Royce Union Mountain Bike Reviews – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

When looking to get into a new sport, hobby, or leisure time activity, choosing the right brand of equipment is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you have an enjoyable time doing what you love. Mountain biking is no different, and with the huge number of different mountain bike brands to choose from it can be overwhelming to find the right company. In this Royce Union Mountain Bikes buyers guide, we will go over a quick history of Royce Union Mountain bikes, along with an overview of some of their top mountain bikes so that you can make an informed decision when choosing who to buy from. Here at Mountain Bikes Lab we do the difficult work so that you can spend more time on the trails and less time researching which bike to buy!

Royce Union Mountain Bikes Reviews

Founded in 1904, Royce Union has been making mountain bikes of the highest quality for over one hundred and fifteen years, making them one of the oldest bike manufacturers in the world. Known for their dependable, high quality mountain bikes, Royce Union delivers professional grade performance throughout their line of mountain bikes, and is sure to surpass your expectations. Our team here at Mountain Bikes Lab has ridden a number of different Royce Union bikes and although we do not love all of them, overall we feel that Royce Union is a quality bike brand, and is well worth the money you spend on their relatively inexpensive bikes. In this buyers guide we will review some of the top Royce Union mountain bikes, and detail some of their best features and differences between them. 

Royce Union 27.5” RMT Men’s Mountain Bike 


For an beginner to intermediate rider the 27.5” Royce Union RMT mountain bikes is the clear winner in overall performance when considering price, performance, and durability. Reasonably priced around $300 this bike is relatively inexpensive and gives the user great performance. The Royce Union RMT comes equip with 27.5 inch wheels, and a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. Additionally, this bike has the classic 21-speed Shimano drivetrain which provides efficient gear shifting in any terrain. 

Another great feature of the Royce Union RMT is the variety of frame sizes available. Going from a 15 inch frame for someone 5’0”- 5’6” to a 22 inch frame for someone 6’4”- 6’6” Royce Union has a bike for someone of all sizes making it great for anyone looking to get into mountain biking. Unlike some high end bikes the Royce Union RMT will not break the bank but will still provide excellent performance especially for a new rider looking to get into mountain biking which is why the 27.5″ RMT is the best overall Royce Union mountain bike. 


Royce Union 27.5” RMT Women’s Mountain Bike 


Like the men’s version of the bike the Royce Union RMT women’s mountain bike is the clear cut, number one Royce Union model for any women mountain biker looking for a new ride. It’s combination of low price, high level performance, and quality parts makes this the number one Royce Union women’s mountain bike for a relatively new rider. While a more experienced rider may want something more high-end and expensive, for the vast majority of people who are inexperienced mountain bikers there is no way they can go wrong with the Royce Union RMT mountain bike. 

This bike is made of light weight, durable aluminum allow, and comes with the classic 21-speed Shimano drivetrain. Two of the most important components of any mountain bike, the frame and derailleur of the RMT women’s mountain bike are extremely high quality and will hold up over many years of consistent use. As we said before with the men’s RMT mountain bike, the Royce Union RMT women’s mountain bike is the perfect choice for a new rider looking to get into the sport of mountain biking for a relatively inexpensive price. This bike will provide the best experience to the most greatest number of people which is why we rank it as the number one overall Royce Union bike, tied with the Royce Union 27.5” RMT men’s mountain bike. 

Royce Union Lightweight 29″ RHT Mountain Bike


A more high end bike, the Royce Union RHT is for a more experienced rider and as such will cost you quite a bit more. However, in exchange you will receive a bike with top of the line performance as well as best in class parts. The Royce Union RHT is fitted with an extremely lightweight aluminum frame, a Shimano SLX 11 speed shifter and index, a XCT suspension fork, and powerful dual hydraulic disc brakes. Combined these features may not mean much for a beginner mountain biker, however for an experienced rider having high quality parts such as these can make a world of difference when trying to find the best bike for your riding needs.


Our team believes that the Royce Union RHT mountain bike is perfect for an experienced rider looking to taking their mountain biking to the next level. This is a hardtail bike and as such may not be the most appropriate for extremely rough and winding trails, however for long rides or fast downhill mountain biking the Royce Union RHT is an excellent choice. Designed for maximum performance, the dual hydraulic disc brakes give riders complete control of their speed and the Shimano SLX shifters enable the user to easily shift up or down gears quickly to match any change in trail incline. More expensive than most Royce Union mountain bikes the Lightweight RHT is clearly designed for an experienced rider and its performance certainly justifies the price you will pay to own this wonderful mountain bike. 

Royce Union 24” RTT Women’s Mountain Bike 


Designed and priced for a beginner rider the Royce Union RTT mountain bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into mountain biking who does not want to spend thousands on a top of the line bike. Priced around $200 the Royce Union RTT allows almost anyone to experience the thrill of mountain biking with a quality bike, something that many inexpensive bikes do not offer. Most budget bikes are made of heavy steel and equip with low quality parts, and although this may lower the price you end up with a bike that will break after just a few rides, this is not the case with the Royce Union RTT. Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, this bike has high quality parts and will perform as intended for years after you purchase it. 


The Royce Union RTT comes with everything that you need to put the bike together and assembly could not be easier, which is a huge plus for a beginner rider who may not have any experience putting a bike together. Additionally, the bike is equip with 21 speed Shimano thumb shifters which gives the user more precise gear shifting, and is a huge upgrader over some turn shifters that many cheap bikes come with. These turn shifters can break easily and can be inaccurate in the gear that they shift to. Overall, the Royce Union RTT gives you the best bang for your buck, and is a great bike for any beginner looking to get into mountain biking. 

