Velowave 750 Watt Electric Mountain Bike Review 

Welcome back to another Mountain Bikes Lab electric bike review! Today I will be sharing with you my in depth experience riding the Velowave 750 watt electric mountain bike, a sort of big brother to the Velowave 500 Watt electric mountain bike which we rode and reviewed just a few weeks ago. If you have read some of other other mountain bike reviews like my review of the GT Aggressor Pro, you will know that if average price range for a decent entry level mountain bike is around $500. Unfortunately, for an electric mountain bike that price normally jumps to around $3,000 if you looking for a trail capable electric mountain bike.

The reason why we are so excited to be able to review the Velowave 500 and Velowave 750 watt electric mountain bikes is that they price in at less than $1,600. This extremely low price allows a far wider range of people to experience riding an electric mountain bike and that is our number one goal here at Mountain bikes Lab: to expose high quality companies and bring the wonderful sport of mountain biking to as many people as we possibly can. With that being said lets jump right into my experience with the Velowave 750 watt electric mountain bike. 

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Riding the Velowave 750: A Big Upgrade


As I said in the introduction to this Velowave 750 watt electric bike review, this bike is a sort of big brother to the less expensive Velowave 500 watt electric bike. The most obvious difference between the two bikes is the motor, with the Velowave 750 being equipped with a more powerful 750 watt Bafang motor. Bafang motors are some of the best in the business and are used on some of the most high end electric bikes in the world, such as the Rambo Megatron. While the difference between a 500 and 750 watt motor might not seem like a lot, take it from me there is a very noticeable difference in power. The 750 watt motor on the Velowave 750 reaches max speed much more quickly and while both are said to have a max throttle speed of 20 MPH and 25 MPH with pedal assist, I clocked the Velowave 750 coming in at 25 MPH using just the throttle. 

Another major difference, and one that I have loved on all electric mountain bikes since the first Rambo R750 I road over 6 months ago, is fat tires. I have been riding mountain bikes for many years now, however I only started riding fat tire bikes in early 2021. Since then I have really enjoyed riding them and thankfully most electric mountain bikes come with fat tires. Unfortunately the Velowave 500 is not a fat tire mountain bike however, in the upgraded Velowave 750, fat tires come standard.

Comfort Is Good

If you’re like me you probably haven’t ridden too many fat tire mountain bikes and have almost certainly not ridden a fat tire electric mountain bike but let me just say they are fantastic. On an electric mountain bike, because of the motor you are seated much more frequently than on an traditional mountain bike and due to the heavy weight, suspension is not quite as effective as on normal bikes. Fat tires help to greatly reduce the impact of riding and leads to a far more comfortable riding experience on your electric bike. When comparing the riding comfort of the Velowave 500 and Velowave 750 the difference is clear, and while both versions do have a front suspension fork, combining this with the fat tires on the Velowave 750 lead to an overall better ride. 

Battery – A Real Plus

Finally the last major difference between the Velowave 750 and Velowave 500 is the battery. For many riders this is probably the most important factor to consider when deciding to purchase an electric bike, and you are going to want to be sure that the electric bike you choose to buy has a powerful and reliable battery. If you have read any of our other electric bike reviews such as the Rambo R750 you will already know that we independently test each and every battery of the electric bikes review three times from a full charge to ensure that the battery performs as advertised. The battery on the Velowave 750 watt electric mountain bike is a 48V, 16Ah, lithium ion battery, this is 3 amp hours more than the battery on the Velowave 500. A more powerful battery is necessary to power the improved motor and heavier fat tires, and on a single charge you will be able to travel up to 35 miles using the throttle and up to 50 miles on pedal assist mode. After our three tests the battery performed within .2 amp hours of the advertised level and we are pleased to say that the stated ranges from Velowave are quite accurate. 

When you take into consideration all of the upgrades on the Velowave 750 electric mountain bike, it is no surprise that this is a very enjoyable mountain bike to ride. With smooth acceleration and great power tackling rugged terrain, steep hills, or long flat plains is a breeze. As I stated earlier I also really enjoyed the fat tires due to their comfort but in addition to this, having fat tires on your bike allows you to ride it in a diverse range of areas. I rode the Velowave 750 on dirt trails, asphalt roads, and deep sandy beaches, and would have zero hesitation is saying that you could ride this bike through snow and shallow water as well. 

Final Thoughts on the Velowave 750 Watt Electric Bike 

When you compare the Velowave 750 electric mountain bike to the Velowave 500 there is a clear difference. While I would still say that the Velowave 500 is one of the better electric mountain bikes on the market, especially at its low price point, the upgrades that you get with the Velowave 750 simply cannot be overlooked. The strong motor, longer lasting battery, and fat tires all contribute to what is, in my professional opinion, the number one electric bike on the market today. Of course you can always buy a more expensive model with higher quality carbon fiber frames etc., but when you compare quality, durability, performance, and price, there simply isn’t a better option than the Velowave 750 watt electric mountain bike. I would highly recommend this electric mountain bike to anyone who is searching for an electric bike, you will not be disappointed. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the recommended height to ride the Velowave 750 watt electric mountain bike?

The recommended height for the Velowave 750 electric bike is between 5’4” and 6’2”.

Are Velowave electric bikes good?

After testing two different Velowave electric bikes we believe that they are some of the best on the market and in our opinion the Velowave 750 watt electric bike is the best electric bike you can find, especially for its extremely low price. 

Where is the Velowave 750 electric bike made?

The Velowave 750 electric bike is in China.

Where can I find the user manual?

The Velowave Electric Bike manual is here.

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