Two Important Checklist Before Going Out for Mountain Biking

Two Important Checklist Before Going Out for Mountain Biking;

Two Important Checklist Before Going Out for Mountain Biking | MTBs Lab

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1) Check Your Tire Pressures

Why you need to understand the importance of riding your mountain bike with the right tire pressures…

There is nothing more frustrating that hearing that familiar “thump, thump, thump” of a flat tire while you’re mountain biking. Suffering a flat tire while on the road, though, can also be dangerous. If you’re traveling fast enough, a sudden blowout could end up throwing you and your mountain bike hard to the ground.

There is no way to eliminate the possibility of a flat tire. Mountain bikes frequently travel over rough terrain. There’s no way of telling what sharp objects might be lying in wait for you and your mountain bike.

But you can help cut down on the odds of a flat tire by making sure that your mountain bike tires are always inflated to the proper pressure. Bike tires that are filled with the right amount of air are far less prone to blowouts than those that aren’t.

That’s why all mountain bikers should invest in either a home air compressor that comes with a built-in pressure gauge or a stand-alone tire gauge. This way, you’ll always know that your mountain bike tires are filled properly.

You should also travel with a small tire patching kit while you’re out with your fellow mountain bikers on the paths. This way, if you do suffer a flat tire while you’re riding, you’ll be able to repair it quickly. You won’t have to endure a long walk with your mountain bike back to your home base.

Flat tires are an unavoidable fact of the mountain biking life. But you can take steps to prevent blowouts and keep the ride going.
If you plan and prepare before you leave home and check always check your tirepressures, then your ride is always likely to be more successful.

2) Lube Your Mountain Bike for Safer Riding

When Mountain Biking you need to be prepared, so here are a few secrets on lubing your mountain bike correctly.

A mountain bike performs best when it’s properly maintained. And one of the most important ways to do this is to keep mountain bikes properly lubed. In fact, many mountain bikers recommend that you lube your bike no later than 15 hours before every long ride you take.

Lubing your mountain bike is not a difficult process. Simply start by applying a large amount of mountain bike lube to your bicycle’s chain while, at the same time, moving the bike’s pedals backwards with your hand.

Next it’s time to focus on a mountain bike’s front and rear derailleur. These, too, need lube for your mountain bike to run as smoothly as possible. First, lube the pivots on your bike’s front derailleur. You should apply a dab of lube at all spots were you can see movement when you fuss with the shift lever.

Do the same with your mountain bike’s rear derailleur, again lubing the pivots.

After you’ve done this, it’s time to make sure your mountain bike is ready to hit the trails. Shift your gears, crank the pedals and gently bounce your bike against the ground. If you hear squeaks, you’ll need to apply more mountain bike lube.

Don’t be tempted to skip the lube process!

Remember, mountain biking can be a dangerous sport if your equipment isn’t properly cared for. And your mountain bike won’t run correctly, or as safely as possible, if it hasn’t been lubed properly.

Lubing mountain bikes can take some time, but it’s time well spent.

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