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We know you are a cyclist by heart; you want to be out on the road like the warrior you are, defeating steep inclines, slaying your speed record and killing your ideas of personal limitations. Sometimes life gets in the way; a vacation lands you in unfamiliar territory. Your favorite route has lost its luster or you are frustrated because you can’t get a clear read on speed or distance.

This leads you to be less passionate about your passion, but hopefully, this Garmin Edge 1000 review will help you replace your woe with wonder and solve your problem so you can get back to what really matter, shaving another 7 seconds off your mile time.

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Garmin Edge 1000 Review with Detail Features

When you replace an all in one device like a smartphone with a personal bicycle computer what you are going to get is a device as focused on the task at hand as you are. Focused features and pinpointed upgrades from previous models promise the best ride you can manage, every day.

A New Look

The most notable upgrade Garmin makes with the Edge 1000 is the screen and display. A touch sensitive screen that works with your gloves on makes changing screens quick and easy even in the rain, no more stopping to struggle with it at every stop light. Screen resolution is much greater and the self-adjusting backlight makes visibility easy even on changing twilight and dawn rides.


Go wild! Get lost, literally and figuratively, with confidence. Fall in love with a new route or explore new areas. Garmin routes you through bicycle friendly roads so you can relax on the road and get your best results. Invigorate your senses with fresh sights, sounds and smells and renew your motivation. All of these features in

Long Distance Racing

Race for best time against the pros, cyclists around the world and even your own record in real time. Improve your time on a regular route or push yourself to the limits by putting your stats and times against the professionals, tracked by an interval.

Smart Notifications

Never miss a thing! Text from a loved one or call from work never second guess, fit in your route whenever you want and never worry about the upcoming party, lunch or conference call you won’t miss it, you can set up a reminder.

Front Mount

Mount your mini computer on your handlebars and have access to GPS, your maps, stats and phone notifications all at your fingertips without worrying about your phone, your phone’s screen, your pictures or contacts. A fully independent computer, you don’t need to be synced to your phone or have cell phone service to link up to you GPS maps and monitors.

Snap on Speed and Cadence Monitors

Ditch the pesky magnets with snap on monitors to track your pace. One less thing one your mind while all you can hear in your head is BREATHE, PUSH, BREATHE, PUSH. Check your speed and push to your limits the way you are supposed to.

Chest Strap Monitors

Track your heart rate and burn zone. Strap up and forget about it until you are ready to review your progress on screen keeping in the right pace to boost your endurance or take it slow to recover for that last big push.

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  • Runs on its own power no need to connect with your phone or have service.
  • Heart rate, speed and cadence monitors track everything you could want to know about yourself
    While GPS tracks your route and time
  • Bike friendly routing
  • Many tiered reports for everything you could want to know about your ride
  • Race pros, your friends, yourself and strangers
  • Rain, snow or sweat Garmin stays functioning with water resistant design


  • Highly specific functions
  • Since money is an object the price tag goes here
  • The Questions

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What maps come installed on the device?

A: North American or European maps come installed on the device depending on what version you buy, but other packages are available to download for the device.

Q: What sets the Performance Bundle apart from the base model?

A: In the Performance bundle, you also get the heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensors, while the base model comes with the minicomputer and arm.

Q: Can you read it with glasses on?

A: Yes, the screen is easily readable with sunglasses on.

Final Verdict

Easily the Garmin Edge 1000, is the most advanced and compatible device for the hardcore cyclist, whether at home or away a cyclist can fall back in love with the sport with the right companion. Exceptional value with the ability to open up a whole new world of routes.

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