Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike Review

The Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike are perfect for shoppers looking for affordable flat tire cycling options. Fast biking is rapidly increasing in popularity within the past few years. What once began as a sporting pastime when going for an off-road snow or sand trail adventure has now gone mainstream. Fat bikes can be spotted everywhere nowadays.

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Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike Review with Detail Features

Diamondback deiced to get some of the action when they entered into the fat bike scene. The El Oso Grande (meaning The Big Bear) has become their flagship mid-range bike. The El Oso mountain bike is a ride-anywhere-while-at-ease bike of choice. You can count on its performance all year round whatever the season. Once inflated the large tires are more in contact with the ground than other bikes, increasing the amount of traction. A rider can also ride over mud, snowy or sandy surfaces provided they reduce the air pressure within the tire by the right amount. Other features of Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike Review are:

Sturdy Build & Construction

The El Oso has comprised of a custom-set rigid aluminum frame with a top-down tube accompanied by a 1.5-inch head tube. The purpose of this adjustments is to accommodate its lightweight frame. The Diamondback has been able to shed off some weight by allowing its fat tires allow the damping. The back frame allows a large clearance which can accommodate a tire. On its front is a custom alloy fork on a 1.5-inch taper connected to an axle.

Great Performance

The Big Bear is powered by the SRAM X5 groupsets. In as much as it’s not the best drivetrain model, it delivers. In most cases, this bike acts as the perfect introduction customers have to the fat biking world. Especially for off-road adventures on semi-regular basis till you earn an upgrade. Regarding gearing the El Oso Grande is equipped with an FSA Comet Mega 36/32T crank that has been paired with a Shimano HG50 cassette. It also contains alloy paddles laden with molded traction pins not forgetting the Race saddle.

Great Frame

A closer glance at the El Oso Grande reveals and you notice the custom-butted aluminum frame connected to hydroformed tubing. The riding experience is smooth despite its unusually big breast. Diamondback have gone to great lengths to ensure they maintain the weight of this bike at a minimum. The big tires and wheels help a lot in redistributing hence reducing its weight. Made from an aluminum frame, all users are guaranteed the perfect strength to weight ratio. This is very important for the structural integrity of the mountain bike.

What Is The Right Size?

According to the bikes manufacturers, you can opt for the small, medium or large sized bikes. The difference in the size of the tires directly relates with the level of traction hence performance. Several people who have tried out the five-inch tires never want to go back to a smaller version. When off-road (snow, sand and mud) the 5-inch tires are the best. When on the road there isn’t much of a difference provided you set the right air pressure.

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  • Quality machine provided by a reliable market brand.
  • Incredible list of specs.
  • Can withstand most terrains
  • It has an appealing frame
  • Proportional strength to weight ratio.


  • In as much as the bike arrives with alloy paddles, some riders find them too bulky and instead custom-fitted their preferred options.
  • Unfortunately, not all bike riders are avid fans of its Race M-series saddle, so they opt to change it to whatever they prefer. It’s quite easy changing it, so it’s really not an issue of concern.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: If it arrives as damaged can it be sent back to the factory?

A: Yes, all products arrive with a warranty.

Q: What is the most suitable bike for use?

A: The sizes are usually based on the stand over height and seat tube height. They are distinguished by a few inches, so the difference is not too great. Compare this dimensions and pick the one that will suit you best.

Final Verdict and Price

Going for less than 2000 dollars mountain bikes, the El Oso Bike just set a great price for you to begin your entry into the fat tire bike universe. This sturdy machine arrives with a complete kit list. When shopping for the bike ensure that you only purchase an option that arrives as a complete package. The drive train is incredible and so is the riding experience. Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike Review sums this up as a machine that ensures you enjoy a ride without limitations.

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