Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 with Buying Guide

Do you have doubts about whether you can get a great mountain bike for under $300? I’m here to clear your doubts and help you get the best fit within your budget. But you just can’t buy one without checking the quality, design, and performance at this price level. In some sports and activities, it is all about your skills and talent. But with mountain biking, a lot will fall on the shoulders of your mountain bike.

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Quick Answer – The 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

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Mountain biking is a great activity and once you’ve tried it, you will soon enough get addicted to it. Day in and day out, you will probably feel that it is time you get your own real mountain bike. Finding the perfect bike and browsing our post becomes a must.

Best MTBs Under $300

Of course, you can find dirt cheap options on the market. But are you willing to jeopardize your safety and health for a few dollars?  Buying a durable and sturdy mountain bike is a huge investment. It will not only last for long but it will also allow you to enjoy your adventure to the maximum.

Review of the Top 10 Mountain Bikes Under 300 USD

An informed buyer will have real expectations about the features of the best bikes on the market. With regular and proper maintenance, your bike can last for a very long time. In this section, you will find all what you need to know about the Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Dollars. This will allow you to pick the one that best suits you.

Vilano 26-Inch Frame Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB

This MTB combines durability with dependability. When you are mountain biking, you don’t want your bicycle to break or bend even upon impact. This strong mountain bike features a strong double-butted aluminum frame. It will withstand shocks.

It is also very light which is a great plus on the trail. You will be able to ride safely and your sturdy bike will not slow you down. What we specifically like about this bike is that it is designed with the rider’s safety as the main concern. The suspension fork and the lockout system are exceptional.

The mechanical disc brakes will allow you to stop immediately regardless of your speed. They perform exceptionally especially in mud and rain. This MTB features strong alloy magnesium wheels in addition to a 21 Speed Drivetrain. This is a versatile bike that you can use for cruising, commuting, and light trail riding. Moreover, it is quite easy to assemble.


  • Sturdy double-butted aluminum frame.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Reliable suspension system and brakes.
  • Strong 26 inches magnesium alloy wheels.


  • Requires heavy tuning.
  • The user manual is rather generic.

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MeraxFiniss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Although this Merax MTB is one of the cheapest mountain bikes on the market, a lot of people simply love how durable and sturdy it is. It features a lightweight heat treated aluminum frame. This will allow you to speed as much as you want to, and still keep your MTB in one piece. The 26 inches wheels are made of double wall aluminum rims. Again, since aluminum is one of the lightest metals, you can be sure that your bicycle will excel on the trail.

The MTB features front and rear brakes for easy stopping in addition to a reliable suspension system. The suspension fork will allow you to better control the bike as you get to pass through rough terrains and bumps. It comes almost 85% assembled so you will be able to put it together in no time. This bike is a very good value for the money. You will feel like you are riding a real professional mountain bike for a fraction of the price.


  • Lightweight heat treated aluminum frame.
  • Sturdy construction with high-quality aluminum wheels.
  • Front and rear brakes for maximum safety and reliability.
  • Excellent suspension system for more stability and control.
  • Easy assembly.


  • It is not suitable for overweight people. It tends to get bottomed out with shocks and bumps.

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Diamondback Bicycles Laurito Hardtail Complete MTB

Some people might think that MTBs under $300 are flimsy. But this particular bike proves them all wrong. The frame is made of 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum. This is one of the strongest metals that will not bend, rust, break or scratch. This means that your MTB will last for long and will keep on delivering great performance every single time. The frame also has eyelets that will help you mount fenders and a rack.

This MTB is suitable for professionals and novice riders alike. It comes in 2 sizes, small and medium to fit different builds. The medium frame features 27.5 inches wheels that will roll smoothly. The wheels feature quick release hubs for easy replacement. You will get to enjoy your time whether you are cruising, commuting or riding your bike on the most challenging trails. This bike has a replaceable derailleur hanger. Although it is considered to be a basic one for beginners, it is still an exceptional product that you can use for long. You might want to consider professional help for initial set up and alignment. But after that, you will be able to use your MTB perfectly.


  • Strong heat treated aluminum frame.
  • Big 27.5 inches wheels with quick release hubs.
  • 21 speeds.
  • Versatile bike suitable for novice and experienced riders.


  • No disc brakes.

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Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike

Who said that you have to break the bank to get a high-quality mountain bike? This is a budget-friendly bicycle that will perform exceptionally on any terrain. Its strong aluminum frame will withstand shocks and bumps. It is hand built with special stress on quality and stability. You can now enjoy your commutes and explore challenging trails thanks to the big and stable 29 inches wheels. The rims are made of double wall alloy and they will stay stable regardless of the nature of the trail.

You will be able to ride safely regardless of your level of experience. The suspension system and fork will allow you to better control this bike and the mechanical disc brakes will stop easily. With 24 speeds and an easy to use shifter, every commute will be a fun experience. It is very easy to assemble and suits different levels of experience since it is very easy to control and manage regardless of its big frame. It is excellent value for the money.


