Best Mountain Bike Helmet Reviews with Buying Guide

A helmet is one of the most important riding tools you can never afford to miss while riding. This is because safety riding is one of the most important aspects for the cyclist. Those who participate in cycling races and others who love practicing the crazy mountain biking stuff must have to own one of the best mountain bike helmets.

If you by any chance fall under any of these categories and have no helmet with you, you are actually subjecting yourself to extreme health risk. Here’s a quick list of the 10 best mountain bike helmet in case you are short of time:

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Beyond just owning a helmet, I would like to be more specific and state that you need the strongest and the most durable helmet available on the market.

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Best Mountain Bike Helmet Reviews with Buying Guide

Detail Review of Top 10 Mountain Bike Helmet

We have reviewed the list of the Best Mountain Bike Helmets. Walk with me through this article and you will learn the availability, the cost, and the importance of these helmets.

1. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

This is one of the best helmets you can ever purchase in the current market. It has top the class durability and the protection offered is exclusive. It has a dual fit adjustment design, making it, even more, convenient when it is about persistence in safety.

I am sure you have undergone or witnessed helmets that keep you stuffy and sweaty throughout your riding course. Well, you can forget about such a horrible experience as long as you embrace this newly designed helmet, as it contains 21 integrated vents, which allow continuous and proper circulation of air during your ride.

The amazing helmet will keep you cool during the entire ride. Working in line with this is a moisture pad that works out great in maintaining the rider’s head dry. This allows you to ride through all weather conditions without experiencing the irritation that has made many riders shun away from hot weather rides. The webbing invested in this particular helmet is easy to adjust, making it easy for you to attain your perfect fit.

In addition, the helmet has increased shading by the help of the built-in visor making the whole ride fun. By now, I am sure you are able to realize that the helmet will not only protect you but also provide you more comfort.

Features at a glance:

  • A dual fit adjustment design for more comfort and greater protection from the beginning to the end of your ride
  • Moisture pads to help in maintaining a dry head for the rider regardless of the weather condition
  • The webbing in the helmet is easy to adjust in order to ensure the comfort of the rider and a proper fitting
  • 21 flow vents that are integrated enough to keep you cool during the ride
  • A dial to ease the fit adjustments you have to make

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2. Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet

This one helmet is well known by riders globally for its comfort, great fit, and lightweight. This is almost all that any bike rider would love to partner with. It is suitable for a windy weather trail as opposed to most other helmets. Beyond that, this helmet has proven to be accommodative to both genders. This is through the many colors the helmet is available in.

Therefore, it has a presentable design that you will love in case you are the type that is ever serious in the outlooks. The material used to make this helmet is light in weight. This is not only to ensure that the user is comfortable during use but also to give the user the ultimate experience.

In addition, this helmet has surpassed all other helmets by considering everybody’s shape. This has been made possible through the great fit that is suitable for all head shapes. If that was your worry, waste no more time, grab yourself the Giro feature mountain bike helmet today. Moreover, this helmet does not move around during a ride causing distraction.

This is because it has specially made thin straps that make fitting easy. It also has an adjustable visor that contributes to stabilizing it. All this effort is to make your experience amazing and satisfactory.

Features at a glance:

  • This helmet is light in weight even with the many properties in it making it less of a load on your head
  • The helmet has 12 flow vents allowing proper circulation of air thus keeping your head cool from the beginning to the end of your ride
  • There are pads that are meant to keep your head dry by absorbing any moisture especially in form of sweat
  • Inform fit system
  • Adjustable motor style visor
  • Rear adjustment band for a great fitting and adjusting according to your head’s size.

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3. Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

Look at what we have here! Another of the top-ranking helmets when the beam is on a combination of safety, comfort, and durability. Do you notice sometimes you have to miss that ride you are yearning for just because of the scorching sun? Well, sometimes you worry too much.

If I were you, I would grab a piece of the Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet and bade goodbye to the weather factors anytime I want to take one crazy ride across the world.

It does not necessarily matter the size of your head because this helmet’s visor will offer you 15° vertical adjustments. The helmet has a hard, tough outer shell, which is empowered by the great technology invested during the creation.

Apart from that, there is also an impact-absorbing polystyrene liner, in the inner part of the helmet, to prevent you from suffering any shock. This is what sums up to one strong, protective, and comfortable helmet for you. The fit adjustments are made simple and easy by the Roc Loc 5, which is the latest retention created by Giro.Visit the online reviews to learn the secrets of using this great piece and enjoy your crazy riding activities.

