BEIOU Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Review

Mountain bikes should be lightweight so that it is comfortable to ride and so that the center of gravity is in check.So using carbon fiber which is quite luxurious for a bike, it makes the bike lightweight, and at the same time, it makes it durability. For a bike that is lightweight, durable and has a high speed – BEIOU Toray T600 Carbon Fiber Mountain fiber is a reasonable choice for mountainous terrains.

So yes rather than thinking hard about what to buy for a comfortable bike yet taming the harsh terrains- These again are the best choice because you are getting a luxurious carbon fiber built mountain bike.

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BEIOU Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Review with Detail Features

Toray T700 Carbon Fiber

The main quality of this mountain bike is that it is constructed with carbon fiber. Carbon fibers offer durability, maximum speed, and light weight.These are the key features needed for a mountain bike. So BEIOU Toray T700 has a carbon frame handlebar.

Due to the carbon fiber, this Toray Bicycle can be exceeded to maximum speed whenever required increasing your adrenaline rush making the ride more fun and adventurous. The maximum speed reached will not give you an uncomfortable ride because the carbon fiber provides a smooth ride while crossing the rocky mountains. So overall, this bike will give you all the comfort and joy while riding the mountain. These are all because of the carbon fiber constructed the body of the bike.

Numerically speaking the tensile strength of the carbon fiber is 500kgf/mm2, 4900MPa, the tensile modulus is 24ton/mm2, 230GPa, the density is 1.8g/cm3.These numbers changes throughout the bike according to rigidity and safety measures.

While talking about the body of the bike, we can’t ignore the design of the bike. The body has great curves with a clean white color painted. So it’s stylish and comfortable, do you think you can ignore such fascinating?

Suspension Fork and Disc Brake

The moving portion of the bike is a 26 inches wheel. Here the wheels are directly connected to the GTMRK 330 /26″ suspension forks. We all know the suspension forks in bikes are shock absorbers. This is highly necessary for a bike to again provide you with the smooth ride along rocky roads of the mountains.

It will easily cross all the obstacles with ease giving you the minimum bumps to endure.

What does the disc brake do might be the question you are having now? The mechanical wire G3 disc brake is mainly required for braking at any point necessary. While riding mountains, at any given point braking, might be required especially in emergencies. So these provide you to have complete control over the brakes of the bike.

Carbon Bike Shimano M370 ALTUS:

The Shimano M370 ALTUS is the speed control system of the bike.While having a tour in the mountains, speed control is a necessity because of the pathway. The directions in a mountain changes continuously and you need to keep speed in check, and that is when the Shimano M370 ALTUS comes in handy. It gives you a range of speed to choose, i.e., 24 gear speed, and all this gives you safety.

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  • Toray T700 carbon fiber provides durability and light weight, keeping center of gravity in check
  • The suspension fork provides a smooth ride taming the harsh roads of the mountains
  • 26 inches wheels provides comfortable ride as it can easily cross obstacles like pebbles, rocks, etc. keeping you in your position
  • The disc brakes are the braking system of the bike that guarantees safety as you can have control over brakes as it might be needed to be halted at any point
  • Shimano M370 ALTUS is the speed control system of the bike which gives you 24 gear speed choice of your own – providing more safety.
  • Unpacking and assembling the bike is super easy and saves you money too.


  • Toray T700 carbon fiber mountain bike might be a bit too expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

Q: What is the weight of the bike?

Ans: The weight of the mountain is around 25-26 lbs.

Q: Is the bike too light for a street bike?

Ans: It might be light, but it is perfect for a street bike as well.

Q: Can the bike be used for downhill?

Ans: No this is not good for downhill unless the fork can be upgraded.

Final Word

The Toray T700 carbon fiber mountain bike provides immense safety to you while riding in mountains. Mountainous areas require great protection, and these bike with the mechanical wire G3 disc bike and Shimano M370 ALTUS gives you complete control over the bike and ensures your safety.

And then again there is the carbon built the body of the bike which offers durability and light weight alongside with the suspension fork which ensures smooth and comfortable ride. So yes if you want a fun, safe and comfortable ride in the mountain areas and you want the best bicycle under 1000 dollars, I would suggest the BEIOU Toray T700 carbon fiber mountain bike.

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