Merax 26 Inch Aluminum Mountain Bike Review

Many MTB riders would agree that a big challenge that comes with mountain biking would be the uphill battle you face while riding mountainside trails. Riding through steep hilltops takes a lot of courage and stamina which is definitely not easy to do. Finding the right mountain bike made for extreme mountainside conditions isn’t simple, especially when looking for one that can handle the tough terrain found on most trails. We here at Mountain Bikes Lab have found just the right bicycle perfect for any and all mountainside adventures, the Merax 26-inch Aluminum Mountain Bike. 

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Last updated on March 28, 2024 1:05 am

Merax 26-Inch Aluminum Mountain Bike Review


This bike is the perfect bike to help you experience new things and really take a step out of your comfort zone. Finding a bike to fit your riding style is always a challenge, however, look no further as the Merax 26-inch mountain bike will curate to your outdoor adventure and give you something to look forward to for years to come. In this post, we’ll break down some of the features and dimensions of this bike so you can make sure that it’s the best fit for you. 


The Merax 26-Inch Aluminum Mountain Bike comes with amazing features and dimensions that give this bike a special edge in the mountain biking space. From it’s build to its unique color options, this bike comes with a lot to offer.

Lightweight Frame

Let’s start off with the heart of the bike, its sturdy yet lightweight frame. A mountain bike’s frame can really make all the difference when riding, especially when riding uphill. A heavy weighty frame only makes it even more daunting when going uphill. The Merac 26-Inch Mountain Bike’s frame is made out of aluminum giving it a lighter weight that can be carried around anywhere. 


Next on this bike is its impressive gearing system. Gears make all the difference when riding, whether uphill, downhill or even on flat roads. A good gear set to the right level eases the riding experience, especially when mounting. The Merax 26-Inch Aluminum Mountain Bike comes equipped with the best gears the market has to offer. The Shimano fitted 24-speed gears and shifters offer the most ideal experience when changing gears. Whatever type of mountain biker you are, this gering system is very reliable. 

Suspension Forks

Another important aspect to the Merax 26-inch bike are its suspension forks. The front suspension design allows for a smooth ride when going on bumps and increased control for fluid riding. This high performance suspension fork will guarantee you a great ride without much pushback from any bumps found on your trail.


The biggest component to any bike, especially mountain bikes is their wheels. It’s never ideal if the rider spends most of his time with the bike changing out the wheels. Not to worry with this bike however, the Merax 26-inch mountain bike comes with one of the top-quality tires which are rugged enough to handle any type of road. These bikes’ wheels are durable and very lightweight, as they are made of alloy. You won’t have to worry as these wheels can handle any biking session taking little to no damage whatsoever. 


It won’t do you any good if you have the best tires out there without the best brakes. This bike comes with a dual disc brake which is ideal for stopping at even the highest of speeds that you’d go. You’ll love how smooth the stoppage is when you use the brakes and not abrupt like low quality bikes on the market.


What makes the Merax 26-inch Aluminum Mountain Bike stand out?

One thing that you can’t miss on this bike is its undeniable unique color schemes. Giving you the option to choose two different colors, this bike comes in black, red and white and also in green-yellow, silver and black. As this is one reason riders purchase this bike, it definitely comes with many more advantages. 

Its 24 speed gearing system is something to not overlook. Giving you smooth shifting over other bikes, and in any type of terrain you’re riding in. It’s lightweight yet portable frame made from aluminum, is definitely a huge plus. The Merax mountain bike’s powerful suspension forks will only add to your smooth ride and allow you to cruise through almost any terrain type. And let’s not forget about this bike’s dual disk braking system. This multipurpose bike can power through many trails and is especially capable for hilltops. This bike will be one of the better purchases you make when it comes to mountain biking, it will not disappoint.


Let’s take a deeper dive into this bikes upsides and downsides:

  • The Merax 26-inch mountain bike’s wheels are light and durable, making it easy to ride through any trails out there. 
  • It is a lightweight bike that is easy to carry around and move anywhere. The aluminum frame will keep this bike light and fun to ride.
  • This bike’s 24 speed gear shifters is an excellent feature that gives you the easiest ride through tough roads. 
  • This bike has amazing color options that are combined to perfection, making this a fascinating bike that will definitely draw eyes wherever you take it.
  • The bike’s dual disc brakes offer one of the best and comfortable stops out there, which is super important for mountain biking.
  • This bike’s price is very affordable and very worth it considering all its included features.


  • It is not the easiest bike to assemble so you might need to take it in to a bike shop to help complete its assembly.


All in all, the Merax 26-inch aluminum mountain bike is a great bike for all levels of mountain bikers, whether you’re an experienced vet or just starting out your journey with the great outdoors. Its features are equipped to give you the absolute smoothest and best riding experience. The bikes structure and build is great for almost any rider and is engineered to fit almost any ride you take with it. This bike’s price is undoubtedly what makes this bike worth it and with it’s braking + gearing systems, color options, and suspension forks you’re bound to have one of the best rides of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the pedals come with the Merax 26-inch aluminum mountain bike?

Yes, the pedals come in the packaging and need to be installed.

What are the tools included with the Merax 26-inch mountain bike?

The bike will come with every tool needed to assemble the bike. An allen wrench and a combination wrench are included. After putting the bike together, we recommend taking the bike into a professional bike shop if you don’t know what you’re doing.

How much does the Merax mountain bike weigh?

The Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle weighs around 40 lbs.

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