Becoming a Mountain Bike Rider

Biking is far easier on your muscles and joints than running; it is still a strenuous activity though. If you have suffered a heart or lung problem or have a history of a serious illness; go see a doctor before you take it to the next level.

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Becoming a Mountain Bike Rider | Mountain Bikes Lab

Alright! So you have decided to become a mountain bike rider for fitness or recreation or whatever your reason is; what you need is of course, a mountain bike. As a new rider, you might get discouraged from buying expensive bikes because you feel these bikes are too advanced and complicated.

You probably think a new mountain bike rider should start with a cheap Mountain bikes and then trade up as your riding skills increases; then you are wrong. Expensive mountain bikes have great external adjustability, lighter weight and durable components. They are easier to ride and making MTB riding more fun.

Starting with a cheap mountain bike may stop you from having fun riding if you are not comfortable riding it; Also a mountain bike should stand up to the repeated beating the MTB needs to endure. Cheap mountain bikes are not really mountain bikes, They look like mountain bikes, but they weigh a ton and don’t have quality components.

For a hardtail (bikes that only has front suspension), the weigh could be somewhere around 20-32 lbs. For full suspension bikes, probably 33-40 lbs, or maybe a little bit more, it really depends on the bikes built (can be made of aluminum alloy, steel or carbon fiber).I’m not expecting you to spend $2000 for your first mountain bike because you don’t need to.

A lot of bike stores have a rental fleet or a demo also there are a few shops that have traveling demo fleets, and your friend that is encouraging you to mountain bike has a real mountain bike, this is your options take advantage of it and try out a true mountain bike.

Before you hit the trail, be comfortable with shifters and take time to understand your mountain bike’s gears. When shifting, be decisive, push the trigger with authority. Mountain bikes are very durable you are not going to break it. Half-hearted pressing of the shifters will put you in limbo in-between gears. Once you get comfortable shifting, concentrate on when or where to shift, if you are already experienced, you can shift while going uphill but this includes finesse. A beginner rider is better off choosing a gear before climbing.

How about slowing down? Now that you are comfortable moving forward and shifting think of slowing down. Use your front brake; it has more stopping power. Use it, don’t be afraid.

When braking on downhills, Your weight should be rearward. Think of the surface of the trail, the rougher road, the harder you can hit the breaks, the smooth road needs softer touch; and when it seems the trail is impossible for your cross, get off the bike and walk through the scary part, there is no shame in it.

Riders, enjoy mountain biking better, in a group. Choose a group, the more the merrier. Since you are new they will not let you lag behind; they will ask you to lead for the most of the ride. A good group will choose a not highly technical route when they have a new rider with them but be aware that they will still not bring you to an easy ride. Not clearing all the sections in a ride is a great motivation for newcomers to come back and try it again until you complete each of the routes hard sections.

It is best for the new mountain bike rider to get out three or two times a week, this makes your new developed muscles to recover.

After using all these ideas to become a hardcore mountain biking, share this with a friend, get him out of the couch and into the saddle, make him a mountain biker too… It’s surprising what mountain bike can do for you or to your friend in becoming a better person.

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