  • Hand-built strong aluminum frame.
  • Double wall rims.
  • 29 inches sturdy and stable wheels.
  • High-quality suspension system and fork.
  • Mechanical disc brakes.


  • The seat is not very comfortable.

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Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a lightweight bike that suits people who don’t have much experience. It is also suitable for people who have a smaller build. It is very easy to assemble and you can easily have it ready in about 30 minutes. This is a big plus if don’t have much experience with MTBs. This mountain bike will meet your expectations as a versatile bike. It can be used for commuting, cruising and mountain biking on a rough trail.

The full suspension aluminum frame features a steel crown fork. It is what you need to control your bike regardless of the large bumps on the road. The 26 inches wheels will keep your bike stable and safe. It features 21 speeds with twist shifters that will allow you to go on according to your pace. Don’t worry if this is your first time on the trail since this bike is very easy to control.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Suitable for beginners and people who have a small build.
  • Reliable suspension system.
  • 26 inches wheels.


  • Not a suitable bike if you have a big frame.

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Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch Full Suspension MTB

This is one of the most impressive mountain bikes under $300 since it is very easy to control and manage. This bicycle features a lightweight strong aluminum frame. It will stay in one piece even when you abuse it on the roughest trail. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy your time in fun commutes. The full suspension frame and the front suspension fork keep your bike stable in spite of the rough bumps on the road. This is a great plus, especially if you are still a beginner because you will be able to control the bike properly.

In addition to the sturdy construction, this bike features front and rear disc brakes. They will allow you to stop the bike easily. It has 21 speeds with reliable twist shifters that will allow you to switch your speed easily. It also features no-slip gears allowing you to do the most challenging and trickiest maneuvers easily. Don’t worry about maintaining this bike. The strong alloy wheels are very quick to release for easy maintenance on the trail. This Aluminum frame MTB combines comfort with top performance.


  • Durable lightweight aluminum frame with reliable quick release wheels.
  • Well-constructed suspension frame.
  • 21 Speeds with twist shifters.
  • No-slip gears for the trickiest maneuvers.


  • Screws on the pedals need to be often tightened.

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Mantis Orchid 26 Full Suspension Bicycle

This is one of the Best Cheap Mountain Bikes on the market since it offers exceptional performance for an amazing price. The steel dual suspension frame and the steel suspension fork offer great stability on the trail. This is why it is a great MTB to buy if you are still taking your first steps in the world of mountain biking. The frame is made of sturdy aluminum that will not weigh you down and the big 26 inches wheels roll easily whether you are using this bike for serious trails or fun cruising.

This bike comes with a kickstand and features front and rear V-brakes. When you are experimenting with rough terrains, you want to make sure that your mountain bike is one that you can really depend on. This MTB will not disappoint you despite its affordable price. With 21 speeds and twist shifters, you will be able to ride comfortably regardless of the condition of the road.


  • Exceptional steel suspension frame and fork.
  • Kickstand.
  • Reliable V-brakes.
  • Strong aluminum frame and wheels.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Entry level bike. Not suitable for heavy duty mountain biking.

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Schwinn Men’s High Timber 29″ Wheel MTB

People buy bikes for a lot of reasons. This is why it is always a great idea to invest in a reliable product. This MTB is mainly designed for exploring challenging trails. Nevertheless, it is a great bike for usual commuting, cruising and spending fun time in the outdoors. It can do well on both paths and unpaved trails alike. It comes with an excellent suspension fork that will allow you to enjoy your time without feeling every single bump on the road.

This bicycle is sturdily made with a special attention given to durability and stability. Although it is quite affordable, this is not a flimsy product that will break down easily. You can rest assured that your MTB will last for long and you can even share it with other members of the family. It features 21 speeds and a rear derailleur for quick gear changing. You will be able to ride smoothly to enjoy your time to the maximum. Moreover, the 3 pieces alloy crank allows for a wider gear change while riding. This bicycle comes with V-brakes for sure stops that won’t take much time or effort. You can be sure that you will stay safe and comfortable whenever you decide to get on your bicycle.


  • Versatile bike for commuting and mountain biking.
  • 21 speeds and 3 pieces alloy crank for easy gear shifting.
  • Excellent suspension system and fork.
  • Great stability.


  • Not easy to assemble.

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Nashbar AT1 29er Mountain Bike

As you search for an entry level MTB, you don’t want to buy something that will break the bank. But still, you don’t want to buy a product that you will definitely replace after a few months. This exceptional MTB provides an answer to the eternal dilemma. It allows you to save some cash without lowering your expectations. It is an affordable bike but feels and acts like an expensive one. This is why a lot of people fell in love with it. The steel hardtail frame is an excellent one to take to the roughest trails. Steel is very sturdy and this means that you can kiss dents and bent parts goodbye.

