Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike Review

While looking for the ideal mountain bike, it is always advisable to go for the bike with durability and enhanced performance. You will need to ensure that the bike you choose suits your needs perfectly. This is regardless of whether you are looking for a bike for fitness exercises purposes or you just need a bike for transportation purposes. The Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike will provide you with almost every feature you might be looking for a mountain bike.

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Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike Review with Detail Features

Most people who buy this bike use it for exploring outdoor sceneries. This is facilitated by the fact that it is designed in a way that it can easily tackle even rough terrains. It is also created in a way that one gets to control its performance and speed, therefore, letting you enjoy riding the bike more. Here is a detailed and informative Diamondback Sorrento HardTail Complete Mountain Bike review.


This particular mountain bike provides you with enhanced performance. This is facilitated by the Shimano seven speeds and shifter. One can easily shift the speeds, therefore, controlling the effort used to ride the bike. While going uphill, one can put on the speed that will make it easier to peddle. This is a beneficial feature for one does not have to use a lot of energy riding the bike. One can also ride for hours without necessarily getting over fatigued. By changing the speeds, one gets an opportunity to go even uphill without necessarily getting off the bike.


This modern mountain bike is made using 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy frame. This particular frame is both durable and strong. The bike can accommodate people of different sizes without getting damaged. The frame is also strong which means it does not easily get damaged even after coming into contact with tough conditions. Because of this, you can be able to save more, and you also know that you will use your bike for longer periods. You get peace of mind since you know you can rely on the bike and you also save money for you do not need to buy a new bike now and then.

Convenience in usage

This Diamondback mountain bike is fitted with modern options which are easy to adjust. Some of the primary options include the linear brakes which make it simple to control the bike. This also enhances safety for one can stop the bike urgently in case of an emergency. Safety is further enhanced by the tough wheels which grip the ground firmly. The bike also comes with replaceable derailleur hanger. The fact that the hanger is replaceable gives you the freedom to use a new hanger whenever you need it.


The dimensions of this bike are 8.7 inches by 29.2 inches by 53.8 inches, and the wheels size is 27.5 inches. This qualified the bike to be rated as the medium since it is not very big and not very small. The size of this bike allows people of different sizes to ride it comfortably. Even though the bike has many features, it is very light where when packed it is just 41.2 pounds. Because of this, you can easily and conveniently carry the bike from one place to the other. You can also store the bike almost anywhere even at the back of your vehicle as it doesn’t take a lot of space.


Maintaining this Sorrento Hardtail bike is simple, and you can easily do it. This is because the bike does not get damaged easily for it is tough. One just needs to clean it regularly to remove the dirt that might cause damages. Cleaning is simple, and one can do it using just soap and water. Moreover, the spare parts of this mountain bike are readily available from different stores. All that you need is to know the places to buy the right components which will provide you with enhanced performance.

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  • Assembling this mountain bike is simple since it comes with all the components
  • Aluminum frame on the bike allows it to last for long without getting damaged and also reduces its total weight
  • There are strong brake pads which can stop the bike instantly if need be
  • The bike has a warranty which assures the buyers that they are buying a quality product
  • Size of the bike allows it usable by people of different sizes without struggling


  • Some of the parts might produce noises if they are not fastened properly such as the shaft
  • There are some components besides the frame which might rust if they come into contact with water
  • Even though it is simple to assemble one needs extra tools to effectively do the assembly

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. Is this bike ideal for beginners?

A. This particular bike can be used by both experienced riders and beginners for it is easy to control.

Q. Does one need to wear safety gear while riding?

A. It is always advisable to wear safety gear for it provides ample protection in case of an accident.

Q. From where does one change the speeds?

A. The speeds can easily and conveniently be changed from the handle without losing concentration.


As described in this Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike review it is evident that this particular mountain bike has superior features. The modern design is in a way that the bike provides optimum comfort to all the users. You can tour on this bike for hours without necessarily worrying about comfort. You can also be assured that you will not need to look for a replacement bike anytime soon for this bike is very durable. The aluminum frame plays an important role in making sure that the bike is not just tough, but it is also light.

The very effective brakes play an important role in enhancing safety and also making riding the bike more convenient. To ensure you get full control of the bike, there are seven different speeds which you can choose depending on your preference or the kind of terrain you are riding on. Furthermore, in case the bike gets damaged you can easily get the spare parts from different places. Therefore, even if there several issues regarding this bike, it is evident that the Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike is superior when it comes to performance and convenient in use. This mountain bike is under 1000 dollars and you are guaranteed quality worth your money.

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