How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike Frames?

Not many of you may be aware of certain things that form the essentials of a mountain bike. One of the main aspects you would have to consider would be the right frame for the mountain bike.

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mountain bike frames

We look at the things you would have to consider in selecting the right frame for your mountain bike.

Size Matters

Selecting the right size of the frame should be the foremost thing that you would have to look at. Ideally, you can say that the mountain bike is of the right size for you if the top tube has a three-finger gap between your groin and the tube.

This would ensure that you have the required stability when you bring your bike to a stop with your feet flat on the ground. Some mountain bikes do not come with the top tube. In these cases, you can look to be able to sit on the seat and be able to have your feet flat on the ground.


The weight of the frame makes up for most of the mountain bike’s weight. To have supreme maneuverability and control of the bike, you must get a lightweight frame.

This frame should include a suspension and other parts that come along with it. You can choose a frame that is about 13kgs or a little over it which would mean it is around 30 pounds.

Frames that are too heavy may put more stress on your body that you might not ideally want. It would end up making your ride less enjoyable and more tasking.


Steel is considered to be the most durable metal that a frame can be made of. However, you can choose between titanium, carbon fiber, and aluminum depending on your budget.

Choosing steel over other options is recommended if you are hoping to use the bike on rough terrains. This is because it provides you with a smoother ride and can be easy on your shoulders and wrists. It is relatively compatible if you are choosing to use it for multi-purpose like both off-road biking and city rides.


The pricing of the mountain bike frame depends on all of the above-mentioned factors. You can purchase a one that is of the lower end for as less as $300. However, high-end mountain bike frames can go upward of $1000.

The mid or high-end frames are more durable and also provide you the kind of stylish looks that you wish to have. If you do not want stylish looks, then you can settle for something that comes between $300 – $1000.

It would essentially provide you with the durability that you look for. You can also expect a little bit of style quotient that comes along with the frames that belong to the ones that are priced in the mid-range.

So, if you can look at all these aspects before buying a mountain bike frame you would have what you want in your mountain bike. Always remember that these features form the core requirements that you ought to look out for in the frame of a mountain bike.

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