Best Mountain Bike Jackets Review with Buying Guide

The biking jacket is arguably the most important piece of clothing when mountain biking. The best biking jackets are generally decided from these two options. You can either go for the lightweight, breathable jacket which is most ideal for warm conditions or the heavier waterproof and windproof option which is ideal for cold and wet conditions.

The option you choose depends on when and where you want to go mountain biking. If you do not mind riding out when it is raining or snowing, you should probably get the waterproof and windproof type. Otherwise, go for the lighter and breathable option. Here’s the quick list of top 10 mountain biking jackets for you:

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Best Mountain Bike Jackets

Why You Should Buy A Cycling Jacket?

If you are a mountain biker, a jacket is an important thing to have because of several reasons. It gives you

i. Warmth

The primary function of a cycling jacket is to provide warmth. It does this by leveraging on the latest technology in fabrics to create an almost entirely insulated capsule once the main zipper is closed. This conserves your body temperature and prevents heat loss thus giving you a comfortable time riding your mountain bike in the cold weather.

ii. Protection from the elements

In wet conditions, mountain bike jackets come in handy because most of them are made of water-resistant fabric. This fabric ensures that little or no water at all penetrates the jacket to reach your skin on the inside. This keeps you comfortably dry and able to do more mountaineering.

iii. Pockets

More often than not, you will need to carry some stuff like house keys, a mobile phone to keep you constantly connected or an iPod to listen to music as you ride. Other mountain biking attire usually has little-sized pockets or no pockets at all, and this leaves the jacket’s pockets as the ideal places to keep these stuff. Additionally, clogged pockets in bike pants and tights can be quite uncomfortable so the jacket’s pockets again become the ideal places to keep these stuff.

Top Ten Mountain Bike Jackets Review

1. Przewalski Men’s Bike Jacket

This windproof bike jacket has an inner lining made of brushed fleece which is light and contains air pockets within its fabric. This enables it to keep you warm and free from the cold wind as you ride. Brushed fleece is also water-resistant and coupled with a water-resistant treatment on the arms and chest surfaces, this jacket is designed to keep you dry in the rain.

It has 3 pockets, 2 on the back and the other on the chest area and these are important for storing things such as phones or iPods so that you can listen to music as you ride. The fabric on the jacket’s back and under its arms is made of a breathable fabric that gives sufficient ventilation to get rid of sweat. Its reflective logos on the front and back pockets make it more visible when riding at night and this gives you safety when riding in the dark.


  • It is very comfortable. The brushed fleece feels as good as cotton on the skin yet it is lightweight.
  • It maintains the right amount of warmth with no dampness.
  • It has a form-fitting design and this makes it resist flapping in the wind, reducing drag.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It is stylishly designed to make it stand out.


  • The jacket’s collar does not fit perfectly on the neck and this allows wind to pass through to the body.
  • Sweat can build up along the wrists because that part has no breathable fabric.

2. 4ucycling Wind Jacket

This jacket is made of lycra spandex which is extremely stretchy making it fit for different sizes of people or fit for a growing body. It is lined internally with brushed fleece which acts as an insulation layer, retaining heat in cold temperatures and also resisting wind penetration.

This latest wind technology ensures you are warm when in temperatures of up to -5 degrees centigrade. Its zippers are strongly built. This makes it durable enough to give you longer service. It has a longer backside which ensures the waist area is kept covered and warm when bending as you ride. It is also not lengthened too much to cause discomfort when you decide to stretch your legs. The zipper is designed with a left-hand orientation to give extra safety when zipping or unzipping as you ride. This enables you to hold the bike’s handlebar with you right hand which is safer and zip or unzip with the left hand.


  • It is stylishly designed. Hidden pockets and red edges make it look more fashionable.
  • It is durable. Its sturdy zippers give it a longer lifespan.
  • It is comfortable. Its long backside and short front side make it ideal for bike riding.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It is a multipurpose jacket. It can be worn when doing a variety of outdoor activities.


  • The jacket’s fitting size measurement is slightly smaller than other jackets and hence requires ordering a larger size than usual to fit.
  • The back and arms are not well insulated and allow some wind to pass through.

3. Outon Men’s Cycling Jacket

This waterproof mountain bike jacket is designed with waterproof fabric on its front side that keeps you warm and dry through rainy and snowy conditions. The backside, arms and underarms are made of breathable fabric that dissipates perspiration efficiently leaving you dry and well aerated. It’s brushed inner fleece lining makes it fit for use in cold weather because it insulates the body and does not allow wind to pass through.

