Rambo Electric Bikes: A Full Brand Overview and Guide

If you have followed Mountain bikes lab for a little while you will know that Rambo electric bikes are some of our absolute favorite electric mountain bikes on the market. While they are not our usual bread and butter (we prefer to review lower priced bikes that everyone can hope to afford), we felt that it was time to do a deep dive into the brand behind some of the best electric mountain bikes on the market, and give you our top four best Rambo electric bikes. Here at mountain bikes lab we pride ourselves on doing the best research in the mountain bike field and if you have read our Nishiki Brand Guide we think you will agree that when we decide to do a deep dive into a brand we do our research! With that being said lets jump into the Rambo Electric bike brand guide so that you can learn everything you need to know about the company behind Rambo and their electric mountain bikes. 

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A Brief History of Rambo Electric Bikes 

Based out of Lakeville Minnesota, Rambo has been designing and manufacturing some of the absolute best electric mountain bikes, and electric hunting bikes in the world since 2015. One of the things that we love about Rambo is that they make all of their electric bikes here in the United States in the manufacturing facility in Lakeville, Minnesota. This is great because while you can never guarantee the quality of any product, knowing that a company is based in the United States makes our team far more comfortable when talking to their customer service, negotiating bike deals, and discussing general topics related to their company. 

Rambo makes a variety of different electric bikes however their focus is on being the “original hunting Ebike company” in the world. While this is not our focus here at mountain bikes lab, their bikes are excellent and we have truly loved shining a light on their company and electric bikes.

Throughout the rest of their review I will walk you through my top five favorite electric hunting bikes from Rambo, and will give you my opinion on each of them as electric mountain bikes, not only electric hunting bikes. I really believe that Rambo has some excellent products to offer and while they may not be as affordable as the GT Aggressor Pro from Dick’s, they are extremely high quality and will not disappoint you. With that being said let’s get into my picks for the top four Rambo Electric Hunting bikes. 

The Clear Number 1: The Rambo Megatron 1000 Watt

Rambo Megatron Review

If you have read our Rambo Megatron review you will probably already know everything that I am about to talk about however, for those of you who haven’t you’re in for a treat! The Rambo Megatron is everything that you are looking for in a top tier electric bike and I truly believe that it is one of the absolute best electric bikes in the world, regardless of price. Equipped with dual 1000 watt motors, the Rambo Megatron has explosive power allowing you to climb steep hills, haul out up to 100 pounds of material, or power through deep mud, snow and water with no trouble. Along with its tremendous power the Rambo Megatron also has great battery life and has an effective range of 80 miles. 

Of course having all of these great features isn’t work much if riding your electric bike isn’t comfortable. Thankfully the Rambo Megatron checks this box off as well, with terrain absorbing fat tires and a high quality front suspension fork this electric mountain bike is the full package. The last thing that I would like to say about the Megatron is its versatility. This is probably my favorite part about this electric bike and the fact that you can ride it practically anywhere is exactly what I am looking for in an electric mountain bike. With a waterproof battery case, excellent power, and high quality fat tires that will grip anything, riding the Rambo Megatron through sand, snow, water, or mud is just as easy as riding it on dirt trails. 

Overall I would give the Rambo Megatron a 9.75/10, the highest grade I have ever given to an electric bike. In terms of what you get in the electric bike there is really nothing missing and the only thing that that holds it back from the perfect 10 is its price. While I understand the price tag is necessary to make a bike of this quality, I do feel that Rambo could get away with charging slightly less to their loyal customers.

The Runner up: The Rambo R750 Pursuit 750 Watt

Rambo R750 Pursuit Review

For my number two overall Rambo electric bike we go from one of their most expensive to one of their most inexpensive electric bikes. The Rambo R750 Pursuit was the first Rambo electric bike that we rode here at mountain bikes lab and we haven’t stopped liking since that first time we took it out for a test ride in early 2021. Like the Rambo Megatron, the Rambo R750 is a high quality electric hunting bike and is built to handle even the most rugged terrain. The reason why we decided to put the R750 at our number two spot is because while it might not have the extremely high end components like some other more expensive Rambo models, for the average rider its performance easily enough to satisfy the vast majority of riders.

In our opinion this is the perfect entry level electric mountain bike, and with its excellent performance, it is not a bike that you will easily outgrow, unlike so many other entry level bikes that are truly for beginners. 

