Conquer the Technical Uphill

Technical Climb Skills is as essential as Downhill skills. Just like climbing down a technical route with your mountain bike, getting on top of the mountain needs special techniques. Though both require choosing the right line, fast reflex, speed, balance and power coordination; the technical uphill skill attribute is completely different.

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Conquer the Technical Uphill | Mountain Bikes Lab

Conquering a technical downhill and uphill line is not easy, most of the time, they require quite a few attempts to get to the top or down the hill without getting down your mountain bike and walking.

Conquer the Technical Uphill

The key is to get the right line, balance and speed but it is not easy So here are some tips to assist you to get on top of the mountain.

Get the Right Line

Getting to the right line is as important as every skill that you need to apply in every section of the trail; So plan your every move, look around and see parts of the trail that will make your ascent safer and easier.

Don’t just avoid sharp rocks and slippery surfaces, remember where they are because more probably you will need another attempt to conquer the trail (you will more likely remember those obstacles more, where you slipped out or stalled).

Choose the Right Gear

It’s difficult to change your gear on your way up, so keep in mind to choose the right gear and pace before climbing. Some trail will require you to start slow and steady pedaling in a very low gear, while others you will need a burst of speed to get a momentum.

Experiment which one is needed in every section of the track, both needs delivering smooth power on the pedal.

Use Your Body Weight

Its easier to climb up in a low gear, so if you are in the granny gear, keep your body weight on your bike by staying seated, this will let your tire gripping the trail. You might need to stand up if your climb is short and you started fast. Standing up or sitting down will all be base on your speed and the gear you have chosen. Head off fatal injuries by keeping your shoulders low when doing both these tricks.

Also, it is not just through pedaling that moves the mountain bike, hurl yourself forward in desperate situations that require extra forward momentum. Keep in mind that if you need to do it again, get back seat, so you can apply some weight on the rear wheel again, and then reapply the technique. This requires right timing, so look forward, compose yourself then exert power.

Keep Trying

Though the main target is to reach the top, don’t just focus on it. Conquer the technical climb safely and without wearing out yourself completely, remember that after getting up, you need to get down.

Like what I have said steep trail climbs need right speed, great balance and power coordination which are really hard to master, so do not beat yourself up if you were not able to get to the top after some tries.

If you think you can’t make it to the top with you on your bike, get off and walk, or go back down and try again another time, there is no shame in it.

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