Best Hosote Mountain Bikes – Buyer’s Guide

Hosote makes a variety of great mountain bikes are that are suited for all terrains types. Whether you’re into dirt, sand, ice or even common city roads these bikes are great to help keep in shape during the off season. Hosote specializes in producing some of the best fat tire mountain bikes out there, and they also have a solid entry-level mountain bije. We here at Mountain Bikes Lab were impressed by the quality and durability of Hosote’s fat tire mountain bikes. These bikes both have high wear resistance, high recognition, strong grip, non-slip and very comfortable to ride in all types of terrain conditions. 

Besides their specialty in fat tire mountain bikes, Hosote also has a sought after full suspension high-tensile carbon steel frame mountain bike that’s great for both men and women. With this mountain bike’s suspension frame and suspension fork, you can expect to soak up even the toughest terrains including mountains and wasteland, also effective on the road, trail, city, beach or the snow. It’s also reasonably priced and is a great beginner bike for those not looking to break the bank. 

With any Hosote bike, you can look forward to enjoying a comfortable ride or challenging yourself on new terrain. Your biggest challenge will ultimately be finding the best Hosote bike for you, so let’s take a deep dive into the Hosote bikes and find one that will best match with your riding style. 

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Hosote 26-Inch 7-Speed Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review


When looking at Hosote’s Fat Tire mountain bike selection, one particular model stood out from the rest for its high quality and steel frame build. The Hosote Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike with 26 inch wheels and 7-speed function is a great option if you’re looking for a quality built fat bike to enhance your skills and shape in the off season. 

This bike has a high carbon steel frame with an adopted, thickened front suspension fork. This front suspension fork absorbs shock from almost any and all bumps and dips for a comfortable ride that ultimately protects your joints. Equipped with an iron shoulder shock-absorbing fork which reduces vibration amplitude which a bumpy ride will feel and be more relaxing. With this good shock absorption, you can expect this bike to be suitable for a variety of roads, while being resistant to any deformation and tensile force. 

Another feature which is hard to miss is this bike’s dual disc brakes. These mechanical brakes are located on the front wheel to help supplement your stopping power and give it equal force throughout the bike. They also have the easy option to adjust when needed. The Hosote Fat Tire Mountain Bike has mechanical brakes on the back wheel which provide a crisp stopping power and allow for steady speed regulation, especially when going downhill on mountainside or roadside descents. These professional and stable disc brakes allow for the rider to change speed freely and be more flexible when riding on dangerous downhill slopes, ensuring the safety of the rider. 

Hosote 26-Inch 21-Speed Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review


The second Hosote fat tire bike that our team reviewed and sampled comes with 26 inch wheels and Shimano 21 Speed shifters. This fat tire mountain bike truly suits all kinds of topography, ranging from snow, beach, mountain, roads and many more terrains. The 3 spoke wheels will definitely draw eyes as they give this bike a fashionable yet simple look while riding.

The best feature about this 26 inch Hosote Fat Tire Mountain Bike is definitely its quality. You can expect for this bike to have a high carbon steel frame that is adopted with a thickened front fork allowing for good shock absorption and suitable for almost any terrain type. This bike’s frame allows for both quality and performance. We love its sheer resistance to any deformation and tensile force and how durable it will stay in the long run. 

A huge added benefit for this bike is its shifters. Coming with 21 speed advanced Shimano shifters, you have the ability to change gears more smoothly and create a better riding experience. Your sports and workout efficiency will greatly increase with these different gear shift options as you can decide to change to the best gear that is most suitable for your ride condition. 

You won’t have to worry too much about the assembly work for this bike as it comes 85% assembled already. Basic parts that you’ll need to install are the front wheel, pedals, handlebar, seat and lastly pump the tires. You won’t need to spend more than 20-30 minutes on this bike to fully get it assembled and on the road. 

Hosote 26-Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bike Review


The last bike which really stood out for us is the Hosote 26 Inch Mountain Bike. This is not a fat tire bike, but rather a traditional mountain bike. Let’s start off with the 21 speed trigger shifters and a rear derailleur making it quick and easy to change between gear shifts ride up or down hillsides. This bike’s dual suspension frame and suspension fork really give it the upper hand in absorbing any and all types of bumps and thumps that you may find along your ride giving you an ultimate riding experience. 

The 26 Inch Hosote Mountain Bike can really take on many terrains! Our team here has tested it out on mountainsides, roads, wastelands and recognized its effectiveness on windy trails, city streets, beaches and even snowy trails. 

What you’ll really notice from purchasing this bike is its durability and high quality. Its sturdy solid frame, with the combination of its high carbon steel material and amazing welding tech, make it a sturdy and durable mountain bike, keeping you safe and providing a great riding experience. Another component that’ll catch your eye is the bike’s rear suspension. The Hosote 26 Inch MTB rear suspension can allow for the stroke to be softer in the beginning, making it more sensitive when riding on small bumps, and supporting even more when approaching the end of the stroke, so as not to bottom out. 


Finding the right bike for you is never an easy task, especially when looking for a mountain bike. They truly come in all shapes and sizes and the dimensions differ even to the slightest of details. Having a bike for every season really feels like a necessity once you really fall in love with this sport. This includes finding the right brand to match your riding style. We’ve found that the Hosote brand won’t disappoint you when looking for consistent high quality bikes.

Whether it’s a bike to take out during the regular season or trying a new style with fat bikes in the off season, you’ll be happy to know that Hosote really steps up their game in all types of mountain bikes. Their commitment to providing high grade and durable frames with great suspension forks and brakes is what sets them apart. Best part is the simplicity to install each of their bikes and their after sales customer service.

With any issues, questions or concerns you can call or email them and they will return to you no later than 24 hours. The Hosote brand really sets the bar when it comes to high quality mountain bikes and we here at Mountain Bikes Lab know you won’t be disappointed with any bike you choose out and ride with.

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