Best Single Speed Mountain Bike Reviews with Buying Guide

Single speed mountain bike is for simplicity and fun cycling. But in order to have the right bike, you should be very keen. To simplify the process for you, here is a feature of the top single speed mountain bikes on the market.

The single speed mountain bike is simple yet it offers a great cycling experience. Single-speed bikes have only one gear and no derailleurs. Therefore, there is a very low possibility of the components breaking. This greatly reduces maintenance costs. They are lightweight, and this makes them ideal for urban riding and commuting. They can also be used for adventures like riding on tough mountain terrains.

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Quick Answer – Best Single Speed Mountain Bike

Best Single Speed Mountain Bike Reviews with Buying Guide

Detail Review of Top Single Speed Mountain Bike

For simplicity, you don’t require a speed mountain bike with many gears. The hassle of shifting gears can be very annoying when navigating cars, curbs, and spotlights. Single-speed bikes are very stylish with just a few cables. These bikes are designed for relaxed and even sports cycling, just to be calm on the streets!

1. Schwinn Protocol Men’s Dual-Suspension

The Schwinn Protocol, 1.0-Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike has 26-inch wheels making it strong as compared to other expensive, high-end bikes. It is relatively cheap and economical.

This single speed bike boast of Shimano EZ-Fire trigger Shifter that offers 24 speeds. You can easily shift the gear without breaking your stride. Slowing down and stopping is ensured by the Pro Max front disk brakes.

Schwinn Protocol is designed for a variety of terrains. If you are riding on relatively rough terrain or smooth commuter streets, this bike will offer the smoothest ride possible. With an aluminum dual-suspension frame and steel rear, you are assured of a smooth ride and easy control of the bike no matter the terrain.

The cutting edge of Schwinn is the alloy high-profile rims that have black bladed spokes. It can accommodate weights of up to 250lbs.

Key Specifications

  • Aluminum Dual-suspension Frame
  • 24 Speeds
  • Pro-Max Front Disc Brakes
  • Shimano EZ-Fire trigger Shifter

Schwinn is a simple bike and that require less maintenance. However, you may take a bit long to assemble the bike. But that doesn’t lower the bike’s quality.


2. Mongoo seMen’s Dolomite, Fat-Boys Tire Cruiser, Bike, Blue, 26 inch

The Mongoose Dolomite is a superb single speed bike with massive tires that provide great stability and grip. This bike can be used for multiple terrains. With 7 speed gear and rear derailleur, Mongoose bike is ideal for powerful climbing.

The handlebars are constructed in a low rise layout for comfort and stability. This single speed mountain bike uses disc breaks for slowing down and powerful stopping force. The Cruiser design frame enables you to conquer any terrain. The design influence comfortable riding positions. The supersized beach frame with plenty of clearance coupled with the 4 ¼ inches knobbed tires will ensure you achieve your cycling desires.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Boys features three-piece cranks and beach cruiser pedals for fast and easy cycling. This bike will always put a smile on your face!

It is sturdy and tough; therefore, you don’t expect to encounter any breakdowns soon. When shipping, most of the components are already fitted. Thus, it requires a few adjustments.

Key Specifications

  • Cruiser design frame
  • 4 1/4″ knobby tires
  • Alloy 4″ wide wheel
  • 7 speed gearing
  • beach cruiser pedals and three piece cranks

When you want a very lightweight bike, Mongoose may not be a perfect choice. But it’s added weight is an advantage, this makes the bike more durable.



3. Diamondback Bicycles, Overdrive Sports Mountain Bike, with 29-Inch Wheels

Diamondback Bicycles is an elegant designed single speed bike with a 29r aluminum frame. The 6061-T6 aluminum frame makes this bike lighter and sturdier for any terrain. You will experience full easy control of this bike due to its lightweight. It is a beautiful bike that comes either in blue or black.

The SL-7, 32h double-walled rims protect the bike from damages. Whether you are a learner or a pro, you will enjoy cycling. If you are speeding, Tektro mechanical disc brakes deliver controlled and abundant stopping.

In fact, you can use this bike for sports! This bike features a full-suspension fork and 29-inch alloy wheels to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on all terrains. These wheels provide an advantage in overcoming obstacles and also for superior speed. The 8 speed Shimano rear gear is perfect for fast riding and control with SLM-310 quick shifters.

Diamondback Bicycles is comfortable with an adjustable padded seat for different riding positions. A simple manual is included to help in the easy assembly of this single speed bike.

Key Specifications

  • Aluminum Frame (6061-T6)
  • Shimano rear gear (8 speeds)
  • Suspension Suntour Forks (10 centimeters of vertical travel)
  • Tektro disc brakes
  • comfortable seat and adjustable padded

Although it is not a high-end bike, Diamondback Bicycle is a single speed mountain bike that is a great deal for its price. It’s comfortable and easy to control.


4. Schwinn Men’s High-Timber, Mountain Bike, Grey, Medium

The Schwinn Men’s High-Timber, Mountain Bike offers an unsurpassed cycling experience. This bike has great SRAM Grip quick shifters for effective and flexibility handling while riding. With these shifters, you can meet your speed desires through quick gear shifting.