Features at a glance:

  • There are 21 wind-scooping vents to allow the in and outflow of air which contributes to keeping your head cool
  • In molded hard bodies that are ion the upper and lower parts to boost the strength of your helmet making it more protective
  • The color matches are awesome for the POV and the visor making it a presentable helmet
  • Giro’s Roc Loc 5 fit system, which makes the adjustments easy to make thus boosting comfort achievement
  • Outer micro-shell with an impact of absorbing shock for better protection making it a safer helmet
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4. Fox Men’s Flux Helmet

As for this helmet, I am in love with the retention system invested here during the creation. I am sure you too will love this rare ratchet retention system. This makes me feel the helmet has some aspect of uniqueness especially when you compare it with other helmets available in the entire market today.

The prices of its pieces differ in accordance with the available sizes. The larger the size of your helmet, the higher it is likely to cost.

Different colors are also available for those who are choosy regarding the physical appearances. One more thing about the price; it is extremely low when compared to the helmets that match its standards. You will be amazed by the well-built flux of this helmet.

There are few molds, which can definitely be discomforting if many, and they are designed differently? How cool is that? I am assuring you that the long rides you fear taking will taste as interesting as the short rides with this comfort I like to call “The Comfort Zone”.  With plenty of ventilation in this helmet, you are assured of one great opportunity to ride for as long as you want without sweating a lot.

Features at a glance:

  • Designed in a style that will cover the back of your head for increased protection while practicing crazy riding stuff
  • The hard and tough outer shell that helps you to cover and absorb any shocks incurred
  • 20 ventilations all over the helmet for maximum airflow and temperature controls to help in maintaining a cool temperature
  • Detox retention system which is rare and unique to make it an outstanding helmet
  • The visor is removable making it easy for your cleaning activities
  • The entire helmet is a light package on your head keeping you away from tiresome rides
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5. Giro Trinity Helmet

Talking of this affordable helmet, one of its unique characteristics I am attracted to is the simplest but smartest design. You will realize its simplicity at first glance, but it will take a taste of its performance to recognize how smart it is. I know this because I have walked the same road.

The polycarbonate shell material is not only ultimately protective but also has a nice outlook, texture and is classy. Thumbs up to the innovators of this one. If you become a little concentrative on the online reviews made towards and against this helmet, you will realize that customers cannot deny the fact that the helmet’s features and comfort match those of helmets that are around four times more expensive than this one.

As compared to other helmets that have a simple clip, this helmet has a ratchet clasp meant to fix the trinity under your chin. This offers you a nice grip from the beginning to the end of your ride. That is what comfort is all about. More to that, you can always adjust the strap easily to acquire a better fitting.  Embrace this affordable package of greatness and begin going crazy.

Features at a glance:

  • A polycarbonate shell material that builds a strong light and protective shell part of the helmet for safety while riding
  • The EPS foam acts as the impact foam top make absorptions to any unhealthy impacts that may act against your head
  • 22 ventilation holes that make it easy for air to circulate in the helmet and keep your head cool regardless of the weather condition
  • Acu fit adjustment dial that makes it easier to adjust the trinity for better fitting
  • A ratchet clasp to hold the trinity under your chin for enhanced comfort.
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6. Team Obsidian Airflow Bike Helmet

Because safety comes first, this helmet is a definite must-have. It is the best companion on the road that will protect your head and ensure that you have a nice time on your bike.

The in-mold technique makes this one of the most durable products on the market. The expanded polystyrene shell creates a protective shell unlike cheaper less sturdy helmets. It will protect your head from injury without weighing you down. This is a lightweight helmet that is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Nevertheless, it will not compromise your safety.

Thanks to its reinforced skeleton, it will last for long. It will not break or shatter upon impact providing extra protection. Moreover, it features a very solid and sturdy construction that will absorb shocks.

This helmet is well ventilated and is designed to be breathable. It features 2 frontal air vents for improved airflow to keep you comfortable. You will not feel hot or uncomfortable when you wear it for extended hours. It also features chin pads for your convenience. They are washable and eco-friendly.

It comes in 2 different sizes so that you can choose the one that fits properly. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable system that you can adjust vertically and horizontally for a snug fit.

Features at a glance:

  • Expanded polystyrene shell for better protection.
  • A lightweight helmet that you can use for long hours.
  • Sturdy construction that will absorb shock.
  • Well ventilated design for better airflow.
  • An adjustable system for a better fit.
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7. Giro Revel Bike Helmet – Matte Titanium/Silver

Are you looking for a lightweight yet very durable helmet? This is a must-have if you want to buy a sturdy helmet that will protect your head without weighing you down. Although this seems like a basic minimalist helmet, it will not disappoint you regardless of the conditions of your ride.

This strong helmet will not break the bank and will protect your head from injury. This is a versatile helmet that you can use on any track or trail. The polycarbonate outer shell will not break upon impact, while the inner foam liner will absorb the shock.

