Outroad 26-Inch Mountain Bike Review

The Outroad 26 inch mountain bike is one of the absolute best bang for your buck mountain bike that you can find on the market today. First made in October of 2020, this relatively new bike demonstrates just how far the mountain bike industry has come in recent years. Not so long ago it would have been nearly impossible to find a quality bike for less than $500, but now, the Outroad 26” mountain bike will provide excellent quality for less than half of that price. Here at Mountain Bikes Lab we believe in finding the highest quality bikes for you at the best prices and the Outroad 26” Mountain bike is exactly that. If you want to check out other great Outroad bikes, read our Outroad Mountain Bike Buyer’s Guide!

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Outroad 26-Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bike Review 

In our Outroad mountain bike review we will go over the most prominent features of the bike along with some frequently asked questions and some pros and cons for this particular bike. Overall, the Outroad 26” mountain bike is an excellent bike, and the perfect bike for someone looking for an introduction into the sport of mountain biking. However, there are some downsides to this bike which we will also discuss to ensure that you get a full picture of the quality of the Outroad 26” Mountain bike. 

Easy Assembly 

As many of you may know the assembly of a bike or any other item can be quite frustrating, especially if you are not used to working with tools and putting things together. Thankfully, the Outroad mountain bike come 80% assembled leaving on a few small things for you to complete yourself. You will be required to attach the pedals, and the front tire, however you are provided with all the tools necessary to complete the assembly. Additionally, the Outroad 26” mountain bike come with detailed instructions, along with committed customer service to help you with any and all problems that you man run into. 

Carbon Steel Frame

One of the greatest innovations that has come in the world of mountain biking is the quality of frames. As recently as 10 years ago, finding an inexpensive bike with a high quality frame could be extremely difficult. Sturdy material was more expensive and bikes with frames that could handle the wear and tear of constant use were much more high end. These days, as proven by the carbon steel frame of the Outroad 26” mountain bike, finding a relatively inexpensive bike with an extremely high quality frame is rather easy. Although not quite as light weight as some other more high-tech materials, carbon steel is a very common bike frame material and is very effective in terms of its weight to strength ratios. Relatively light weight and extremely durable, the carbon steel frame on the Outroad 26” mountain bike will serve you well for years to come. It has high-tensile strength, is quite strong, and is very long-lasting, exactly what you should be looking for in a bike frame. 

21 Speed, Grip Shifter 

Like most mountain bikes, the Outroad 26” mountain bike is a 21 speed mountain bike, and is equipt with the popular Shimano Transmission system for smooth gear shifting. Unlike all bikes however, the Outroad mountain bike is also equip with grip shifters rather than thumb shifters. Although not unique to the Outroad Mountain bike, grip shifters are very easy to use, and by far the most preferred gear shifting option for beginner mountain bikers, which is who this bike is designed for. Priced reasonably around $250.00 this bike is perfect for beginners and the grip shifters are the perfect shifters for a beginner rider. Overall this is one of the best features that a beginner mountain bike can have as it gives more control to the rider and allows you to shift gears without taking any part of your hand off of the handle bar. This gives beginner riders a great amount of increased comfort and confidence to ride up to their full potential. 

Pros and Cons of the Outroad 26” Mountain Bike 


  •     Relatively inexpensive
  •     Grip shifters which are excellent for new and inexperience riders
  •     High quality carbon steel frame that will hold up under extensive use


  •     Some users have stated that the bike come assembled incorrectly 
  •     Slightly smaller bike which can be uncomfortable for larger riders 
  •     Gear shifting can be somewhat sticky due to slightly lower quality derailleurs 


When looking for a new mountain bike to purchase there are a variety of different factors for you to consider, your current skill level and your price range two of the most important among them. In terms of these factors the Outroad 26” mountain bike is an excellent choice as it provides excellent quality for an inexperienced rider for a relatively low cost. Given these factors we have little hesitation in recommending the Outroad 26” mountain bike to anyone who is new to the sprot and looking to begin their mountain biking journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the ideal height and weight for the Outroad 26” mountain bike?

The recommended height is 5’2” – 6’0”, with a maximum weight of 320 pounds, however anyone between 5’0” and 6’4” will be able to comfortably ride the Outroad mountain bike with its adjustable seat.

Is the Outroad 26” mountain bike both a road and mountain bike?

Yes. The Outroad 26” mountain bike can be ridden in city as well as on mountain paths with no issues. 

Are Outroad bikes good?

In a word, yes. Although the Outroad 26” mountain bike is not the most high end or expensive mountain bike, for a beginner, it is a very high quality mountain bike especially given its relatively low price. It will provide great performance and is well worth the price.

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