Additionally, fleece is soft and lightweight and this makes it very comfortable. It has a raised collar design to completely seal off the neckline and this makes sure that no wind or cold air leaks into the body from the neck. It has four pockets located on its backside which can store a phone, an iPod, keys or other light important stuff. Three pockets have elastic openings while one has a zipper opening for securing the items safely inside. It has reflective logos and strips on the chest and backside to enhance visibility when riding at night. It also has silicone bands on its edges to prevent skidding in case of an accident.


  • It is comfortable. Its breathability, soft inner lining and lightweight characteristics make it very comfortable.
  • It is safe. Its reflective parts and silicon bands keep the rider safe from accidents.
  • It is attractive with a stylish design.
  • It is warm. Its fleece lining and high collar completely insulate the body leaving you warm in cold weather.
  • It comes in two colors (blue and red).


  • The jacket’s fitting size is smaller than other jackets. You have to order a larger one than your usual size to fit.
  • The pockets are small in size.

4. Inbike Men’s Cycling Jacket

This bike jacket has a polyester ripstop outer layer film that makes it water-resistant. This makes it ideal for wearing in all weather conditions. This film is also porous and allows for efficient dissipation of sweat making it very comfortable. Combined with its polar fleece inner lining, this jacket is windproof and this protects you from harsh cold winds when riding.

This polar fleece insulates the rider, creating a thermos flask like effect. This enables you to minimize on heat loss and hence maintain warm temperatures easily. It has a large back pocket that is big enough to store phones, keys, and other important items. Its raised collar keeps the cold air from reaching the warm upper body. It has a longer backside with elastic binding to keep the waist covered when bending during riding. The full zip provides a ventilation gateway while also making it easier to lock in other layers of clothes inside the jacket. It has a reflective strip across its chest and arms on the front and a reflective logo on its back for better visibility at night.


  • It is safe. Its reflective strip and logo keep the rider visible in the dark.
  • It is comfortable. Its polar fleece inner lining is soft and keeps the rider warm in cold weather.
  • It is multi-functional. This jacket can be used in many outdoor activities like jogging, cycling and running.
  • It is durable. Its polyester outer layer material is extremely tough and can withstand rough handling.
  • It is quite affordable.


  • It fits loosely around the body.
  • It is not tight enough around the neck and wrists to keep the cold out.

5. Gor Bike Wear Men’s Jacket

This winter MTB jacket’s outer layer is made of the waterproof polyester material that is designed to keep you dry in all weather conditions. It features a windproof membrane that completely blocks out the wind from penetrating through. It is lined with fleece on its inner side to keep you warm.

The pit zips below its arms are designed to release excess heat and therefore regulate temperature to keep you comfortable. It has pre-shaped elbows that make it easier to fit and gives you superior movement capabilities. Its dropped backside covers your waist as you ride, keeping the elements out. It has angled zipper pockets for easier access. These can store essential stuff like phones and keys. Its adjustable hem is designed to seal off the bottom waist area in order to keep the warmth inside. It has reflective piping on its front and back and a reflective logo to keep you visible at night thus keeping you safe.


  • It is comfortable. Its fleece lining keeps it soft and warm.
  • It comes in a variety of colors (blue, yellow, green, red, and Shiraz red).
  • It is safe. Its reflective feature makes it safe for the rider.
  • It is durable. Its polyester material is designed to last and survive rough handling.
  • It can regulate temperature. It has pit zips for getting rid of excess heat.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • The jacket’s fitting size is not accurate. You need to order a larger size.

6. Arsuxeo winter cycling jacket

This winter jacket’s skin is made with three layers which offer windproof, waterproof and warmth functions. The outer layer is made of a waterproof and windproof fabric. This keeps the elements out. The middle layer is waterproof and is made of a breathable fabric. This ensures that perspiration is vented out efficiently. The inner layer is made of fleece which keeps the warmth locked in.

It also has a raised collar to prevent cold air from leaking in from the neck and freezing the body. Its black parts are neither windproof nor waterproof. They are made of breathable elastic material and are meant for dissipating sweat. It has zipper pockets for safe storage of phones, keys, and other essentials. The logo, shoulder, and chest straps are designed to be highly reflective and enhance your visibility at night. It is designed for use in multiple outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, and hiking among many others.