This single speed bike has superb stability on any terrain. The large tires ensure comfort and safety even on tough roads.

The quick-release saddle will allow you to adjust heights easily and also take different riding positions. People of different heights can also ride this bike comfortably. Schwinn Men’s High-Timber features efficient, high-quality alloy linear breaks for easy control of the bike and sure stops. No matter your speed, you can smoothly come to a stop. Even in cases of an emergency, you can quickly pull the brakes and they will never let you down!

With an SR Sun tour suspension fork, you are ensured of a controlled ride. The frame also enhances stability when riding.

If you love cycling, then this is a perfect single speed bike that will quench your thirst! You can enjoy easy rides on different terrains like country roads, tough mountains, and even in the smooth city streets.

The High Timber Men’s Schwinn Mountain Bike is an agile, resilient bike that can be easily cycled on a wide variety of terrains due to the large tires that offer stability. This bike offers a smooth ride and easy adjustments. When shipped, it comes with most of the parts assembled so you will have very little to do. Also, your work is made easier by a relatively simple assembly manual.

Key Specifications

  • New Schwinn mountain bike frame with SR-Sun tour, suspension fork
  • 21 speed Shimano gear (rear derailleur)
  • SRAM Grip Shift shifters
  • Alloy linear pull brakes
  • Quick release saddle
  • Grey, steel

This bike is a great value for its price. You will not complain of any breakdowns anytime soon due to its sturdy frame.


Single Speed Mountain Bike Buying Guide

Some single speed mountain bikes may offer a flip-flop rear wheel (a reversible wheel). The rear hub is fixed on both sides; one side offers a fixed sprocket for continuous paddling while the other side offers freewheel. You can simply interchange between the fixed gear and freewheel. Dare I say you can use a single-speed mountain bike for fitness? Yeah! If you decide to switch to freewheel, fast pedaling coupled with a high revolution can be a good fitness exercise.

These bikes are relatively cheaper than mountain bikes with many gears. Thus, the money you save by avoiding costly gear system can go towards better wheels, the frame, and other parts. You can spend a lesser amount and still get a singles speed bike with good specifications.

Though a single speed bike may not be perfect for long cycling trips, you can utilize the single gear for a relatively long distance. some single speed bikes like Diamondback Bicycles can also be used for sports.

If you realize the single speed is not fit for your terrain, you can simply adjust the gear system. Because of the simple design, you can easily adapt the gear ratio/gear inches. The gear inches can be increased by installing a larger chainset.

i. How to Choose and Maintain Single Speed Bike?

In this post, we shall cover in-depth details on the following topics. Make you’re riding simple and more enjoyable!

Single-speed mountain bikes are very versatile. You can use this bike to commute, for general fitness, sports, and even to explore the mountains terrains with your friends. Do you know a single speed bike is good for you? Below, we have a detailed guide that will assist you to make a choice.

There are aspects that you should understand about yourself first before you decide on the best single speed bike.

  • Know your preference and taste
  • Know your terrain
  • Understand your budget
  • Preference and taste

This is the general self-feeling towards different single speed bikes. You may be in love with a particular color, shape, or even a model. You want to satisfy your feelings! When you are purchasing a bike, this may be some guiding factors.

a. Terrain

The terrain is the most important factor when you are buying a single speed bike. You can’t purchase a bike that will not be able to suit your environment. A bike that is specifically designed for smooth urban streets may not be suitable for mountain terrain. The best idea is to purchase a bike that will be perfect for various terrains. Some modern mountain bikes have been designed with all-terrain tires.

b. Budget

When you plan to purchase a single speed bike, you have to consider your budget. But with many options available, a budget should not worry you. You can be able to get a good bike even with a small budget. Single speed bikes come at low prices; therefore, if you have some cash left in your budget, you can buy high-end pedals, seats, and other components.

ii. What should you consider in a single speed mountain bike?

  • The Frame Material
  • Mountain Bike Frame Materials

A frame is the bike’s body! It is the principal part of the single speed bike because all other components are attached to it. The frame determines a bike’s cost, weight, durability, strength and riding experience. There are different materials used in the manufacture of bike frames.

a. Aluminum alloy is the widely used frame material for single speed bikes. Some high-end bike models have lightweight aluminum frames. However, high competition has seen some manufacturers design cheap, lightweight aluminum frame bikes.

b. Steel, titanium, and carbon fiber are also used in the manufacture of bike frames. Carbon fiber is used in high-end single speed mountain bikes because it is lightweight and strong. Bikes made of carbon fiber are expensive due to the labor-intensive manufacturing process. Steel is very tough, cheap, but the main disadvantage is weight. If you want, lightweight bike steel may not be your choice. Titanium combines all the advantages of carbon fiber and steel. It is very strong and light. However, titanium is very expensive.

Based on the above frame materials, you will choose a bike, according to your budget and riding needs. City commuting and mountain climbing require a lightweight bike; thus, you may consider aluminum alloy or titanium. If you want a single speed bike for general uses, then steel may be a perfect choice.

iii. Full Suspension or Hardtail

When you want to purchase a single speed bike, you will have a choice between a full-suspension and a hardtail. Let’s look at each!

a. Hardtail: Hardtail single speed bikes feature a suspension fork fitted to the front wheel only. The suspension is ensured by the wound steel coil spring. The front suspension greatly minimizes arm and hands exhaustion. It is also ideal for rough terrains as it improves control and steering. Some bikes have light and adjustable air-sprung forks.

