Hyper Shocker 26 Inch Mountain Bike Review

Priced at under $200, the Hyper Shocker mountain bike is quite controversial. As a true mountain bike, for any type of trail this bike is ineffective, and possibly even dangerous to ride for an adult. The frame and parts were simply not built for the wear and tear of mountain paths regardless of what the name of this bike implies. However that does not necessarily mean that this bike is useless and in this review we will go over what makes this bike good and what makes it bad so that you can make the most informed decision possible about what you want to ride.

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Hyper Shocker Mountain Bike Review


Although this is clearly not the greatest bike in the world, there are some redeeming qualities about the Hyper Shocker mountain bike. Hopefully in this review we will help you make the correct decision when deciding whether or not to buy this bike, however first we need to make some things clear. Here at Mountain Bikes Lab we do not recommend this bike for anyone who is looking to ride on mountain trails or anything more rough than city roads. This bike will not hold up to the wear and tear of rough dirt paths and we do not feel as though it is high enough quality for anyone to truly mountain bike with. 

Where should you ride this bike?

As we stated before this bike should not be ridden on mountain bike trails, it will not hold up. However if you are simply looking for a bike to ride around town than this can be a very fun and inexpensive option to consider. Priced around $100 this is a very cheap way to have fun biking even if you may not be able to ride it exactly where you want. We recommend that you ride this bike on relatively flat and hard surfaces such as sidewalks, beach board walks, or city roads. In this capacity the Hyper shocker mountain bike can be very enjoyable. 

18 Speed Grip Shifters

Unlike many mountain bikes the Hyper Shocker has 18 speeds rather than 21 which is not ideal, however for riding in the city this will be totally sufficient for all of your biking needs. For true mountain biking you would need the extra gears to making it up steeper hills but for flat roads the extra gears are not as necessary. If you will be riding this bike where we recommend the 18 speeds will be more than enough for you to enjoy riding the bike. 


Overall the Hyper Shocker is not a good mountain bike. It has low quality parts, poor design and will not hold up if you take this onto mountain bike trails. However, if you are looking to buy a bike simply to ride around town and enjoy yourself there is no reason that this bike cannot accomplish that. Ultimately the true decision is your when it comes to whether or not you choose to buy this bike, but as a mountain bike there are far better options out there. 

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