CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer Review

If you are an avid bicyclist, you may have looked into a bicycle computer before. If you are anyone who is motivated by stats and information, this could be the just the tool you need. The CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer has multiple benefits for not only the athlete but also the casual enthusiast.

CatEye has been around since 1946 and has continued to be the world’s leading cycle accessory manufacturer. As technology continues to progress, so does the way we monitor our health and well being. The best way to look at the benefits of this product is to look at the features it has

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CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer Review

This CatEye Strada Digital Cadence Wireless Computer is available in three different colors, which is beneficial because people like feeling that they have a choice. The size is also beneficial because this computer is smaller than a cell phone, and allows you not to stress over it falling or breaking easily. The weight is also beneficial, weighing in at less than one pound. A bicycle built to be light, and having this will not affect the aerodynamics or weight of the bicycle.

No Wires

Wires get in the way, and when riding a bicycle, the last thing you want is a wire to get caught in your pedal, chain, or wheel. This computer mounts right to your handlebars and has no wires. This means it runs off of battery power, and spare batteries can be easily carried during your ride.


There are eight displays built into this computer that allow you to measure your time, speed, distance, and variations of the listed. The display is large enough that you can easily glance at it to see your stats and allows the rider to switch between screens regardless of the terrain easily.

Power Saving Mode

When you are relying on battery power, you never want to run out of juice. CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer computer has an auto power-saving mode programmed into it to help use the batteries as efficiently as possible. Just a tap on the screen and you can see your stats, but no need to worry about pushing an off button.


When using technology to measure effectiveness and other statistics, you want to be as accurate as possible. With the programmable odometer, you have no need to worry. The readings have been reported accurate to the hundredth decimal place.

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  • Accurate measurements
  • Ease of screen changes
  • No wires
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy installation
  • Easily Programmed
  • Secure cradle
  • Waterproof
  • 12/24 hour clock display
  • Easily removed
  • Good quality
  • Affordable Product


  • Battery Operated
  • Wheel sensor may change position after bumps
  • Small display screen
  • Possibility of interference from other electronics
  • Settings must be reset after battery change
  • Odometer resets after battery change

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: How is the time measured from the automatic start and stop?

A: The computer will automatically measure your total time and your riding time The riding time is considered any time that the wheels are moving (you’re in the saddle and peddling). However, this also includes anytime you are walking your bike, thus me sure to account for that when reviewing your averages.

Q: Is total distance measured per trip, or all trips combined?

A: The odometer does not get reset, resulting in your absolute total distance. There are two other distance meters programmed into the computer: “Dist1” which is reset with your time and speed, allowing you to measure individual trips; and “Dist2” which is reset separately, allowing you to measure combined trips.

Q: Are distances only measured in miles?

A: No, you can measure in either miles or kilometers, and you have the option of changing between the two as needed. In order to change it, you will have to go through the set up again, but you can absolutely measure in KM or MPH.

Final Words

Anyone who is interested in measuring their cycling could benefit from this portable CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer. The size allows it to be easily pocketed for when you are worried about your surroundings and is durable enough to survive getting caught in the rain.

The easy to follow instructions and tool-less attachment allows for time to ride. Overall it looks like the pros outweigh the cons, and for the computing power (and lack of wires) this little tool does, I would say the CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer is worth every cent. Be confident in your ride, let your mind be free, and let the measurements do the talking.

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