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What Is Cross Country Mountain Biking And Why Is It So Popular?

Cross-country mountain biking is very popular and a lot of fun! Mountain biking is a great way to get some fresh air, have a workout and enjoy a little fun and competition, too. But if you haven’t tried cross-country mountain biking, then you’re missing out on even more enjoyment.

Many fans of mountain biking point to cross-country biking as the ultimate form of their sport. This is little surprise. What could be better than riding a mountain bike up the side of a steep hill and then racing down it at top speeds?

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What Is Cross Country Mountain Biking And Why Is It So Popular?

If you’d like to experience the thrill of cross-country mountain biking, don’t forget that you’ll have to purchase the right equipment. The truth is, the mountain bikes used for cross-country biking are far different than are those used for free riding.

This is because cross-country mountain bikes are supposed to be fast. Speed is the most important factor for any fan of cross-country mountain biking. Because of this, everything about a cross-country mountain bike – from the way its gears shift to the way they are designed – is built for generating top speed.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of cross-country mountain bikes from which you can choose. These bikes come in rigid-frame, hard-tails and full-suspension-frame models. In fact, many cross-county mountain bike fans have become vocal supporters of the full-suspension-frame model.

Because they need to go so fast, cross-country mountain bikes necessarily weigh far less than do free-ride bikes. In fact, you probably won’t be able to find a cross-country mountain bike that weighs more than 24 pounds. Compare that with free-ride bikes, which usually weight about 40 pounds, and you see just how much lighter cross-country versions are.

Before going on a cross-country mountain bike ride, take care that you have already familiarized yourself with your bike. Cross-country riding is not only for beginning mountain bikers. In fact, this sport often sometimes features hilly and rough terrain that can in fact be dangerous for novice riders.

The challenging courses, though, are what attract mountain bikers. Zipping over a hill or racing down a steep valley provides an undeniable thrill.  Cross-country mountain biking certainly comes with its own unique feeling.

Of course, there’s no one form of mountain biking – cross-country or free-riding – that’s better than the other. Every mountain biker is different, and every biker has his or her own particular favorite way to enjoy the sport.

But if you’re looking for speed, thrills and, yes, a hint of danger, cross-country mountain biking might be perfect for you.

And if you are new, then if you avoid the hillier sections and keep to the flat you will have just as much fun as the more experienced riders.

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