Safety Tips for Riding an E-Bike For the Beginner

Safety Tips for Riding an E-Bike

Have you recently bought an e-bike, or are you looking forward to buying one? An e-bike can help you take your cycling experience to its next level. Even though an e-bike works pretty much like a bicycle, it comes with certain advantages.

An e-bike has several electrical components integrated into it, such as a motor, a battery, and a controller. These components allow you to travel long distances with less effort, and further, you can manage to ride on hilly places much more effectively and smoothly with an e-bike. Read more on

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Safety Tips

However, riding on an e-bike, you may encounter terrible accidents sometimes if you are not careful. It is mainly because you will initially tend to use it more like a regular cycle because of its model, almost forgetting about the electrical components.

Use a Tough Helmet

Always use a helmet while you are on your e-bike, and make sure the helmet you choose is robust enough to save your head even in the most dreadful accident. When it comes to buying a helmet, I suggest you always go for the best quality.

Learn to Handle Lower Speeds

E-bikes aren’t still very common on the roads, which is why drivers may mistakenly take it to be a regular cycle and miscalculate the speed while an e-bike can be on 20 mph on the road. This is where the rider has to be really cautious, especially while riding on one’s e-bike in a high traffic area. This is why you also need to experiment with riding your bike at lower speeds and learn to manage it.

Take a Lane

Another way to keep things safer for yourself while riding on your e-bike is to take a lane while the traffic is high. In case you want to only ride on the road, you must always ensure that you follow the traffic rule well and are riding on the proper side of the road.

Learn to Pull Your Brakes Early

When using brakes, you would need to pull the brakes much earlier than you would do on a bicycle since the bike adds 50 watts to every pedal stroke. This may take a bit of practice. However, with a little practice, you will learn when exactly to pull your brakes to stop well ahead of stop signs and crossings.

Use a Good Mirror

Using a mirror would be another wise thing to do when you are riding on your e-bike, and just as pointed out, many drivers still aren’t very familiar with e-bikes. They might miscalculate the speed leading to terrible collisions while the biker is trying to take a turn and the car is behind it.

As an e-bike rider, you will have to be more careful as always and keep a constant watch on what’s coming right behind you. That’s when a good mirror comes into play.

Careful While Mounting and Dismounting

You have to be extra careful while mounting and dismounting as it can cause man injuries. You have to understand the fact that an e-bike is pretty heavy, and just in case it tips over, it could cause you a bad injury. Hence, my advice would be to get a comfortable frame for you to mount and dismount easily.

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