This sturdy helmet features 22 cooling vents. This will improve the airflow and will enable you to wear this helmet for long periods of time. You will be able to enjoy your bike rides while wearing this protective helmet that is designed for your peace of mind. It also comes in a lot of different stylish colors. You will be able to choose the one that best matches your outfit.

This is an easy and comfortable helmet to wear. It is not a heavy product that will strain your neck. However, it will do what it promises by protecting your head from injury.

This helmet comes in one size that fits all. It is very easy to adjust and you will be able to get a snug comfortable fit by adjusting a sturdy strap.

Features at a glance:

  • A budget-friendly helmet that will protect your head from injury.
  • A basic minimalist design with a sturdy polycarbonate outer shell.
  • Inner foam liner to absorb shock.
  • 22 air vents to improve the airflow inside the helmet.
  • One size fits all with an adjustable strap for a snugger and a more comfortable fit.
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8. GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a sturdy high-quality helmet. This innovative helmet will protect your head for a safe ride without restricting your movement or causing any discomfort.

The aerodynamic design is what makes this an essential addition to your gear. You will not believe how great this looks and feels on your head.

Once you try this on, you will realize how lightweight it feels. It weighs only 250 grams and would still provide maximum protection. This is a comfortable helmet that you can wear for long hours without straining your neck muscles.

The in-mold polycarbonate layer combines with the expanded polystyrene shell to create a sturdy and strong protective layer that will withstand impact and falls. This helmet is certified and approved for maximum protection. The internal foam liner has moisture-wicking washable pads and chin protectants for a comfortable fit that can last for hours.

The reflective rear adjustment system enables you to comfortably adjust the dual straps. This will help you create the most comfortable and snuggest fit so that you can wear this helmet for hours. The rear LED tail light will allow you to be seen by car drivers to ensure your safety at night.

This wonderful helmet features 22 vents to ensure optimal airflow. It will increase breathability and you will be able to wear it for extended periods regardless of the weather condition. The proper airflow will decrease resistance and will enable you to go faster. Moreover, this amazing helmet comes with a detachable visor that is very convenient to use in hot and sunny weather and will keep you feeling cool and comfortable.

This great helmet comes in different colors. You can easily choose the one that best matches your outfit and your taste.

Features at a glance:

  • An affordable polycarbonate and EPS protective helmet.
  • A comfortable foam liner with washable pads for extra comfort.
  • Lightweight design with 22 vents for improved airflow.
  • A reflective rear adjustable system for a snug and comfortable fit.
  • A detachable visor.
  • Tail LED light for extra safety and protection.
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  1. 9. Giro Bishop Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a comfortable helmet that can be worn for long hours, then this is definitely a winner. It is designed for people who are looking for a protective helmet that comes in a convenient larger size. You can easily wear it for extended periods without feeling any restriction or discomfort.

This is a sturdy basic model that comes in 4 shades to suit different tastes and preferences. You can wear it to protect your head from injuries during ordinary commutes. You can also use it on rough trails if you are an avid mountain biker.

The protective in-mold polycarbonate does the job as it protects your head. It will not break or shatter upon impact and will definitely last for long. The sturdy outer shell is combined with an inner foam liner that will allow you to wear this helmet for long hours.

The sleek design of this helmet will allow you to go faster. This protective helmet will minimize resistance which will be a big plus when you are on the trail. The ventilation system will keep your head cool and will improve the airflow. This will automatically reduce the air resistance for a fast hassle-free ride.

This wonderful helmet comes with a dial fit adjustment. You can easily adjust the straps for a snug fit to make sure that your helmet will not move or drop when you most need it. It will not be restricting or too tight. It is the perfect combination of durability and lightweight.

If you have always struggled with finding a helmet that will fit your large head, then this helmet is the one for you.

Features at a glance:

  • A helmet that is specially designed to fit a larger head.
  • A protective in-mold polycarbonate shell to protect your head from injuries.
  • An inner foam liner for extra comfort.
  • A sleek design and air vents to improve the airflow and reduce resistance.
  • Easy to adjust straps for a comfortable snug fit.
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10. Gonex Adult Bike Helmet

Safety should be your number one concern when you are on the trail. This is why we consider this to be one of the best products on the market.

This is a very comfortable and lightweight helmet that you can wear for long. It weighs only 240 grams and will not strain your neck muscles if you choose to wear it all day long. It is made of high-quality PC with elegant matt printing. This is a stylish, durable helmet with velvet side shockproof cushioning.

It features 24 vents to reduce resistance and improve breathability. It will take away excess heat and vapor to ensure that you can wear it comfortably for longer periods. This helmet is like being bare-headed without compromising your protection and safety.

