Cycle the Beauty of the American Southwest

A lot of the old western movies were filmed amid the spectacular landscapes of the American Southwest. In more recent years, it’s become recognized that some of the most scenic and challenging terrains for bicycle riding is available all over this region.

Some of the areas are especially inviting from the cyclist’s point of view, particularly if you’re into mountain biking. The article that follows highlights some of those locations to keep in mind as you plan a cycling holiday. Read on for some details.

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Explore the Picturesque Beauty of the American Southwest

Have you ever been to the American Southwest? If so then you have realized that the cinematic beauty often associated with the Southwest is even more beautiful in person. It is a fantastic area to spend the day riding your bike. Check out these hot spots and try to disagree.

Cycle the Beauty of the American Southwest

The Bell Rock Pathway outside Oak Creek, Arizona is often filled with many riders. Its popularity, though not unfounded, is something to keep in mind. There are multiple trails designed to suit different skill levels, so you can surely find something that will work. What makes these trails so great are the historic spots along the way. Lee Mountain, Courthouse Butte, Wild Horse Mesa, Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock are all reasons to keep on pedaling. The trail is only a little over 3 and a half miles, but its popularity is unmatched.

Cedro Peak, near Albuquerque, New Mexico, is an awesome place for those of you with intermediate biking skills. There are some tough rocky climbs so you want to make sure you are fit before tackling these trails. The climb is well worth it, at 5900 feet above sea level the views are breathtaking.

If happen to be near Bridgeland, Utah in the springtime you have to check out the Beaver Creek-Logan Canyon Train. The meadows are sprinkled with beautiful wildflowers, it makes you think of that scene from the Wizard of Oz. The 26 mile looped trail is built for a casual ride, so beginners are more than welcome here. Campgrounds are very close, so I recommend spending a day or two cruising around this beautiful area of Utah.

Few places can match the beauty of Lake Tahoe. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe shares ownership between Nevada and California. The Star Lake Bike Trail is truly meant for the advanced bike rider. Though only 16 miles long, it is very steep in certain spots. The Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe are truly rewarding for the cyclists who make the steep climb. If you feel the steep climb will be too much, there is a turnaround area at the four-mile mark.

Not far from Tahoe, but down in the valley on the California side is the town of Redding and the French Gulch Run. This is a remote area and is ideal for the adventure seeker with some experience. The Gulch has over 100 miles of bike trails with some steep area, but the remoteness is what you need to worry about. Weather changes quickly in this part of the country, so you need to make sure you go out prepared.

The skylines and landscapes of the American Southwest are among the most beautiful in the world. Seen from the saddle of your bike after a good, long ride makes them even prettier. Some of these trails are popular but its hard to feel closed in because of the big skies and open outdoors of the southwest. If you have been, go back, if not, make sure you get the chance, you won’t regret it.

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