Mongoose Tyax Expert Mountain Bike Review 

One of our absolute favorite high-end bikes, the Mongoose Tyax Expert mountain bike is a professional grade mountain bike that will serve you well for years after you buy it. Priced around $1,000, this is a more high end bike that is geared towards riders with some experience in the sport and who know what they are looking for in a bike, but who may still be somewhat new to mountain biking. With that being said, for the quality that you are getting with the Mongoose Tyax Expert, we believe the amount you will be spending is very reasonable, and will be well worth the investment. In this review we will go over some of the outstanding features of the Mongoose Tyax, along with some frequently asked questions by other riders who have looked into buying the Mongoose Tyax Expert. 

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Last updated on July 18, 2024 6:06 pm

Mongoose Tyax Expert Adult Mountain Bike Review 

Before getting into the details of the Mongoose Tyax Expert Mountain bike, it is important to understand the subtle yet important differences between the different versions of this bike. The Mongoose Tyax comes in sport, competitive and expert versions, which vary slightly in pricing and specifications. First, the sport is the most inexpensive and offers the rider the least amount of flexibility in their riding choices. This bike is geared more towards a new rider. The competitive version is quite similar to the sport, but is slightly more expensive. Finally, the Mongoose Tyax Expert Mountain bike is designed to give the rider the most control over their riding and is geared toward someone who has a bit more experience in the field of mountain biking. 

29” and 27.5” Tire Options 

One of the most desirable features of anything that you might purchase is variability of use. If you are forced to have a multitude of different bikes for the different types of riding that you plan on doing, it would be better to just have one bike that can fulfill all of your riding needs.  As people often say in sports, “the best ability is availability”, meaning that you may be exceptionally talented at something but if you are not available when you’re needed, you have little value. The same can be said for bikes. Say you spend thousands of dollars on a high end bike but can only use it exclusively for a certain type of trail, that bike clearly has less value to you than one that can be ridden in all sorts of different conditions. That is where is Mongoose Tyax Expert tire option is so important. By giving the rider both 29” and 27.5” tire options, this bike has a far greater range of terrains and riding styles that it can be customized to. 


As most mountain bikers will attest to, a larger wheel diameter is far better suited towards an uphill or even terrain path. The larger circumference and smaller angle of impact with objects allows the larger wheel to climb over terrain more efficiently giving the rider a more enjoyable experience. On the other hand, for someone looking to experience the thrill of downhill biking, the exhilaration of tight and twisty trails, or the technical concentration required for conquering narrow corner paths, a smaller wheel is the clear choice. A smaller wheel is stronger, gives the rider greater control over turning, and increases the riders ability to navigate tight technical paths that might otherwise be untenable for a bike with larger wheels. By giving the buyer both large and small wheel options, the Mongoose Tyax expert gives the rider a greater range of terrains and riding styles for which it can be used. 

Aluminum Frame 

The Mongoose Tyax expert is fitted with a high end, professional grade, Tectonic T2 aluminum frame, which is designed to be extremely light weight, while simultaneously providing unmatched strength for such a light weight frame. This light weight frame will allow you to easily conquer even the most strenuous of mountain paths, and makes transporting your bike far less of a hassle. 

Hardtail Suspension Fork

If you’ve read our review of the Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails women’s mountain bike you’ll know that here at Mountain Bikes Lab we prefer the full suspension frame over a hardtail suspension fork. However, that does not mean that the hardtail fork does not have excellent qualities of its own. Geared more for a rider with greater experience, like the Mongoose Tyax Expert is, a hardtail suspension fork gives riders less forgiveness for mistakes, but rewards them with a smoother ride if they understand how to handle a bike with a hardtail suspension fork. By giving only the front wheel suspension, a hardtail fork improves speed while decreasing the suspension capabilities of the bike. For someone looking to by a high end bike like the Mongoose Tyax Expert, a hardtail fork is most likely the correct decision, especially considering that this bike is geared more towards someone with experience in the field of mountain biking. 


If you’re reading this article then you know that the Mongoose Tyax Expert is a high quality, reasonably priced bike. Due to that fact, if you have some experience in the field of mountain biking, then we have no reservations about fully recommending this to you as your next bike purchase. Although it is expensive, for the quality that you are receiving we believe the price of around $1,000 to be extremely reasonable, especially given the fact that this bike is so versatile. The Mongoose Tyax Expert with provide you with a great riding experience and is the perfect bike for a somewhat new rider to elevate the mountain biking experience by truly diving into the sport with a more high-end model. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Mongoose a good brand of Bicycle?

Yes. Mongoose is one of the industry’s leading bike manufacturers and their mountain bikes are particularly impressive. They have exceptional parts, reliable performance, and deliver the highest quality bike in all of their price ranges. 

Does the Mongoose Tyax Expert Mountain Bike come assembled?

No, you must assemble it yourself, however there is a detailed user manual that includes instructions on how to build your Mongoose Tyax Expert mountain bike. 

Are the tires on the Mongoose Tyax Expert mountain Bike tubeless or do they have tubes?

When they arrive your Mongoose Tyax Expert bike tires have tubes, but they are tubeless capable and can be turned tubeless is you wish to convert them. 

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