Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike Review

If you have spent any amount of time reading our reviews here at Mountain Bikes Lab you know that it is our goal to uncover the best, most affordable mountain bikes that we possibly can, and today we have found another gem. The Ancheer electric mountain bikes comes priced at less than $700 and has absolutely blown us away with its performance, versatility, and comfort. This electric mountain bike has a decent 350 watt electric motor and with a high performance battery its electric range is more than we expected for the price. Throughout this article I will give you my opinion on the Ancheer electric bike and my experience riding this bike for the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy this Ancheer electric mountain bike review. 

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Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike Detailed Review


Assembling the Ancheer

Unlike a majority of electric bikes the Ancheer give you the option of an expert assembly add on feature. For $120 more you can get your electric bike assembled rather than spending the time to do it yourself. While this is a nice feature if you have the money to spend, in my opinion you are far better off saving your hard earned money and spending a couple hours assembling the bike yourself. With a detailed manual this process shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours and it will get you familiarized with the bike, something I feel is very important for the long term enjoyment of an electric bike.

Overall the assembly of the Ancheer electric bike was as expected and although our team does have extensive experience doing this sort of thing, we still feel that almost anyone would be able to successfully assemble the bike. If you are concerned about you bike or feel that you don’t have the skills to assemble it your self we would recommend taking it to your local bike shop for them to assemble, rather than paying for the expert assembly provided by Ancheer. It will be less expensive and you will be able to talk to your bike mechanic and get everything fitted exactly the way you want it. 

Test Riding the Ancheer Electric Bike: An Urban Ride

Like with most of the bikes that we test these days, we decided to take the Ancheer electric mountain bike on a series of three test rides to see how it holds up in different situations, first a ride through our Southern California city, then a week of commuter riding, and finally a day on some mountain trials. We feel like these three riding conditions allows us to most accurately assess the suitability of the mountain bike we are testing so that we can give you a better review. 

Our first test ride with the Ancheer electric bike was just a leisurely day riding through the city. We have a good amount of bike paths so riding for 30 miles in a day through the city is pretty straight forward. Personally this is my favorite test ride as it allows me to see more and more of my home while working to give all you a better review. The Ancheer held up decently well during this test ride and the pedal assist mode on the motor allowed me to go all day without truly getting tired or overworked.

There are five different modes on your electric motor: 1, pedal assist, 2, throttle, 3, extra power for going uphill, 4, steep hill climbing, 5, maximum torque. Personally I only ever used up to level 3 and don’t really see a situation where level 4 or 5 would really be necessary, but it’s nice to know you have that extra power if you need it. 

With pedal assist the Ancheer electric bike has an effective range of over 25 miles which was great for my day ride. For almost everyone 25 miles is more than enough to get you where you want to be for a day trip and unless you are looking for a very high end electric bike this should be totally suitable.

In terms of comfort the Ancheer was actually quite enjoyable to ride on city streets. The seat was cushioned but firm, and the front suspension fork handled the small terrain of the roads with ease. Overall for an everyday bike you can’t go wrong with the Ancheer, I was very pleased with its day to day performance and would certainly recommend it. 

Our Second Test Ride with the Ancheer: The Commute 

People everywhere are looking to be in their cars less. Whether it is to help save the planet from global climate change, or simply because they want to enjoy the great outdoors during the commute to work, riding bikes to work has become a huge trend in recent years and with the growth of electric bikes this trend is only going to continue.

We have recently started test riding every electric bike we review with a week of commuting so that we can give you a detailed understanding of how this bike will hold up during a commute, whether the battery is strong enough for the round trip, and whether the mother is powerful enough to get you home on days where your legs just don’t have the energy to pedal that last mile home. 

As I said in the previous section, the Ancheer electric bike is quite comfortable, and with its decently powerful battery and motor, overall you have a high quality electric bike. When it comes to commuting, all of these factors continue to hold up. We tested out Ancheer with a 7.5 mile one way, 15 mile round trip commute for one week and personally I felt that it was the perfect commuter bike.

Using pedal assist I was able to get to and from work each day on a single charge, however if you live a bit farther from your place of work you could always charge your battery during the day to give yourself a full charge on the way home. 

The motor on the Ancheer will help you up to a speed of around 20 miles per hour which I feel is the ideal speed for a commuter bike. Any faster and going on roads always feels a bit dangerous to me, and if your commuting through an urban area going faster than 20 mph in a car is unrealistic. After using the Ancheer for a week of commuting I have to say that I am very pleased with its performance, however there are certainly a few thing that need improving after extended use.

First is the seat. Although it is decently comfortable you may want to check out our article on how to make your bike seat more comfortable because I certainly needed to adjust mine after a few days of riding. Secondly, is the tires. As with every bike that you will get online in a box, the Ancheer electric bike tires need some adjustment after you have ridden it for some time. I would highly recommend you taking your Ancheer electric bike to your local bike mechanic to get the tires professionally tuned up, unless you have some experience doing it yourself. Overall the commuter experience with the Ancheer electric bike was a very positive one, and I was quite pleased with its performance. There were somethings that could be improved as with everything, however none of my issues with the bike were anything close to a major issue. 

The Final Ride: Taking the Ancheer onto the Mountain Trails

So before we get into this section of the review let me first say that I truly enjoyed riding the Ancheer electric bike. As a casual everyday rider, or a commuter electric bike the Ancheer electric bike is an excellent choice. It is affordable, build sturdy, and powerful enough to get you wherever you need to go. However, as an electric mountain bike, the Ancheer cannot hold a candle to the upper echelon of electric mountain bikes such as the Velowave 750, or the Rambo Megatron. These are bikes that are purpose build for hardcore terrain riding, and although “mountain bike” is in the name of the Ancheer electric bike, I cannot in good faith recommend this electric bike as a high quality mountain bike. 

With decent suspension and a sturdy build, the Ancheer electric bike could certainly be ridden on some lower level off-road trails for beginners, but if you are expecting to take this on downhill rides you should definitely look elsewhere. The components on the Ancheer electric bike just are not high enough quality to survive the beating a bike will take when flying down mountain trails and going over rugged terrain. 


Overall the Ancheer electric bike is a great option for someone looking for a commuter or everyday electric bike. It’s motor and battery are great, and the frame of the bike is sturdy enough to handle everyday use. In terms of its use as a mountain bike I would say you are far more limited. It can certainly handle some beginner trail riding but that is as far as I would go on trails, anything with downhill riding or heavy terrain would most likely be too much for the Ancheer to handle. I would recommend this electric bike to someone who is looking for an electric bike for their commute to work, or someone who wants to invest in an everyday electric bike for casual riding. The Ancheer electric bike is very inexpensive but the quality is far better than the price might imply. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the max weight for the Ancheer electric mountain bike? 

The Ancheer electric bike has a max rider weight of 300 pounds.

How long does the Ancheer battery take to charge?

The removeable lithium ion battery in the Ancheer electric bike takes about 5 hours to go from fully dead to 100% charged. 

How fast does the Ancheer electric bike go?

The max speed for the Ancheer electric bike is about 20 miles per hour.

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