Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

When looking for the ideal affordable electric bike, it’s hard  to find a better built one than the Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike at this price point. You’ll find that the Ecotric, the brand which has built some of the best fat tire e-bikes with features, build, and power, have created the Bison, an e-bike that would usually go for double its cost. 

Ecotric Bison Review

Ecotric Bison Review


When testing out the Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric MTB, we were just astonished at how well of an off-road performance bike this is. Cyclists will be so pleased with this bike’s durability combined with the speed it can take you. Here are some of this bike’s advantages which make it one of the better Ecotric e-bikes on the market. 

Ease of Use

Something that our team loved and couldn’t get enough of is how easy this bike was to ride. At first glance, this bike looks big and heavy making it not the most ideal pick for off-roading. However, after test driving this bike, it’s Rub Hub 48V 1000 Watts electric motor really gives it that boost and controllability that every rider is seeking. Ecotric electric mountain bikes are known to be a great choice for riders just learning their way around mountain biking. This bike comes equipped with Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttles giving you great support when riding down fast trails. With it’s electric motor and easy-to-use pedals, it won’t take much to get this bike out on the trails and riding. More experienced riders have also grown fond of this bike as the boost you get from the motor really enhances this bike’s performance when riding through long, bumpy trails. Your ideal ride will come from dirt biking and casual riding with the Bison Fat Tire Electric MTB as this bike will please you on outdoor activities especially for its price. 


One of the most noticeable features of the Bison Fat Tire Electric MTB is it’s high performance. You’ll be astonished at just how easily this bike can cruise over mud, sand and even snow. You’ll feel no pushback when riding this bike through tough terrains and bumpy trails. The Ecotric electric bikes come equipped with the Shimano 7 gears which are  known to give you a nice cruise down roads and highways to ensure the most comfortable ride. These fat tire bikes offer the absolute best traction on almost any terrain or surface. You can be assured that the grip of the tires and ease of control will only add to this bike’s performance when riding through any terrain out there. 

Off-Roading Functionalities 

The Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike can handle nearly any off-road terrain out there. From mud to sand, and snow to even ice, this bike’s 26 x 4.8’ tires coupled with it’s strong electric engine makes off-roading terrains seem like a breeze. The Ecotric’s off-roading capabilities is the reason why this brand is growing in such high demand. If you enjoy riding through rough, bumpy trails and hills then this bike is the right bike for you. You’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth with how the Bison Fat Tire Electric MTB is built and the materials used to construct it.


Ecotric Bison Review



The last component that stood out for us on the Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric MTB is it’s safety features. This Fat Tire e-bike has great Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotors that will ensure the safety of the rider. WIth front and rear brakes, 180mm in size, you can be confident that you can come to a fast and safe halt if needed when riding down troublesome terrains. This bike’s safety features ensure your safety when riding and guarantee that you can ride this bike feeling comfortable knowing you won’t face any harm. Riding any and all types of terrains becomes second nature to the Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike, whether looking for a nice cruise along the beach or taking on extreme trails on a hilly mountainside.


At mountain bikes lab, we’ve seen and reviewed many fat tire bikes on the market, and have really found some good ones, but like all bikes on the market, there is no such thing as the perfect bike. The Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is no exception. Here are some of the cons we’ve found when it comes to this Exotric Fat Tire MTB:

Replacement Parts

After fixing up and test driving the Ecotric Bison Electric Mountain Bike, we realized this bike’s expensive yet unique replacement parts. The problem we found with this bike is that finding spare parts might be a bit tricky. After some research, we’ve found that there are only a few dealers across the country which ultimately yields you as the rider to pay high maintenance costs. Something to keep in mind when purchasing an electric mountain bike is the high costs for the bike itself and the maintenance that will come with it. 


That brings me to my next con for this bike which is it’s cost. Compared to other electric mountain bikes, the Ecotric Bison E-bike is a steal for what you’re getting out of it and what you’ll be paying. However, even with this great price this bike is not a bike that you’ll see out on the streets everyday. It will cost you quite some change and you will be spending some more money on top of that if any issues were to occur. Regardless of the upfront cost, we feel this bike is 100% worth it due to its features. With its rugged design and aluminum alloy frame that can withstand almost any terrain and offer you a high-end performance, this bike is definitely worth the money. The Ecotric BisonE-bike will also last longer giving you a good return on your investment. 


When looking for a solid choice in the electric mountain bikes market, the Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is really a no brainer. The Ecotric brand prides itself in building some of the best off road e-bikes out there and this Bison e-bike is no expectation. With its high quality materials, excellent traction, fat tires, and robust design this bike will give the rider an easy time if they are just getting acquainted with this outdoor extreme sport. You’ll be easily able to cruise through snow, sand and mud with little effort. This mountain e-bike has an electric motor that will make you feel like you’re flying down any terrain. You’ll definitely be pleased with your investment due to the Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike’s high performance, power, sleek design, and high quality specifications. 


How much does the Ecotric Bison Electric Mountain Bike weigh with the battery?

The Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike weighs about 80 lbs with its battery.

What is the weight capacity for the Ecotric Bison Mountain Bike?

Ecotric recommends that the weight capacity for the Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike not exceed 265 lbs. 

How long is the charging time and battery life for the Ecotric Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike?

The Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike’s battery takes about 6 – 8 hours to fully charge and will last about 400 – 600 cycles depending on the terrain it’s ridden on. 

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