The 10 Best Bike Handlebar Mirrors of 2022 with Buying Guide

No matter whether you are riding in the daylight or at night, on the busy road or trail it’s very important to have a great handlebar mirror for your bike. But most of us are confused about how to mount the handlebar mirror on their bikes, or which option is the best. To clear your confusion and to help you choose the best mountain bike handlebar mirror, we have come up with this informative article for you.

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Quick Answer – Best Bike Handlebar Mirrors

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Review of Top 10 Bike Handlebar Mirror

Mirror in a Bicycle

The time will come soon in the near future when all bikers will use the handlebar mirror on their bike. Yet currently, all bikes do not come with a handlebar mirror. Yet we all know it’s very important for our safety.

To remain safe from accidents, one must use the mirror for their bike. These reviews can help you to choose the best bike mirror.

1. Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

There is no other way to look back safely besides using a handlebar mirror. The best mirror to use while riding your mountain bike is the Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror. It is around of three inches and gives you a wide view. The mirror is built to look any angled view easily.


It connects with the cycle’s arm with a pivot connection. It can be connected inside the handlebar which has a diameter of 13.75-22.5 inch. So, it can easily get fixed to the larger or smaller holes of the bike handle.

The total weight of the product is 113.4g. You have to cut the grips of your bike’s handle to set it. You can use it as a rowing mirror. Easy to install as the install manual comes with it. If you want to know its dimension then here it is – 4 x 7.5 x 1.3 inch.


  • Can be installed both right and left side of your bike.
  • It’s fashionable design and adjustability is very solid. Because of the pivot connection there is no chance of displacement.
  • Mirror quality is extremely good, and while installing, there remains zero chance of breaking.
  • Unless it is bumped hard, it will not go off adjustment.
  • It has a high-quality view.


  • It is round-shaped, and the diameter is not fair enough to be satisfied a hundred percent.

2. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

A rearview mirror can give you a clear vision of your backside while riding. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror is one of them. It is ideal for road bikes. It comes with a mirror diameter of 62 mm. Made of stainless steel which is recyclable.

Adjustable 360 degrees wide looking facility. The perfect size for handles are 17-21 mm and it fits for fat bikes too.


Due to accidental issues, it is unbreakable. Specially designed for drop bars. An Allen key is needed to install this mirror to your bike’s handle. You have to cut the handle end’s grip for installing it. High-quality plastic made have no odor.

Nylon plus fiber is used. Have an excellent durable frame. It comes with one mirror but you can use both of your handles by purchasing two.  Product dimensions are  6.5 x 4.2 x 1.5 inch.


  • An expanded mechanism is included. It secures the inside bar. It is also suitable for drop-bar handle.
  • Plastic quality is very good and it’s very flexible.
  • Excellent view of behind road track. A high-quality mirror is used.
  • Angle view is so clear that you can easily see what is coming from behind from any angle.
  • It is very durable.


  • You have to buy two of them to attach them in two of your bike’s handle.

3. Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror

Another product from Mirrycle company with the easy installation process. To fit it required the handle of 15.2-23.4 mm. It has a wide angle look facility.

Fashionable look with quality plastic. Dimension for this product is 2 x 4 x 4 inches. It is very thin and got a fashionable look. However, for a good quality mirror, one can have a clear view.

very easy to install. It only fits in the handlebar’s end. For installing it you have to remove the rubber part of your handle’s grip. It is very lightweight. Angle-view has perfection. Wide look with the help of a long strip. Though it is not fit for all kinds of bike it is perfect for thin handles.


  • It has lightweight. So you can easily move your handle easily and comfortably.
  • The thin dimension gives it a fashionable look.
  • Good quality plastic is used and it’s very protective. It protects the mirror very well.
  • It has a very wide and clear look as it comes with a very good quality mirror.
  • Easy installation process.


  • It is not fit for all bike’s handle.
  • The screw has odd size.

4. Venzo Bicycle Bike Handlebar Safe Stainless Steel Mirror

With a curved sidearm, the venzo bicycle bike handlebar mirror is here. It has stainless mirror lens for the best outcome. It is half-round shape and is made of stainless steel. The mirror provides a clear view of the rear road.

Rearview glass is high quality, so it the broken of glass for any accident or crush is quite low. Venzo Bicycle Bike Handlebar can move 360 degrees that means adjustment of the mirror will be easy for you.

As it stands 45-degree angle, you can see the back of your shoulder. So safety is the 1st priority of this rearview mirror. Handlebar diameter is 22.2mm & mirror diameter is 80mm lightweight 140g or 0.30lbs which means Venzo handlebar mirror won’t cause any extra weight on your bicycle.

If you want to adjust it both side of your bicycle handlebar, it will be applicable. Gorgeous design suit with all most every type of bicycle. Only Taiwan provides this handlebar mirror.