If you want a cheap, single speed bike for multiple uses, and a bike for quality riding experience then consider hardtail. These bikes are also mechanically simpler to maintain.

b. Full-Suspension: These are single speed mountain bikes with both wheels suspended. The front-wheel utilizes the same suspension mechanism as in hardtail. The rear wheel uses a pivoting frame for suspension. It is fixed to the pivoting frame and a rear shock-absorber.

Full-suspension bikes are a bit expensive and heavyweight. However, these single speed bikes are more comfortable and highly minimize fatigue while cycling. They also give you a higher speed on rough terrains.

If you want high-speed cycling on tough terrains, more control, comfort while riding, and a quality bike worth the cost, then full-suspension single speed bike will be your perfect choice.

iv. Wheel Size

Single speed bikes come in different wheel sizes. 26 Inch Wheels At the beginning, all-mountain bikes were designed with 26-inch wheels and it is still popular today. Other wheel sizes include 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. 29 Inch Wheels These wheels have a larger diameter, more rubber, and large rim, and thus, heavier. These bikes are slower. But the large ground contact area ensures more grip and there are also fewer chances of sliding.

If you are tall and want a more controllable bike with less speed, this is your choice. 27.5 Inch Wheels These wheels lie perfectly between 26, 29, 27.5-inch wheels. They combine the best aspect of the former wheels. They are lighter and can easily roll over obstacles. 27.5 wheels are faster than 29 inches and maneuverable like 26-inch wheels. They are ideal wheels for shorter riders. If you want to enjoy both benefits of 26inch and 29inch wheels, then your choice lies here! 24 Inch Wheels These wheels are designed for children. They comfortably accommodate the children’s height. They are also less costly as compared to the others.

v. Brakes

A single speed bike can have either a disc or rim brakes. Disc brakes are directly connected to the wheel hub through brake rotor. We have hydraulic and a cable activated disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes are self-adjusting as the pads wear and offer strong braking with less effort. While cable activated brakes require manual adjustments as the pads wear. This braking system is less costly to replace and also very consistent in braking. However, it is difficult to monitor the pads wear.

Rim brakes have pads that are attached to the wheel rims. This braking system is affordable and easy to monitor and replace worn pads. They may not be as powerful as disc brakes and they also require more finger effort for effective slowing and stopping. Brakes, wheel size, frame material, and Full Suspension or Hardtail are the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a single speed mountain bike.

How to Maintain Speed of Mountain Bike?

Your bike is very important and therefore, you should maintain it all cost. Here are some tips to help you.

Use general soap, a towel or sponge and a brush (old toothbrush may do) to clean all parts of the bike. The components that need regular cleaning include the frame, cassette, derailleurs, paddles, chainrings, and the seat. Also, grease the movable parts after cleaning if necessary.

i. Constantly check the brakes

Brakes are very vital because they enable you to control the bike’s speed. Ignoring the brakes can lead to injuries.

Always inspect the breaks for wear and replace any worn-out brake pads. You may only be required to replace the excessively worn out brake pads.

ii. Make sure your wheels are in place

Wheels hold tires and provide smoothness and stability while cycling. Always avoid wobbling by elevating your bike. Make sure your wheels don’t rub against the brakes. Replace damaged and dented wheels.

iii. Inspect and fine-tune the drivetrain

This includes the pedals, chainring, chain, and the rear wheel cassette. The drivetrain is the system that transfers the power from your legs to the rear wheel thus, initiating movement.

iv. Check both the rear and front tires

Tires provide traction with the ground. They allow smooth travel over a variety of terrains. Since tires act as a cushion, they are exposed to a lot of friction and ground objects.

Make sure to have ideal pressure in your tires. The pressure may vary with bike model and also the terrain. Check for cracks and burst in your tires. Always change tubes that are in bad condition to prevent accidents and injuries.

v. Inspect and fix your cables

Cables may be oil caged in a plastic housing or coiled metal wire. Some cables are connected to the shifters, brakes, and brake pads. They aid in gear changing and applying brakes to your single speed bike.

Check the cables for rust, dirt, and looseness. Cables that can’t be fixed require replacement.

vi. Lubricate the movable parts of your bike

Lubrication is required on the chain and some components of the drivetrain. This makes the parts work efficiently and increases durability. Oil is also a good coat that prevents dirt from accumulating on the bike’s components.

Lubricate those parts frequently

If you keenly follow the above tips, you will amazingly increase your bike’s life and enjoy more comfortable riding.


The above single speed mountain bikes are perfect for travels of even up to 15 KM. If you are a city dweller or not, you will not lack a choice. Always consider the brakes, seat, shifters, frame, and handles of a bike before making a purchase. An expensive bike may not necessarily be an equivalent of its quality, therefore don’t consider price alone.

Grab one of the above bikes and enjoy the ride!

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