Diamondback Bicycles Line Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike Review

Could you be looking for comfort, easy jumps and less bumpy landing while riding? Stability in your cycling at any speed can be attained, by embracing this elegant and adorable bicycle. Extraordinary braking power, tons of traction, eye-capturing design and durability are all packaged in this awesome product and this bike comes under the list of mountain bikes under $1000. If I were you, I would look no further than this enticing product. The Diamondback Bicycles Line Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike is the bike to take home. This bike is all about fun and can handle any aggressive riding style you use. It withstands any terrain you love, whether rough or smooth.

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Diamondback Bicycles Line Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike Review with Detail Features

The Diamondback Mountain Bike Slacker

The Diamondback Bicycles Line Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike is a slacker. Slack refers to the degree of relaxation on head tube and the extent to which the front wheel sticks out. Therefore, having a better slack makes the bike more stable during a high-speed ride. It also means the rider gets to have better jumps and landings. With this feature, this bike can manoeuvre very well toward mountaintops or rather a rugged terrain without worrying much about crashing hence assuring you of safety.

An Awesome Frame

The bike has a low-slung frame, which is a major factor towards the functionality of the bike. The frame is a reliable hand built 6061-T6 aluminium alloy hard tail frame. It lowers the centre of gravity on the bike due to its positioning and heaviness. This keeps you stable all through the ride. Reduced tripping is ensured specially when riding through mountainous regions or areas that are rocky. The aluminium alloy also adds to the beauty of the bike making it more appealing to the eye.

Promising Wheels

The Diamondback Bicycles Line Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike has 27.5’’ double wheels, which are strong and nimble, withstanding rugged terrains without much wearing. Hence, there would not be need to replace new tyres any soon as they are long lasting. With the double wheels, it also means that the wheels are larger making it more possible to cover a longer distance at a cycle than a normal bike does. This makes it exclusive and offers you better speed capability.

Effectively Performing Brakes

 The bike also has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which are well performing and ready for instant halting.  The safety of your ride lies in the performance of your bike’s brakes. I am sure you do not want a bike that subjects you to doubts every time you want to perform crazy biking activities. You can be sure of this bike when it comes to instant stopping. The hydraulic brakes applied here are the best and well known for accurate performance.

Easy to Operate Shifters

The shifters on this Diamondback Bicycles are good at making rapid changes while riding on mountains and straight trails. An effective riding experience will require this feature for you to be sure of riding across the world. I love the fact that these shifters are quiet and fast while changing the gears. Go for this awesome bike and it will never disappoint you regardless of the track you want to ride along.

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  • It is fast because of the double wheels
  • The tyres are durable
  • The bikes are stable therefore reduced tripping
  • It has an appealing design
  • Braking is smooth and instant
  • The bike is affordable considering all the amazing features it has
  • The single ring formation of the chains is easy to clean and maintain
  • The bike can easily maneuver through rough terrains.
  • The bikes range in sizes depending on the buyer’s height so as to assure maximum comfort


  • The bike does not come with a guide.
  • The bike is slightly heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: How heavy is this bike?

A: I have made several changes on my bike but nothing that would drastically change the weight of the bike and I got 30 pounds. My bike has a small size, though, so it might be heavier for a bigger size.

Q: Can you make jumps with the Line Hard Tail Mountain Bike?

A: Yes, you can. The mountain bike has a lightweight aluminium frame, and this gives you the ability to make small-medium jumps without straining yourself.

Final Verdict

After going through all the features and exhausting all the pros together with its minimal cons, it is evident that The Diamondback Bicycles Line Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike is the bike to have. If you are looking for safety, fun and excitement during your ride, here is the package you need. Compared to other bikes in the market I see this one to be the best bike under 1000 dollars, you can ever have especially for mountain riders or those who find riding through rugged terrain fun. It will be a loss if you do not go for this amazing bike with an appealing design, which matches the extraordinary features that this bike brings to you. Price should not be a bother anymore, as this bike is affordable and can fit well right into your budget without straining your finances. Therefore, if I were you, I would not think twice about purchasing one of today.

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