  • The broken of the Venzo mirror is not an easy task.
  • The stainless steel is so high quality that it provides the same clear view like mirror glass.
  • Adjustment of the handlebar is easy and you can comfortably manage your angle.
  • It is very eco-friendly and ensures us a clear rear view.


  • Mirror provides little small view.
  • Distortion is quite high, so it gives us shaking the image of the rear view.

5. Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Handlebar Mirrors

It is good looking rearview mirror. It can be used for both drop bar and straight bar cycle. On the bar, you can set it as you wish, so it cannot interfere with the range of your hand.

Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror has 2 sizes of rubber knurled inserts, so you can choose which the best side is for you.

It is easy to adjust and uninstall. You have to make sure you that the handlebar mirrors is tie up perfectly. Usually, it cannot bear heavy shakes, you have to avoid road bumps. This handlebar mirror has dimensions of 8 x 5 x 1 inches and has a lightweight of 4 ounces.


  • It is bar end mirror type rearview mirror. So it will not disturb you to grip the handlebar.
  • The mirror is convex in shape, so you can see traffic from a long distance.
  • Round shape frame and mirror will make your bicycle look more attractive.
  • The holding system of the mirror is rubber knurl, so it is easy to install and uninstall.


  • It is small in size, so it will not cover a sufficient area of the road.
  • Rubber can hold the tension force for a long time. So the holding rubber will be loosened after someday.

6. LX LERMX Bike Glass Mirror

A rear view mirror is a great thing to use in bicycle. A rear view mirror lets you look behind more often and safely. There is no substitute for you looking behind instead of rear view mirror.

LX LERMX Bike Glass Mirror is one of the best adjustable safe rearview. It will not break apart easily during ups and downs on the road.

It is also using thick glass lens which is often used for car mirror, so it glasses are also very good quality. LX LERMX will provide you clear road view behind you because it can be set widely.

It has a long arm made of aluminum alloy that ensures horizontal area behind you to take a quick look safely.  The long arm is suitable for bicycle handlebar within 21-23 mm you can rotate it 360° for maximum coverage.


  • You can install it right or left both sides easily. The installation process is hassle-free.
  • It has sturdy and durable body is made by aluminum alloy which is very much against breakage due to some slight conflict.
  • You can set LX LERMX rearview angularly as your desire.
  • It has set offer. You will be given a handlebar with the mirror for free.
  • The company will give you 30 days to say them about your problem as they can solve it and it has a warranty of one year.


  • It does not look like normal bicycle mirror. It looks like a motorcycle rearview mirror.
  • Quite hard to see straight back of your shoulder.

7. Sprintech Left Side Mirror

Biking is loved many of us around the world. But the number of accidents due to lack of awareness is high. Often cyclist cannot see his backside traffic over his shoulder.

This is a big problem for them as they change their lane without knowing what is coming from the backside. Sprintech Left Side Mirror is one of the safest rearview mirrors for road bike or racing cycle. You can adjust it with the drop bar cycle as well as flat-bar cycle.

Fitting the mirror is as easy as pie. No tools are required just need a bit of force. The shape of the mirror is aerodynamic and it doesn’t cover the much of your backside view as it is not as big as 3rd eye mirror.

You can drive your cycle through the terrain, cobble, gravel, and even sand road, the rearview mirror will not change it place and will stay the exact place.


  • Sleek looking and beautiful in look, it will match with your road bike nicely. You can get all types of colors easily.
  • Sprintech doesn’t need a handlebar to set the mirror.
  • Very lightweight(20g). Easy to adjust.
  • Stay in the exact place during bumps and do not vibrate.
  • Chrome coated so it is brittle or breakable at all.


  • As it is made for racing or road bike it cannot bear heavy bumps, so you need to avoid major bumps.
  • The mirror has some optical polymeric distortion.

8. Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

When you figure it out that you have to adjust normal bike mirror often, it will be very irritating towards you. So you can try Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass mirror.

It is a rear view mirror that hast to fit with either with your helmet or spectacles, depending on your performance. You will need a helmet visor to fit the rear view mirror onto your helmet. It is highly adjustable. You can rotate the mirror with three pivot points.

It seems the mirror looks very small, but your vision will be clear enough because the mirror will be set very closely. So the image it gives is very sharp and clear. The mirror has no frame and you can adjust it both right and left side for use.

Normally your body blocks the view directly behind you. By using it you have to slightly turn your head right/left so you can get a clear vision directly behind you.


  • It is a frameless mirror and provides a clear vision behind you.
  • It has three rotational axes. So you have the freedom to angle it as you need.
  • When you are leading a group of cyclist, you will find yourself looking back often to make sure everyone still in the group.
  • The mirror is indestructible. It will drop many times from your hand, eyeglass and helmet during adjusting it. But it won’t break down easily.
  • As your head stay still, the mirror won’t make vibrations.