  • The jacket is comfortable. The triple layering makes it warm and dry on the inside without increasing its weight.
  • It is safe. With a reflective logo and strips, this jacket keeps you visible and safe in the dark.
  • It is ideal for many outdoor activities.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It comes in a variety of colors (black, green orange and red)


  • Its size is not standard with other jackets and it may require you to order a larger one than your regular size.
  • It has short sleeves.

7. Pactimo Men’s Cycling Jacket

This Pactimo jacket is made of ultra-lite stretch material. This elastic material gives it a semi-form fit on your body and thus makes it fit comfortably on the right body size. This jacket is waterproof when exposed to light showers. Even if water leaks in, the jacket’s material is designed to keep your body’s heat trapped inside.

It has an extended collar to help keep the cold from penetrating through the neck, thus trapping the warmth inside. Its hem and wrist end are elastic and are designed to tighten around the body to further insulate the body from the outside elements. It has breathable underarm panels to help regulate temperatures in case it gets too hot. The longer backside ensures that the waist is covered whenever you bend and this keeps you warm. It has a reflective strip on its back that ensures you are visible in the dark, giving you some safety assurance. It features a full-length YKK zipper which provides an additional ventilation gateway while also making it easier to lock in other insulating clothes on its inner side.


  • It is lightweight. Its elastic material is incredibly lightweight and this makes it almost weightless on the body.
  • It is comfortable because it is very breathable. The elastic material is more porous than polyester and thus it is very effective in getting rid of sweat.
  • It is safe. Its reflective strip makes it visible at night and thus improving on safety.
  • It can regulate temperature. Its underarm breathable panels give it the ability to get rid of excess heat easily.
  • It is easily foldable. Due to its light elastic build, this jacket can be easily folded to a very small size and easily stored in a very tight space.


  • It is more of a rain cape than a jacket and therefore requires you to wear other jackets or heavy clothing and to cover them up with this jacket.
  • It is not fully waterproof. During a heavy downpour, water might sip in and soak you up.

8. Baleaf men’s cycling jacket

This winter MTB jacket is specifically designed for riding in cold weather. Its moisture absorbing fabric ensures that it keeps your body dry from sweat while its inner fleece lining keeps you windproof, insulated and warm. This makes it very comfortable. Its form-fitting design keeps it from flapping in the wind and this makes it more aerodynamic, reducing drag.

It has elastic hem grippers to hold it in place around the waist and these keep the bottom part sealed from the cold wind. Its dropped back makes sure that the waist is covered thus protecting you from the elements. It has 3 pockets for storing small essential stuff like phones and keys. It features a full-length zipper for getting rid of excess heat in case it gets too hot. This full-length zipper also makes it easier to wear and zip in other insulating clothes on the inside in case it is too cold. It has reflective elements both on its front and backside which are important in keeping you visible in the dark.


  • It is comfortable. It keeps the rider warm and dry.
  • It is safe. It has reflective elements that make you visible in low light.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It comes in two colors (red and yellow).
  • It is stylishly designed. Its red/yellow strips and red/yellow zippers give it a good look.


  • Its size is not standard with other jacket measurements and it requires you to buy a size larger for it to fit.

9. Sponeed Men’s Wind Jacket

This jacket is made entirely from polyester. It has three layers of warmth retention, wind and waterproofing. Its inner layer is fleece lined which is responsible for retaining warmth. The middle layer contains breathable, windproof material that enables the jacket to vent perspiration and prevent cold wind from going further inside.

The outer layer is made of water and windproof material which acts as the first line of defense from the elements. These layers ensure you remain warm and dry. The backside of the jacket, however, is not waterproof. It is designed this way so that it be the vent through which sweat is dissipated from. It has a dropped back to keep the waist covered as you bend to cycle. This helps keep you warm and covered. The raised collar keeps the neckline sealed from cold wind. This ensures that cold air does not penetrate to the warm inner part.


  • Its fully polyester build makes it very lightweight.
  • It is very comfortable. Its three-layered skin makes it comfortably warm. Additionally, the fleece lining feels very smooth on the skin.
  • It is durable. It is designed to withstand rough handling in almost all outdoor activities.
  • It is multipurpose. It can be used in multiple outdoor activities for instance jogging, running and cycling.
  • It comes in multiple colors (lava red, green and black with red patches)
  • It is quite affordable.


  • It has short arms.
  • Its size is not standard with other jacket fitting measurements. It requires you to order a larger size to fit perfectly.

