DR.GYMlee 350 Watt 26 Inch Electric Mountain Bike Review

Electric bikes are taking the mountain biking market by storm. There’s no denying it. Every company is looking to take a piece of the pie and mass production is in session. When looking for a great quality bike that’s packed with many different features, the DR.GYMlee is a great start. You’d be pleased to know that you’ll get a confident and fun run ride from this bike. 

What to Make of the DR. GYMlee MTB?

The DR. GYMlee mountain bike comes equipped with a digital LCD display that tracks real-time distance, speed, battery status, and time. I love this feature cause I never really have to worried about the bike dying on me as I always make sure to prepare in advance before taking it on a long ride. The LCD display also has information such as pedal assist levels, working current and current voltage. 

The Bike’s Tech

Now what’s a electric bike good if it’s battery and motor aren’t top notch. Luckily, for the DR. GYMlee the battery and motor live up to its hype. This bike comes equipped with a 36V 10.4Ah lithium battery. When on electric mode, I’ve ridden this bike up to 25 miles and some per full charge. One pedal assist, this bike can reach up to 50 miles. And the charging is great, with only about 5-6 hours for a fill charged battery. There is one thing I wish was a little better and that would be the max speed for this bike. At max speed, this bike hits 20 mph with the 350W motor. However, there is a super boost that kicks in once the motor is activated that makes the bike much faster. 

Another great piece of tech this bike comes equipped with is the dual disc brakes. They’re very durable and the response time in them is almost unmatched. This is great because I know I’ll always be able to enjoy a safe and worry free ride when I’m on the DR. GYMlee. A very solid and stable feature that you’ll not is right away. 

A mountain bike is truly nothing without a great shifting and derailleur system. The DR. GYMlee has a reliable 21-speed Shimano derailleur with a lot of options for gears for climbing. It’s a simple shift by simply turning your thumb in the handlebar shifter and the gears will change smoothly. This feature is always great for my rides as I always play around with them to help make my ride the most comfortable and give me the most ideal ride. Whether I’m going uphill or downhill, the gears play a big part of how much I’ll truly enjoy the ride. 

Other key features

The DR. GYMlee 350 watt 26 inch mountain e-bike’s frame fully encases the bikes unique and powerful battery. The bike’s battery runs in lithium which is more stable and efficient than other batteries in the market. It gives the bike a higher energy intensity which is very noticeable. And best part is the built in battery design gives the bike a sleek look wherever you go.

The DR. GYMlee’s chain is manufactured nicely where it won’t ever come or ever get stuck. The bike has two shifters on the handlebars, the left shifter changes the front gears while the right shifter will shift the rear gears. I recommend to only change gears while riding as it can harm the bike if you change it while idle. 

This bike comes 80% pre-assembled, making it very easy to finish setting up when receiving the bike. I would recommend to watch a quick YouTube video to finish assembling the remaining features. 

After doing more research and test riding on the DR. GYMlee, I’ve found that it is water resistant (IPX5), has 26 inch anti skid spoke tires, anti skid aluminum alloy foot pedals, a unique bike serial number and rubber handlebars. This bike has a durable horn and headlights, front and rear fenders that are made from durable ABS. It’s really a gesat bike that’s worth the price. 


The DR. GYMlee 350 watt 26 inch Electric Mountain bike offers a whole host of advantages that are really worth the price you’ll pay for this bike. As a rider and tester of this bike, I truly loved how many different features I could utilize with this bike. From its LCD display, easy to operate handlebars, 21-speed Shimano shifters, very responsive dual disc brakes, and the high strength gear chain there’s really a lot to love about this bike. And once the 350 Watt motor kicks in, you’ll really feel the bike’s strength and speed no matter what condition you ride it in. Combined with a 36V lithium battery and a very comfortable height adjustable seat, the front suspension fork ensures you a smooth, lasting, balanced ride that will give you control the whole time you ride.  


What is the maximum weight capacity for the DR. GYMlee electric mountain bike?

The max weight capacity that we recommend for this bike is 331 pounds. 


What is the material of the frame for the DR. GYMlee electric mountain bike?

The DR. GYMlee mountain e-bike’s frame is made of carbon steel. 


What are the dimensions for theDR. GYMlee electric mountain bike?

The DR. GYMlee mountain e-bike has a 41 inch height and a 68.5 inch length. 


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