Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike Review

Mountain biking is a great activity that everyone can enjoy, however sometimes finding the right bike can be a daunting task. With so many different options to choose from, at times it can be overwhelming to think about where to start. Here at Mountain Bikes Lab, we strive to provide you with detailed and reliable reviews of a variety of bikes so that you can get started biking as soon as possible. The Sirdar S-900 is a relatively new entrant to the mountain biking scene, but we are impressed by its quality and performance, especially at its attractive price. 

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Last updated on May 20, 2024 4:08 am

Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike Overview

In this Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike review, we’ll go over some of the best features of this amazing bike, giving you a complete overview of what we believe is one of the absolute best mountain bikes available in a reasonable price range. The S-900 is one of our best bikes under $400 given its performance yet affordability. Easy to assemble, with a high quality aluminum alloy frame, the Sirdar S-900 is an excellent choice for a new user, or an experienced mountain biker looking to add a new bike to their riding collection. 

Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike Overview

Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike Overview

Extremely Easy Assembly

Have you ever ordered something online and then when it arrives and you open the package to find it nearly impossible to put together? The instructions are vague, you can’t find help online, and the whole process is extremely off putting. Thankfully this is the opposite of the experience that you will have when you order a Sirdar S-900 mountain bike. When your bike arrives you’ll find that all the parts are organized and packaged in a way that ensures that there is no damage to anything. 

When you open your bike you’ll see that 95% of the bike has already been assembled. You are only responsible for the saddle, pedals, handlebars, and front wheel. During assembly there are detailed instructions which will making putting together your new bike easy and stress free. Additionally there is an assembly video created specifically for the Sirdar S-900, which will ensure that you have no problems assembling your bike, which can be a big put off for other mountain bikes. We loved how easy it was to assemble and begin to use the bike compared to other more intensive models.

Excellent Shock Absorbers 

The Sirdar S-900 is equipped with a top of the line aluminum suspension fork. In addition, the 27.5×1.95 inch wheels are perfectly suited to helping you glide up mountain trails, fly along paved roads, or trek across off-road dirt and gravel pathways.

One of the fantastic features of the Sirdar suspension fork is it’s adjustable quality. You can lock the fork when riding over flat level terrain to reduce the effort you expend, or unlock it while riding on rough mountain terrain to eliminate the shock of the road. 

Excellent Shock Absorbers 

Excellent Shock Absorbers

Full Aluminum Alloy Frame – High Quality Parts

This bike frame is one that will not let you down. Made of a premium aluminum alloy, the entire frame of the Sirdar S-900 is professional grade, and will last you for years even with consistent, and heavy use in harsh weather. It’s anti-rusting, minimizes the weight of the bike, and is very sturdy. 

Aside from the frame of the bike, Sirdar has provided the bike with high quality carbon steel parts including: the chain, handle bar, fork tube, and front and rear derailleur. These steel parts will guarantee that you do not have to replace your parts often, unlike some other lower quality bike parts. 

Sirdar S-900 Review Details


The Sirdar S-900 is equipped with a three gear front derailleur, and a nine gear rear derailleur, providing the user with a full range of 27 speeds. This enables the rider to experience both steep mountain paths and flat highway roads with the same comfort and efficiency. 

Switching gears is simple, intuitive, and effortless. With a touch of a finger the rider can switch through all the gears which is essential for efficient mountain biking. Fitted with the absolute top of the line derailleurs, your Sirdar S-900 chain will never drop during gear shifting, which can be very difficult to fix, especially in the middle of a ride. 

Sirdar Customer Service 

Renowned for their excellent customer service, the owner of a Sirdar S-900 can sleep easy knowing that they can have all of their questions and concerns answered by a Sirdar customer service professional. For a whole year after your purchase your bike Sirdar will provide complete solutions to any and all problems that you might encounter. 

These days, quality customer service can be extremely hard to come by, but at Sirdar your satisfaction is guaranteed. Their professionals will answer all your questions, and make sure that every problem you have with your bike is dealt with in a quick and efficient manner. 


The Sirdar S-900 performs highly across all areas, especially when you consider its affordable price tag. Sure, it won’t amaze you like a $2000 bike might, but for this price, it’s tremendous value. We’re confident saying that Sirdar is going to be a hot and growing brand if they keep producing affordable, quality bikes like the Sirdar S-900. If you’re looking for a new bike that’s solid, designed-well, and won’t break the bank, the Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike is a great call.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What height is a 27.5 inch Sirdar S-900 bike for?

The 27.5 inch Sirdar S-900 is optimal for someone between 5’5” and 6’2”, with a maximum weight of 330 lbs. 

Is the Sirdar S-900 a good mountain bike?

Yes. With an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars, the Sirdar S-900 is the number 8 bike in the Mountain bikes category. In our opinion it is an excellent bike, especially considering the reasonable price.

Can the Sirdar S-900 bike be converted to a stationary bike?

With the correct equipment this bike can very easily be converted into a stationary bike. 

Does Sirdar make other bikes?

Yes, Sirdar makes other bikes. You can find our review of the S-700 and S-800 model here. 

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