While there are certainly some differences between the Rambo R750 compared to other higher end models, we believe that the cheaper price tag combined with its still very high quality performance justifies putting it at our number two spot. Like the rest of the Rambo line up the R750 is made out of high performance aluminum alloy frame that can handle everything you throw at it. After riding this bike for nearly a year now I would say it is one of the bikes I ride most often and although it is designed for off road use, riding the R750 both on the trail and on urban roads is quite enjoyable. 

I would give the Rambo R750 Pursuit a 9.3/10. It is an extremely high quality bike and while the components might not be quite as high end as the Rambo Megatron, the low price tag and stellar performance makes up for the lack of a top end motor and battery. 

Our Number 3 Choice: The Rambo Rampage 1000 Watt 

Rambo Rampage Review

The second electric bike on our list that is 1000 watts, the 1000 watt Rambo Rampage packs a punch that is almost equal to the Rambo Megatron. More of a niche pick than our other two bikes so far, the Rambo Rampage is a more purpose built electric hunting bike that is designed for silent riding and long hunts on the trail. 

All electric bikes that are made by Rambo are technically designed to be hunting bikes however for our audience we felt it was better to showcase their more versatile bikes first. The Rambo Rampage however if the first pure electric hunting bike that is built for the dedicated hunter in mind. One of our absolute favorite features of this electric bike is the silent motor. This is what separates the Rambo Rampage from other hunting bikes on this list and the reason that it made our number three spot.

Although we are not hunters here at mountain bikes lab riding the Rambo Rampage with the silent motor on was still mesmerizing. Producing almost no sound it felt like I was riding a normal mountain bike but I didn’t have to pedal. Riding an electric bike is a great experience but sometimes on the trail I like to get lost in the woods and the loud motors can sometimes take you out of the experience. With a silent motor, along with all the other great features that come standard in a Rambo electric hunting bike, riding the Rambo Rampage is a great experience.

I would give the Rambo Rampage a solid 9/10. Still an excellent electric bike, the Rambo Rampage is a niche hunting bike that is purpose built with the outdoor lover in mind. You get excellent quality from the Rambo Rampage and with the silent motor you will feel like your riding a mechanical bike, finding yourself getting lost on the trail like you have never experienced before on an electric mountain bike. 

The Final Selection: The Rambo Krusader 500 Watt

Rambo Krusader Review 2

Now finally our last, but certainly not least selection, the Rambo Krusader 500 watt electric mountain bike. The first 500 watt electric mountain bike on our list, the Rambo Krusader certainly packs less of a punch than some of the other bikes I have talked about, however that does not mean it doesn’t have positive attributes. One of the newer Rambo electric bikes, the Rambo Krusader was released in the middle of 2020 and come equipped with all-wheel drive, the first elected hunting bike released with all wheel drive. This is a great feature and makes climbing hills, and going through terrain much more steady and consistent. It also allows you to get up and over things when one of your wheels might not be touching the ground. 

With all wheel drive you will need to have extra power and that comes from the dual 500 watt Bafang motors, one in front hub and one in the rear to give you that extra boost when you need it most. The Rambo Krusader also comes with a high powered battery that will give you an effective electric range of up to 38 miles, and much further if you pedal as well. 

Overall the Rambo Krusader is an 8.25/10. It is a solid electric mountain bike but if you are looking for something spectacular you should probably choose something different. For its price we would certainly recommend this bike to people however it would not be our first option. 


Thank you for reading our Rambo brand guide we hope you gained some valuable information. Rambo is one of our favorite electric bike companies in the world and although they make higher end bikes than we normally review we felt that their quality was so good that they needed to be exposed to a larger audience. Please let us know if you have any questions, we would be more than happy to answer them!

Frequently Asked Question 

Is Rambo a good electric bike brand?

Rambo produces extremely high quality electric hunting bikes that are some of the best electric bikes that we have ever ridden, we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to invest in a high end electric bike. 

Where are Rambo electric bikes made?

All Rambo electric bikes are designed and manufactured in Lakeville Minnesota, USA.

Is Rambo customer service good?

In all of our dealings with Rambo their customer service has been excellent and if you go off of what other people have said in their reviews of Rambo, their customer service is some of the best in the business.

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