Vivi 350W Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

When choosing an electric bike there’s a lot the ride will want to consider. Especially if that e-bike is also a mountain bike. After hand testing many e-bikes in the market, we found that there is a lot to like when choosing the Vivi 350W Folding Electric Mountain Bike.

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Vivi 350 Watt Mountain E-Bike review

This mountain e-bike comes jam packed with a lot of features and is set at a great price for what you’ll be getting. 


This wonderful mountain bike is made from aluminum giving it a lightweight and good balance. This is great as it allows riders to have a seamless experience while keeping control of their bike in any situation. This frame is also waterproof with all of its accessories and wires being detachable. This is great for traveling with this e-bike as you can keep all of its parts and accessories stored and out of harm’s way. A great feature of this bike, as told in its name, is that it is foldable making it easy to carry and store in the trunk of the car at home. Equipped with adjustable seats, handlebars and removable batteries, this is a great bike to take on the road and travel with. 


The Vivi 350W Folding Mountain e-bike comes with Shimano 21 speed transmission system tech that helps riders easily adjust their speed depending on what type of trail they’re riding. The most common number of speeds for most mountain bikes is 21 speeds which is usually more than enough for every entry level mountain biker. In terms of performance the shifting between speeds on the Vivi Folding e-bike is done with thumb shifters which are much more reliable than grip twist shifters. We had no problems going up or down in speed and the shifting was smooth and quiet. The Vivi also includes shock-absorbing front fork and premium rear shock absorber that allows for a great smooth ride on hillsides, downhills, and even unequal roads. 


When considering any mountain bike to purchase, safety always has to be considered as one of the main priorities. With the Vivi 350W electric mountain bike, safety is taken very seriously and riders can be assured of having a safe ride. This bike comes equipped with shock absorbers and breaks that are better quality and let the rider stop suddenly with ease if needed. The mechanical front and rear brakes are equipped to ensure that you will always be able to stop. Whether on wet streets or flying down steep hills, this bike’s 160mm rotor enables plenty of braking power to allow you a clean stop that will keep you safe from harm.

Battery and Motor

This Vivi e-bike comes with a 350W high speed brushless motor. THe brushless motor is great as it has a longer life span and accelerates at a faster speed. The battery is a 36V/8Ah removable battery that has an energy-saving system giving it a longer battery use time. The battery takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge and will last a full day of commuting with the bicycle or a full day of being on the mountain. With its LED 3-speed smart meter button, you will be able to view this bike’s range that goes as follows. This bike will range about 44-50 miles when riding in pedal-assist or 22-25 miles when riding electric and using the throttle only. 

3 Working Modes

The Vivi mountain e-bike has three different working modes. Electric, pedal-assist, and normal bicycle mode. This is great for all types of riders as it gives this bike agility and the complexity to take on any type of terrain or ride. Whether you are looking to pursue faster speeds, commute to work, or exercise this bike is great and will please you on any type of ride. The Vivi bike has a detachable waterproof line design that can easily replace its accessories without removing the controller.


One of the things that we really liked about this adult e-bike is that it arrives 90% assembled. The Vivi is not hard to finish assembling as we had no problem putting together the final parts by ourselves.  The motor, battery, controller and dashboard are guaranteed for a one year warranty by the manufacturer. The company will also provide free replacements for the front and rear fenders so there should not be any worry about using them to their max. The Vivi mountain e-bike weighs 45 pounds and can take on a total load of about 265 pounds. It adopts CNC welding tech and is built to be strong and last long. After research, we have seen this bike stay undamaged after 200,000 vibration tests. 


The Vivi Folding Electric Mountain Bike is a very  versatile and unique bike. WIth it being a foldable model this bike is great for transportation and storage. Taking it on the road or storing it in your garage / yard becomes super simple when this bike takes up practically no space. It comes equipped with a full suspension on a lightweight aluminum frame giving you the agility to ride it almost anywhere. Being that it is an electric bike, it is heavy compared to regular mountain bikes however its strong 350W battery makes up for it. For this bike’s price point, you will definitely enjoy it and its three riding modes – electric, pedal assist, and even normal ride. The Vivi 350W Folding Electric Mountain Bike is a great affordable choice for those looking to veer into the e-bike mountain bike market.



What is the top speed of the Vivi 350W Folding Electric Mountain Bike?

The top speed for the Vivi Electric Mountain Bike is 15 – 30 mph in electric mode and up to 25 – 25 mph in pedal assist mode. 

What is the tire size for the Vivi 350W Folding Electric Mountain Bike?

The tires on the Vivi Electric Mountain Bike are 26 inches long by 2 inches wide.

Does the Vivi 350W Electric Mountain Bike have a throttle?

Yes the Vivi Electric Mountain Bike does have a throttle. You can make it go by twisting the throttle on the right handle or by pedaling it to start the electric assist mode. 


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