Nakto Electric Mountain Bike Review

Electric bikes are the newest craze in the biking world. Whether a newcomer or seasoned vet, people are rushing to get their hands on one. Before you veer into the exciting world of e-bikes, we recommend making sure you make the right choice and not just buy any bike out there. Our team has hand tested and written reviews for many e-bikes to date, and in this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the Nakto Electric Mountain bike.

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Is The Nakto Electric Mountain Bike Right For You?

Nakto Electric Bike

For it’s affordable price, this amazing blue bike will give a great quality ride and exceptional performance. We’ll run you through its performance at each key component level to give you a sense of its overall quality.


Part of the reason one would purchase an E-bike is it’s sheer power. The obvious difference in every e-bike is the bike’s engine. The Nakto Electric MTB is powered by a top of the line 36V, 250 Watt brushless motor setup. This motor’s power can get you up to speeds of 25 mph, giving you the ability to scale down any inclines with no worries. The battery sits behind the seat while the motor is set up in the middle of the back wheel. When fully charged, this bike’s lithium battery will allow you to cover 25 miles before running out of power. Another great factor is that this bike is one of the only electric mountain bikes on the market with a 36V battery that’s under $1,000. 

Another great feature is this bike’s two working modes. This Nakto bike gives you the option of riding carefree and using it only as an e-bike where the motor will do all the work without you pedaling, or another option of an assisted bike where the motor gives you extra power each time you pedal. You even have the choice to combine these two modes if you want to prolong the distance covered or the full ride. 


The Nakto E-bike comes built with a sturdy carbon steel frame to ensure that it’ll last you a very long time. It’ll support up to 300 pounds and is ideal for individuals that are between 4’9” and 6’6”. The bike comes with carbon steel grade front forks, made from the same steel as the frame, and provides sufficient shock absorption. This allows you to tackle even the bumpiest of terrains and still feel comfortable while riding. Given it’s strong build and features, this bike weighs in at about 50 – 70 pounds, which is much heavier compared to similar bikes built with aluminum alloy.


The Nakto Electric MTB features rear expansion brakes coupled with front V brakes on a 6-speed Shimano transmission system. These 6 different speed options allows you to go at the pace that you are most comfortable riding. These breaks are super responsive allowing you to bring the ride to a halt by only using one finger. You won’t have to worry about coming to an abrupt stop as you can rely on these brakes to keep you safe even when going maximum speed. Additional features include a horn and bright LED lights to make the bike practical if you were to ride it at night. 


One of the main attractions to this bike is it’s powerful battery. With a 36V 10Ah lithium battery your max speed can nearly hit 30mph! You won’t ever need to worry about not making it to your destination in time being able to hit speeds like that. With it’s electric motor and easy-to-use pedals, it won’t take much to get this bike out on the trails and riding. More experienced riders have also grown fond of this bike as the boost you get from the motor really enhances this bike’s performance when riding through long, bumpy trails. Your ideal ride will come from dirt biking and casual riding with the Nakto E-bike. 


To tackle the rigged and treacherous conditions of mountain biking, you’ll need strong, durable rims that can withstand almost any trail out there. The Nakto Electric Mountain Bike will come equipped with 26 x 4 inch CST fat tires that have an ideal pressure of 30 PSI. Sandy, snowy and muddy trails or streets are no problem for this bike, as you can ensure that you’ll never get stuck or sink with its big wheels and electric motor. 


This bike comes with a high-quality Shimano-6 speed gear set. Being that it is an electric bike, you will get that needed push to get you up where you’re going once you cannot pedal any further. Even though you’ll be in the bike lane, having a top speed of 25 – 30mph will still get you where you need to go in a good time. When using the e-bike around town, the on-demand throttle will work great to help support your ride. 


All in all, you will be very pleased if you decide to go with the Nakto Electric MTB. Despite having a difficult time building this bike and understanding the manual it comes with, our team really enjoyed it’s many beneficial features. You will definitely enjoy a comfortable ride that can get you to a fast speed while ensuring your safety and control with quality brakes. It’s durability and strong frame will make it so you can tackle almost any terrain and feel good knowing you control the bike and not you. Having two nearly three riding options makes this an even better choice for an e-bike knowing you can switch up your riding styles. Best part is, this bike comes in at a great price point, being under $1,000 for an e-bike of it’s caliber. You’ll definitely be happy choosing the Nakto Electric Mountain Bike.


Does the Nakto E-bike’s battery charge while in use or will you have to plug it in after use?

In order to charge the Nakto E-bike’s battery, you will need to plug it in after use of the bike.

Is there any assembly required for the Nakto E-bike?

Yes, the Nakto E-bike will come 95% assembled. To complete its assembly, you will need to fix the front wheel and handle. Our team found that watching the Nakto assembly videos from their website helped in completing this bike’s assembly.

Is the Nakto E-bike foldable?

No, the Nakto E-bike is not foldable.

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