Raniaco Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Review

Most people are drawn to brand names when it comes to buying a bike computer. This is because popular brands tend to include high-tech kind of features and people believe that brand is equal to high quality. There are those who equate quality to the prize of the product as well. This should however not be the case. When buying this product, you need to be on the lookout for a product that is of great quality and durable as well.

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Raniaco Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Review

Raniaco Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer is one of the best non gps computer in the market. It has a simple design, but the features are very useful. Some of its amazing features are discussed in this Raniaco Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer review.

Wireless Design

With this bike computer, you do not have to worry about having a number of cables getting tangled on the bike’s frame. This is because this bike computer has a wireless design. This enables it to receive signals from a sensor which is normally attached either at the rear or front wheel. The sensor on the wheel works by counting the number of full rotations made by the wheel. It also calculates the total distance you have covered by doing calculations based on the circumference of the wheel of the bike.

Bike Odometer Cycling Multi-function

This is another incredible feature that most people love. Basically, this feature means that the bike computer has both an odometer and a speedometer. This is something you will probably not get in most bike computers. With the odometer, you are able to know what distance you have covered and the speedometer tells you how fast you were moving when riding. This is a very important feature because it enables you to improve your riding performance since you are able to know when you are making improvements.

Waterproof Casing

This is a feature that most manufacturers try to incorporate in bike computers. It is important because it allows you to ride even in a very rainy day without having to worry about the water causing damage to the computer. This makes the computer usable in different environments. It is however very important to ensure you do not expose the computer to a lot of water since this might interfere with its functionality. For instance, you shouldn’t wash your bike with the computer still on it.

Light Weight and Small

The last thing you need when you want to improve your riding performance is a computer that adds to the weight of your bike. This can slow you down and will not help you improve the speed you ride at. You do not have to worry about this with the Raniaco Original wireless bicycle speedometer since it is very light and small; you almost forget you have it on the bike which is great in improving riding.

Backlit Display

The other feature that makes this the best bike computer according to Raniaco wireless bicycle speedometer reviews is the fact that it has a backlit display which can be set to either a white or green color. The importance of this is that it allows you to clearly see the readings when you are riding at night or very early in the morning when there isn’t enough light. This means you can rely on the computer readings no matter what time you choose to ride.

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  • Convenient operation
  • Backlit display that is easy to read
  • Waterproof casing
  • Multi-functional display
  • Automatic off feature which saves on battery when the device is not being used
  • Accurate and Affordable


  • Calibration is required to get the computer to work effectively

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: How to I turn on the display light when riding at night?

A: You will have to push the button any time you need to see the reading since the light is not able to remain on for a long time.

Q: Is there an online manual?

A: You can use this link to install the bike computer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ekGM_236ik. It is not the product link but the process is the same.

Q: Is this bike computer accurate?

A: Yes, it is.

Final Words

If you are a cycling enthusiast and you do not mind foregoing the fancy features that come in some bike computers, the Raniaco Original wireless bicycle speedometer is the bike computer you need. This device as a very simple design but it gives you accurate readings and is a great way for you to improve your riding experience. One thing you will love about it is the fact that it is very easy to use and comes with very useful features such as the backlit display that enables you to ride any time of day you choose including at night. This product is definitely worth a try.

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