This MTB features a 7-speed drive train with enough gears to suit all your needs. Whether you are going up a hill, down one or simply cruising around, you will find exactly what you need. With easy gear shifting, every commute will feel like a picnic. The 29 inches wheels roll over obstacles easily without jeopardizing your safety or stability. This is an excellent entry-level MTB that you can enjoy for years. You can also add your own upgrades to better fit your preferences. Moreover, it comes with reliable V-brakes for precise and punctual performance.


  • Steel frame for stiffness and durability.
  • Hardtail bike for more stability on the trail.
  • Different speeds with fast and easy gear changing.
  • 29 inches wheels for reliable performance.
  • Ability to add extras and accessories.


  • Rather heavy.

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Vilano Ridge 1.0 Mountain Bike

Reliability? Check. Lightweight? Check. Durability? Check. It is hard to find something that we don’t like about this MTB. This is a great entry level bicycle that will enable you to take your mountain biking game up a notch. It features a strong yet lightweight butted 6061 aluminum frame. It will not weigh the bike down for easy control and exceptional performance. Moreover, aluminum is a durable and sturdy metal that won’t break or rust.

This bicycle has a great suspension system. It will allow you to enjoy your ride without worrying about every obstacle on the road. When you are exploring rough terrains, you need a stable bike that will not shake if you step on a rock or two. This one definitely does the job for a fraction of the price of other products. Moreover, it features 26 inches wheels for easy rolling in addition to 21 speeds. Shifting gears has never been easier or more fun. Since safety should be your main concern, the bike’s mechanical disc brakes are a plus. They deliver great performance in all weather conditions, allowing you to focus only on the road ahead of you. This MTB is a must have.


  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • Reliable suspension system.
  • 21 speeds and 26 inches bikes for cruising and trails.
  • Mechanical disc brakes with exceptional performance in bad weather.


  • Tires are not of the best quality.

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Buying Guide For Mountain Bikes Under 300 Dollars

Mountain bikes provide a lot of off-the-road fun. However, you could always use your MTB for other purposes. In fact, if you are still a beginner, investing in a versatile bike makes more sense. Whether you decided to explore rough terrains or simply need a reliable bike for daily commutes, you can find a lot of excellent options. But which mountain bike should you choose? There are some factors that will help you with your decision.

i. Frame Size

You will find that MTBs come in different sizes. You should always pick one that is suitable for your body build. A bicycle that is too small will not enable you to sit or pedal comfortably. If your bike is too big, you might end up stretching your legs to reach the pedals. Make sure that you pick the appropriate height and frame.

ii. Wheel Size

Different wheel sizes will perform differently on the trail. Picking the right wheels will maximize your pedaling energy efficiency. 29 inches wheels will offer more stability. They are better for speed lovers who prefer to have more rubber on the ground for more confidence. They are better at rolling over obstacles and hold the speed longer.

Smaller 26 or 27 inches wheels excel at maneuverability. They are more appropriate if you want to start practicing tricks. However, it is very important to make sure that the wheels suit the frame perfectly. For example, if you have a small build or if you are going to share your bike with wife and kids, then a medium sized frame with medium sized wheels will be fine.

iii. Easy to assemble

You don’t have to be a professional to put a MTB together. In fact, most of them arrive partially assembled. If your bike is easy to set up, it will be a big plus. You don’t have to spend extra cash at the bike shop.

Make sure that you follow the user’s manual. A high-quality bike will come with everything you need to put it together. However, you might still need some tools to tie the bolts and the screws. But relax, you will find everything you need in a normal tool box. You can get that at any hardware store.

iv. Material

Lightweight or heavyweight? MTB frames are made either of aluminum or steel. The choice is definitely a matter of personal preference since both metals are very sturdy. You will not end up with a broken bike either way. Having said that, it important to understand the difference between the two.

Steel bikes are heavy and this makes sense. However, sometimes heaviness equals more stability. This is true especially if you are still taking your first baby steps in the world of mountain biking. Moreover, they are more budget-friendly. Aluminum bikes, on the other hand, are very sturdy yet lightweight. They are more appropriate for speed lovers.

v. Brakes

V-brakes are lightweight. Moreover, they are very easy to use and quite affordable. No wonder that a lot of MTBs have V-brakes. Maintaining V-brakes is not complicated. You will just have to change the cable and pads regularly.

Disc brakes are by far more aggressive and more powerful. They deliver better performance, especially in rain or mud. But they cost more.


Equipped with your spirit of adventure, it is time to hit the trail. Your MTB is the best companion to bring along. There are a lot of excellent options to consider when you are looking for cheap mountain bikes below $300. With all the information available, picking the most suitable one shouldn’t be an issue.

Great MTBs don’t have to break the bank. You can always find a budget-friendly option that will meet your expectations. Just pay attention to the product features and think of your personal needs to find the perfect match.


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