This is a protective helmet that features an odor-free and breathable lining that will absorb sweat and moisture. It also comes with an insect-proof net that will keep insects at bay to avoid any disturbance during your ride. The chin pads will provide a more comfortable fit and can easily be washed.

As a bonus, this helmet has LED tail lights with 3 different modes. They will keep you visible and will protect you while riding on the trail.

Features at a glance:

  • A helmet that is specially designed to fit a larger head.
  • A protective in-mold polycarbonate shell to protect your head from injuries.
  • An inner foam liner for extra comfort.
  • A sleek design and air vents to improve the airflow and reduce resistance.
  • Easy to adjust straps for a comfortable snug fit.
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Why Should You Purchase the Best Mountain Bike Helmet?

There are several reasons as to why you need a helmet while taking the rides across the world. This is regardless of what type of mountain biking activities you take. Have a look at some of them.

i. Safety

It goes without saying, doesn’t it? Safety is one of the most vital necessities you will need to focus on while dealing with a mountain bike. What happens when your bike loses brakes at the mid of high-speed ride? An accident is most likely to occur. There are many other ways accidents occur especially when you are performing the crazy mountain biking stuff. Your head is one of the most important parts of your body. The best way to protect your head is by grabbing one of the best biking helmet.

ii. Comfort

Second after safety is the comfort, as one of the most important riding aspects. The reason these aspects are inevitably important is because riding motivation solely depends on the comfort from the beginning to the end of your ride.

Therefore, you will need a mountain bicycle helmet with the comforting features such as the drying pads that absorb the sweat to keep your head dry, the ventilation that allows the inflow and outflow of air to keep your head’s temperatures regulated and the shock absorbing shells to keep you away from any disturbances. This is the only way to enjoy rides on your mountain bike regardless of the weather conditions.

iii. Durability and Price

These are two things that many people do not regard. Could you be one of those mountain bike riders that are yet to realize how cheap safety for eternity has currently become? Well, I am here to take you through exactly that. The fact that these bicycle helmets are affordable and have a great height of durability makes it vivid that all the safety and comfort they come along with are equally affordable.

I mean, with the accuracy and the quality of the above five helmets you can barely expect price tags are reading as low as they actually are. Grab one today and enjoy it.

Considerations You Need to Make Before Buying Best Mountain Bike Helmet

Again, purchasing a helmet is not just a random activity. You can choose to make a successful purchase by considering the essential elements prior to making any purchase.

i. Your Special Requirements

This is the first consideration I would recommend anyone purchasing a helmet to make. By this I mean, what do you use your mountain bike for? There are those that use their bikes for activities that subject them to greater risks than others. For example, if you use your bike to perform the crazy jumping activities, your helmet may not be similar to those of people who only take the usual mountain rides. You may need a safer and stronger helmet for better protection. Which is your helmet?

ii. Helmet Size

Here again, we identify some differences. People have different head sizes, the main reason as to why these helmets exist in different sizes. Though you can adjust your helmet for better fitting, it has to work around the size of your head. Hence, I expect you to know your exact head size in order to match your helmet.

Considerations You Need to Make Before Purchasing Best Mountain Bike Helmet - Helmet Size

For comfort to be acquired, this is a priority. Therefore, make keen concentration on it and you will not regret spending your dollar.

iii. Your Budget

Yes, the helmets appear with friendly price tags, but again we are all not the same. Our financial capacities differ. To make a successful purchase, you will need to observe and respect your financial capacity. There is that helmet you can afford and the one you cannot afford. Again, identify your helmet!

iv. Overall Helmet Design

You might want to have a deeper check on the design so as to take a measure of the helmet’s protection power. The reason I put this in the list is because some helmets are designed in a way they cover the back part of your head, which makes it pretty protective. This is the type I would recommend for a serious mountain bike rider.

Having followed the above recommendations, you can be sure of purchasing the helmet you just need.

Final Words

Well, well, well! I am 100% certain that you have all that you need to attain yourself enough protection during your crazy rides. Your confidence while performing acrobatic styles using your mountain bike is one essential factor that determines how successful you become. One thing is for sure that you can never gamble with your health.

A bike will take less than a minute to break your skull if at all the safety riding measures are not observed. The most crucial safety measure is wearing one of the most protective helmets. I just gave you a list of them. Just follow the relevant information and you will land on the right helmet for you.

Talking of the prices, to anyone who was capable of buying a mountain bike, be sure the helmets’ tags are not anything to scare you away. As long as you understand the importance of your head’s protection and value your health. CHOOSE TO PRIORITIES SAFETY!

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