, it is usually advisable to go a size down rather a size up.

vi. Easy assembly and maintenance

Most mountain bikes will not come assembled. This means that you can easily put yours together easily using a few tools. You might spend more time or even ask for the help of a professional if you are not that experienced. Some bikes can be easily maintained using the least number of bicycle tools. If your bike has quick-release wheels, you will be able to maintain it easily.


There is no doubt that you can find the best mountain bikes on the internet. You can easily go through the provided above to choose one that is suitable for your needs and abilities. Mountain bikes come in different sizes and materials that are suitable for everybody out there. There are a lot of factors and criteria that will help you choose an appropriate one.

Durability and stability are of great importance. A suspension fork and stable wheels will enable you to ride comfortably and safely. You need to make sure that you are buying a reliable product that won’t break or bend easily. Make sure that your bike is stable even through the roughest terrains. This will help you enjoy your mountain biking experience to the maximum.

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