Royce Union 24” RTT Mountain Bike 


A more inexpensive Royce Union design, the Men’s RTT is not one of our favorite Royce Union mountain bikes however it still holds up compared to many other brands at the same price range. Something that sets Royce Union apart from department store mountain bikes is that no matter the price of their bike, Royce Union delivers high level performance and quality parts compared to other brands. The Royce Union RTT is no exception and it is designed with an aluminum frame, and the well-known Shimano 21 speed derailleur. 


The gold standard for derailleurs, Shimano is almost required for any respectful mountain bike and Royce Union RTT comes with the Shimano EZ Fire plus which provides efficient switching through all 21 speeds of your bike. After testing this bike with our team we had no problems shifting through all the gears of the bike and were very pleased with the performance of the derailleur. Obviously with a price of less than $300 there will be some trade offs in performance with this bike compared to other high end models however, we believe that for the price, the Royce Union RTT men’s mountain bike provides decent performance. While you should not expect this bike to be able to hold up over extremely rough terrain over a long period of time it will serve a new rider well and would be a great introductory bike for an inexperienced rider to try out mountain biking. 

Royce Union 27.5” RMA All-Terrain Mountain Bike 


One of Royce Unions more high-end bikes, the RMA All-Terrain mountain bike is the Royce Union mountain bike best equip to handle rough mountain trails and bumpy off-road mountain biking. This all-terrain mountain bike comes designed with a lightweight aluminum frame, a Shimano 21 speed derailleur, and 27.5 inch all-terrain tread wheels to prevent slipping and ensure efficient riding on any type of trail. 


A much more expensive bike than other Royce Union models, the Royce Union RMA All-Terrain justifies its price with its high quality parts and excellent performance. The slightly raised handlebar is ergonomically designed, and gives the use the ability to ride more upright and reduces the upper body strain that comes from leaning over lowered handle bars. Another great feature of the Royce Union all-terrain is its aluminum Zoom suspension fork. Known for its excellent performance in all environments Zoom suspension forks are some of the best in the mountain biking community, immediately improving the quality of any mountain bike. Overall, our team loves the Royce Union RMA all-terrain bike and have no reservations recommending it to someone looking to dive into intense downhill mountain biking. However, for the more casual rider there are most like cheaper options, like the Royce Union RMT mountain bike which would better fulfill their mountain biking desires for a cheaper price tag. 

Royce Union 27.5” RMA All-Terrain Women’s Mountain Bike 


Like the Royce Union Men’s RMA All-terrain mountain bike, this women’s version is also one of Royce Unions more high end models and is the perfect choice for someone looking for a bike that can handle rough terrain. The women’s RMA All-terrain mountain bike is specifically designed for differences between men and women and purposefully has a smaller 15-17 inche frame to ensure that women have an enjoyable riding experience. Frame size is of huge importance in mountain biking and many producers overlook the fact having an incorrectly sized frame can easily turn someone off from mountain biking. This is not the case with Royce Union as all of their designs have a wide range of frame sizes to match the needs of people of all sizes.


The Royce Union RMA all-terrain bike is made of lightweight aluminum and has large 27.5 inch tires with all-terrain treads which can easily take on rugged mountain trails. Additionally, the 21 speed Shimano derailleur is a thumb trigger model making it more precise and durable than some lower quality twist shifters. Like the men’s version of the all-terrain RMA bike, our team loves the Royce union RMA all-terrain women’s mountain bike and believe is it one of the best options for someone looking to take their mountain biking to the next level. However, due to its high price, for a mountain biker who isn’t looking to necessarily tackle rugged terrain there are most likely cheaper bikes which could perform just as well in easier conditions. 


As a brand, Royce Union has been in the Mountain Biking world since 1904, and since their inception, they have been building their brand on performance, quality, and dependability. Although much has changed in the past 115 years, one thing that has not is high quality bike produced by Royce Union. Of course there are other manufactures that make superior bikes and we do not want to make the claim that Royce Union bikes are the best bikes that you can buy. However, for their relatively inexpensive price we believe that they produce many bike models that would be excellent for a relatively new mountain biker looking to dip their toes into a new sport. Additionally, for the more experienced rider Royce Union makes a small number of high end bikes that we believe are well worth the price that you will pay for them. Overall, our team at Mountain Bikes Lab truly enjoys riding Royce Union bike and while they may not be the most glamorous brand in mountain biking, they produce high quality, dependable mountain bikes that you can count on to perform well for a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Royce Union a good mountain bike brand?

Yes, Royce Union is a well-known and respected mountain bike brand that has been operating since 1904. There is a wide selection of mountain bike models and they are all reasonably priced. Royce Union bikes are made with an emphasis on performance, quality and dependability.

Where are Royce Union mountain bike made?

Royce Union, which has been making mountain bikes since 1904, produce a majority of their bikes in Japan, by the manufacturer Kawamura Cycle. 

Is it difficult to assemble Royce Union mountain bikes?

No, assembly for all of the Royce Union mountain bikes is very easy, and all the tools you need to put your mountain bike together are included with the mountain bike order. 

Are Royce Union mountain bikes durable?

Yes, all Royce Union mountain bike frames are made of an aircraft-quality aluminum alloy, which will withstand all the wear and tear of continued use on rough terrain.

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