10. Bpbtti Men’s Cycling Jacket

This winter MTB jacket features a form-fitting design that gives it a snug fit. This makes it more aerodynamic because it does not flap in the wind, reducing drag. This will enable you to cycle faster. It is made with the latest wind technology which consists of a skin with three polyester layers. The inner fleece layer insulates the body and maintains warm temperatures.

The middle layer is waterproof and breathable. It is made of a material that absorbs moisture and is perfect for drying the skin from sweat. The outer layer is wind and waterproof and it makes it possible to cycle in all weather conditions. The jacket has elastic cuffs bands, an extended collar and a dropped back to further help in keeping you warm. It has a hidden zipped back pocket for securely storing your essential items like phones and keys. It is designed to reflect light with two reflective logos, one on the front and one on the back to keep you visible in dim light.


  • It is safe. Its reflective logos make it safer for you in the dark.
  • It is light. It is made entirely from polyester which makes it very light.
  • It is a multipurpose jacket. It can be used for multiple outdoor activities.
  • It is comfortable. Its three layers make it warm and dry on the inside while the inner fleece layer adds comfort by feeling soft on the skin.
  • It is aesthetically designed to look good and fashionable.


  • The jacket’s fitting size might be smaller than the usual. You might want to order a larger size than usual


Things You Need to Know About Mountain Bike Jackets before buying

The best MTB jackets are not necessarily the most expensive one. It is also not any kind of jacket. There are some important characteristics to look for in order to differentiate it from other regular jackets. Before buying one you should look at these differences:

i. Comparison with general outdoor jackets

As compared to general outdoor jackets, mountain bike jackets have longer arms and a dropped tail for perfect fitting and better performance. They are also built to be more breathable with either breathable material on its skin or several vents to deal with perspiration. However, they do not extend as much as general outdoor jackets below the waistline.

ii. Comparison with road cycling jacket

Mountain bike jackets have a lower cut on the front side as compared to road cycling jacket. This is because mountain biking does not make you bend as much as in road cycling. MTB jackets generally have more pockets because of the requirement to carry some items and are slightly loosely fitted because there is not much speeding on the hills hence drag is not a big issue.

Then, having considered these differences, it is also an important look at the individual features to compare and select which MTB jacket suits your needs. At times, it is a must to sacrifice one feature for the other because not all can be found on one jacket. Selection is based on these features:

iii. Breathability vs Weatherproofing

There is no mountain bike jacket that is fully waterproof and fully breathable at the same time. The fully waterproof material is not porous and hence cannot allow air to flow through. At the same time, a fully breathable material must be porous enough to allow air to flow through and therefore it cannot be waterproof.

A compromise must be made between the two. In fact, most biking jackets have either waterproof fronts with breathable backs or they have breathable strips and patches along the rest of the waterproof skin. This compromise is necessary because waterproof materials can get really hot on the inside when cycling while breathable materials can get cold, especially in winter.

So you can either have two MTB jackets, one completely waterproof for the winter period, and the other completely breathable for the summer or get the one with a blend of both features for all seasons.

iv. Build quality

The fabrics used to build these jackets together with the layers they form the jacket’s skin can be quite confusing. Bottom-line is if you ride your bike fast, you will sweat more than what these fabrics can handle. Because of this, it is important to have pit zips to cool the armpits and pull up sleeves to cool the wrists.

Blood flow around the wrists and armpits is close to the skin, especially when hot and cooling those areas will significantly cool the body. Another good cooling feature is the full front zip which can help you release the built-up temperature on your insulated body.

v. Fit

This is down to personal preference. A snugger fit will not flap as you ride but a loose fit will give you more space for air movement.

vi. Adjustment

Adjustable hems, cuffs, and collars regulate airflow inside the jacket. A biking jacket without these features will probably be very uncomfortable.

vii. Pockets

Pockets are as important in jackets as they are on any other clothing. They come in handy for storing small essential stuff like phones but too many of them increase the layers of fabric, reducing breathability. A pocket or two is ideal for a biking jacket.


The best biking jackets should have a blend of breathable and water-resistant parts to balance out warmth retention and efficient ventilation. The idea is to keep you at a comfortable temperature to continue bike riding. Additionally, this jacket should be slightly loosely fitted with an adjustable hem, cuffs, and collar. It should have a reasonable number of pockets taking into consideration that too many pockets interfere with ventilation.

A reasonable number is two to three pockets maximum. With this recommendation, it is wise to get that mountain bike jacket that you have always been considering, and not only will you use it when MTB riding, but you will also use it during other outdoor activities.

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