Mongoose Detour Full Suspension Bicycle Review

Riding a bike is entertaining and a stress-free way to keep fit. Be it hardcore riding or normal daily commute a bicycle can come in handy in lots of different situations. For people more bent on having a sturdy bike that can be used for both daily city riding and also occasional entertainment riding on the outskirts of the city, The Detour Full suspension bicycle from Mongoose can be an excellent choice. This not only is a well-built mountain bike but also offers great comfort for extended rides. This Mongoose Detour Full Suspension Bicycle review will shine light on the built and features of the bike to let users decide.

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Mongoose Detour Full Suspension Bicycle Review with Detail Features

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Full Suspension Aluminum Frame

The aluminum framing means that the bike is ready to take some amount of abuse since the aluminum frame is more durable and sturdy than other type of metal alloy frames in use. Also, the aluminum body is completely supported by both front and rear suspension. This adds to great comfort enhancement for a user. The front “Element” suspension fork offers great absorption of bumps and ditches along the road keeping the performance of the bike uncompromised. The dual suspension feature also makes sure that long rides are carried out with great comfort no matter the nature of the terrain.

21 Speed Shimano Gears

The 21-speed shimano gears ensure that the Mongoose Detour full suspension bicycle rider has a lot of options when it comes to speed control. Having lots of gear settings also render new possibilities of bike usage such as using the bike for exercising purpose, yet not risking high speeds. These apart, gears help in fine tuning a rider’s control over different speed and balance setting which is very useful in rough terrain riding. The Mongoose Detour is equipped with micro shift triggers that can easily and swiftly handle gear changes on the 21 speed Shimano derailleurs.

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Front Disc Brake and Rear Linear Brakes

While riding, be it any vehicle, safety is the foremost thing one should look out for. The Detour comes enabled with both types of braking mechanism in place. The front wheel is equipped with disc brakes while the rear wheel enjoys the safety of linear pull brakes. The hybrid brake system is effective than single type brake systems in case of maintenance if the user is not skillful on maintaining disc brakes. Disc brakes are tricky to tune up and maintain than linear brakes.

Quick Release System Wheels

The quick release system is made up of a steel backbone and an aluminum lever. It offers great strength to the wheels by being resistant against wear, tear, pressure and rusting. That means that the wheels of the Detour are sturdy enough and up to take some amount of rough usage. This is important and often overlooked factor by beginners. The results of using the wheels in place of other types vary greatly and this is one of the best systems in use today.

26 inch Wheel Size

The 26-inch wheel size of the Mongoose Detour Full Suspension Bicycle may not look great on paper but in design aspect it fits perfectly with the bike’s portfolio. Other than that, it offers great performance too. It is observed that, with bigger wheels, control ability is compromised heavily especially when one is riding at high speed on rough terrains. With smaller wheels, picking up speed is not efficient. So, the best thing would be to settle for something in between. That is why this wheel size is the choice of most mountain bikers.

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  • The sturdy body is made up of aluminum frame which renders great strength and durability.
  • Equipped with both front and rear suspensions:
  • 21 Speed Shimano gears provide good amount of speed control.
  • Quick release wheels for added safety and durability.
  • 26-inch wheels are perfect for easy maneuverability.
  • Easy assembly of the product.


  • It is on the heavier side on weighing scale.
  • It has shifted triggers that take a little adjustment to be comfortable with.
  • Some users found the seat as little uncomfortable. (This can be upgraded.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What type of shifters does the bike have?

A) The bike has clicker type gear shifters.

Q) What is the wheel dimensions?

A) The wheel is at 26 inches with 2 inches in depth.

Q) What is the frame size of the bike?

A) The frame size of this bike is 17 inches and is a good fit for most users.


The above Mongoose Detour Full Suspension Bicycle review is geared towards helping users decide if this bike is the one they are looking for. From a user’s perspective, the usage of this bike is more of a multipurpose type than a strict heavy usage mountain bike. Though the bike has every aspect of a mountain bike built-in, starting from sturdiness to proper safety and comfort, the fact that it is heavier by a few pounds may make it unsuitable if a user is thinking of using it in Professional Mountain Biking competitions. Other than that, this is almost a perfect bike for daily usage and occasional entertainment rough terrain riding scenarios at great budget.

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