Safety Guide For Women While Bike Riding

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Many of us ladies have this misconception that bikes are way too slow to be risky. But those of us who have fallen hard and experienced the fatal injuries know how wrong and audacious that statement is. Every step you take, every piece of protective gear you wear, will play its part in ensuring your safety while bike riding. Also, make it comfy and convenient. So, what are those safety tips and gear? Let’s check out right below.

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Safety Tip #1 – Set Your Bike Accordingly

A bike that doesn’t suit your height, arm, and feet length, and cannot handle your whole weight pretty comfortably is not yours. Get a bike only after sitting on it, pedaling, and riding it. The best is to get a bike that allows adjustment of the handlebars, seat, and pedal height. You can constantly change the setting to get to your optimum comfort level on the bike.

Tip #2 – Invest In A High-Quality Bike Helmet

Cycling without a helmet is not less than a crime. By not wearing it, you are jeopardizing your safety from the get-go. A well-made bike helmet with adjustable straps should always be with you. We call it an investment because it should not be just high quality but should meet every safety standard set by the CPSC. Even if it’s a bit pricey, get one. If there is no helmet, please do not go on the cycle ride. A helmet must fit your whole noggin and the forehead too. The snug fit helmet will take any blow that can cause fatal head injuries.

Tip #3 – Make A Style Statement With Bright Tank Top

Bike seats are not well padded, a bit hard. The seats are also smaller and have a certain shape, which can be very uncomfortable if you have started a long journey in rugged terrain full of rocks, road bumps, uneven surfaces. You will feel nothing for the first half an hour, but with time and the road condition worsening, you will feel it. So, the best way to protect your glutes, thighs, and hips from the bumpy roads is to wear women padded cycling shorts. These are specially designed for bike riding, have pads around the portion that will be on the seat after you wear them and sit on the bike. The cushioned shorts are made of mesh material, well fitted to the body, breathable thus will be no sweat, and even if it’s saturated with sweat, dry in no time. Comfort check, hygiene check, cooling effect check, no rash check, thus you need one. Pair the shorts with a nice tank top, of course, breathable and quick drying. And yes, make sure both are of bright colors that catch eyes pretty easily.

Tip #4 – Wear Comfy Sneakers 

A comfy, cozy pair of cycling shoes with a snug fit, grippy sole, and no straps will make your bike riding and vigorous pedaling easy and convenient. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes will only cause slippage of the foot, and for the first few time, you might manage the bike, but the continuous slippage of the feet from pedals due to the shoes will increase the chances of that one fatal fall, which you will fail to tackle and find yourself in a grave situation.

Tip #5 -Know The Traffic Rules

Knowing the road rules and following them obsessively, meticulously, and persistently will increase your safety by a few notches. Stay on one side of the lane. Avoid riding in the middle of the road. Never lose yourself in road rage and break the rules. Be confident, and don’t give in to the intimidation. Don’t block other vehicles; if you are not speeding up, then let them pass you.

Riding a bike is always fun. The speed, the race, the adrenaline rush, the adventure, every bit of it is worth experiencing and living. But everything adventurous has the risk too. No matter if it is a cycle or a motorbike, the rider is an adult or kid, male or female, safety precautions are a must.

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