  • It is hard to tell any disadvantage about Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror other than the slightly difficult 1st-time adjustment.

9. Ventura Bicycle Handlebar Mirrors

It can be used on bicycle, electric bikes, scooters for the clear backside view. It is made with chrome-plated aluminum. So you can use it roughly in the rain without any tension of getting rust on it. The diameter of the mirror is 80 mm. The bar is 200 mm long. It is made to look vintage style.

Ventura will adjust perfectly onto your bike. Long handlebars help to see rear view easily. It has only one color and that is silver.  You have no tension for getting down in a bump because it will not break down easily as it has a strong frame as well as thick glass.


  • It is round-shaped. You can see the extra area for being round.
  • Long arm will help you to see the angular, long side of the back of you.
  • The mirror is nonglare. So when sunlight or headlight of a vehicle directly falls on to the mirror it won’t glare that much to disturb you.
  • You can adjust the bar as you need. The installation process is easy.
  • Chrome plated aluminum will help the frame to not reduce rust. The body of the frame is sturdy and the design of the bike mirror is decades ago. So it will not break down easily for falling down any bumps.


  • Quite hard to see straight back of your shoulder.
  • The mirror has optical distortion.

10. Alloet 1Pair Bicycle Handlebar Mirror

It fits for the mountain trail. Made of stainless still and the plastic holder made by new high-quality ABS material. The glass is quite high quality. The reflector will not break down easily.

The glass is completely shatterproof. You can drive your cycle through the bump. Handlebar diameter is 22.2mm, so it is easy to guess that the reflector frame has a strong base. You can fix it any kind of angle as you need.

Allot 1 Pair Bicycle Handlebar Mirror has a large convex mirror which provides the wider view. The reflector is quite white for extra security on the road. This handlebar mirror will make your journey safer and completely enjoyable.

You have to buy a pair of this. You have no fear for rain because the glass is high quality so if you drive through cats and dogs rain the rearview will reflect the back of your shoulder perfectly.


  • The handlebars are sturdy, strong, and medium long.
  • The mirror stays where you fit 1st time. Clams are good quality with inserting rubber.
  • Reflector covers the wide area, so it is a great safety for an oncoming vehicle.
  • Alloet 1 Pair Bicycle Handlebar Mirror will adjust and match any type of cycle.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.


  • It is hard to see straight back of your shoulder.
  • The range of rearview reflects glass is low.

Things Need To Know Before Buying

We all are conscious that cycling is eco-friendly. Some of us are not concern about safety while riding. Think that it may look odd to use a handlebar mirror on the bikes.

They may think about the odd facts but a bike without a handlebar mirror can cause a serious accident. It is very difficult to look back in the meanwhile look forward too while cycling.

While wearing glasses or riding through snow road it creates more and more difficulties for the bikers. The bicycle handlebar mirror will help you to look better the behind scenes while riding.

Okay, You have decided to buy one. You need to know many things before buying the best bicycle mirror. The facts that you should know, now I’m going to describe them.

i. Plastic Quality

Plastic quality bears a lot in choosing the bicycle handlebar mirror. Good quality plastic can give extra protection to your mirror. Looking for flexible and more protective plastic coat? Then choose the highly polymerized plastic.

ii. Installation process

Choose the handlebar mirror which is very easy to install. Frequently remove or insert the mirror is easy when it comes to the easy installation process.

iii. Durability and Fashion

To add a mirror in your bike’s handle is to be looking good. It should be fashionable. It will be very good if the mirror is durable enough to ride in all kind of road. Your mountain bike may go through rough road and for this, the mirror can be displaced.

iv. Maintenance

You have clean your mirror face every day. So, you have to keep eyes on clean the mirror daily. And if you don’t want, then the mirror can get hazy. It may cause an accident. Maintenance is a must for your bike and also for a handlebar mirror.

v. Check the suitability

Before buying your handlebar mirror for your mountain bike check the handle bar’s arm circumstance and check your bike’s handle too. Whether it suitably fixed or not check it before.

After buying if it is not set well then it may cause trouble for you. It may displace or misplaced. So, my suggestion will be to check it before buying it.

vi. Overall Benefits

Before buying a mirror you have to think that for what purpose you are buying this. And is it necessary for you to buy two of them for you two handlebars of your bike? Then think for a while.

I will recommend you to buy for both the handles. You should do everything for remaining safe. Using two in two handles is the best idea in this field.


Stay secure while riding. Keep your eyes on. There is nothing that can be the first issue without the safety issue. Safety is a must. I hope that you have found the best handlebar mirror for your bike and bicycle rear view mirror reviews have helped you so far. Stay safe and ride by your will.

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