CooSpo BC200 GPS Bike Computer Review

It is not always easy to find the best GPS bike computer. It takes time and patience to truly find the best one to fit the way you ride and your skill level. Luckily for you, we here at Mountain Bikes Lab have hand chosen the best possible GPS bike computer for you. In this post, we’ll review the features, functions and how to set up your very own CooSpo GPS Bike Computer.

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CooSpo GPS Bike Computer Review


CooSpo was established in 2011 in Shenzhen, China and is known for their advanced wireless technology known in the extreme sports, fitness, and health industries. They specialize in combining their one of a kind wireless technology with state of the art hardware including fitness wristbands, heart rate monitors and mountain bike accessories (computers and sensors). Serving over 30 countries and regions in the four major markets of sports, fitness, health, and smart wear, CooSpo thrives to make the highest quality and stable products for all extreme sport and fitness enthusiasts. That is why we chose their BC200 GPS bike computer as one of our favorite mountain bike computers on the market!

High-Definition Large Screen

With a 2.4-inch LCD anti-glare large display and an automatic backlight, there’s no way to miss any details of your ride and cycling metrics on this GPS bike computer. The bike computer features 5 pages and allows for 70 different kinds of data specs, allowing each page to hold 9 data displays. The comprehensive cycling data can be stored and you can upload the activity via file(.fit) to or for data analysis. You can also transfer the cycling data to the XOSS App via Bluetooth.

Powerful Battery Life

The BC200 bike computer offers three satellite systems (GPS+GPS+Beidou+GPS+Glonass) which allows for accurate positioning while not using too much battery life. With a battery capacity of 1300 mAh giving this bike computer a 36-hour run time, you’ll never need to worry about it dying on you on a long day of riding. The BC200 is rechargeable via USB. 

Supports Bluetooth and ANT+

The BC200 GPS bike computer can work with Bluetooth and ANT+ accessories so it can display exercise data like heart rate, cadence/ speed sensor, cycling power, power meter, etc. Connecting with BLE or ANT+ allows more than 70 types of cycling data to be selected and displayed, including heart rate, cadence, speed, mileage, altitude, time, power, slope, laps, area alarm and more.

Ease of Use

The BC200 GPS bicycle computer is simple to use and easy to set up. With a lightweight body design, weighing only 220g, installation to your bike takes only minutes. Both front mount and a standard mount are included with your order. Equipped with an IP67 waterproof, this is a great GPS bike computer for rallying even through the toughest of weather, including windy and rainy conditions that won’t damage the unit. 

How to set up

Here at Mountain Bikes Lab, we’ve hand tested the BC200 GPS bike computer and put together a simple guide of how to set up your computer to fit your bike and riding style. Follow the steps below once you receive your package:

First, you’ll want to unpack the product. You’ll find details about the features that this bike computer has on the box it comes in, most of which we went over earlier in this post. Once open, you’ll want to start off by setting the bike weight on your GPS bike computer. Notice, you have three bike specs you can enter, as this bike can store up to 3 bikes’ parameters and switch between them freely. Next, you’ll want to enter the User Info which can be found in the main menu. This will include the age, weight, and height of the person riding and using this bicycle computer. When you have entered your personal info, you’ll then want to connect to the bike’s sensor. You’ll want to make sure that the speed, distance and other specs are working correctly by spinning your bike pedal. Go ahead and start recording if each spec seems to be functioning correctly. 

Once you set up your GPS computer you’ll want to go ahead and mount it to the bike handlebars. The BC200 GPS bike computer comes with two mount options for your bike. The first will be the extended mount. To install it, take the rubber ring and attach it to the plastic bike mount holder. Then install the extended mount to the handlebars. Make sure to keep it as close as you can to the center of the handlebars to ensure the most stability for your GPS computer. Take the GPS computer, place it on the mount pad and twist to ensure it is secure.

The second mount option is the rubber pad mount which goes directly onto the handlebars. First attach the pad to the handlebars and secure the mount with a rubber ring, again keeping it close to the center of the handlebars to ensure stability. Put on your GPS computer, twist and ensure that is secure. You are now ready to go out and ride with your CooSpo BC200 GPS bike computer. After your ride, download the XOSS app and connect your computer via Bluetooth to upload your ride stats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get in the CooSpo BC200 GPS Bike Computer Box?

The GPS computer, manual, a Micro USB cable, both regular and out-front bike mounts, and Allen wrench.

Is the CooSpo BC200 GPS Bike Computer Box under warranty guarantee?

Yes, anything you purchase from the CooSpo store comes with a 12 month guarantee. In addition, Amazon offers 30 days, with your money back, to return it if you are not happy with the BC200 GPS bike computer.

Is it necessary to buy both the CooSpo GPS bike computer and the speed and cadence sensor?

The BC200 computer’s GPS provides speed outdoors. However, any heart rate monitor, cadence, and / or power sensors will need to be purchased separately.


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