How to Fix Your Mountain Bike When You Break IT!

Take it to a dealer you trust – however far away he or she is!!!! Don’t let other mess with your prized possession. It’s YOUR mountain bike after all….

If you look up the Wikipedia Definition for Mountain Biking, you will see the following quoted:

“Mountain biking is the outdoor sport of riding bicycles off-roadand often over very rough terrain, whether riding specially equipped mountain bikes or adapted hybrid bikes. Most mountain bikes share very similar characteristics that underscore durability and performance in such rough terrain, including wide, knobby tires, larger bike frame tubing, front fork and/or dual suspension shock absorbers. The durability factor means there is a far heavier bicycle weight to rider ratio than their normal road bike touring cousins.”

This it is easy to imagine if you’re riding a mountain bike at any sort of speed then even the slightest accident could have severe repercussions. Coming off a mountain bike at speed is always going to give you some sort of injury – it is inevitable.

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How to Fix Your Mountain Bike When You Break IT! | MTBs Lab

So it just makes sense to protect yourself with a helmet (essential), appropriate eye ware for the conditions, and some form of body protection or even body armor if required, or knee and elbow pads if you think that will be enough.

Serious mountain biking is not a sport for the faint-hearted!

However, it is still easy for even a family to go mountain biking together, but in this case the terrain needs to lees tough, the inclines (downhill especially) not too steep and the speeds involved a lot slower. Cross country mountain biking is perfect for this and is easily achieved by any competent bike rider.

However, if something on your bike breaks or becomes misaligned and you don’t have the skills to fix then take it to someone who does – your bike dealer.

They work on this stuff all day and will have you back on the tracks in no time at all.

Also important is the maintenance of your bike to ensure everything is running smoothly, because if it isn’t your bike could fail and cause an accident or just break and give you a very long walk back home.

If you hate maintenance or can’t do it yourself get your bike checked over regularly by your dealer and serviced or tuned on schedule.

A well maintained bike is your friend and will help you have a lot of fun, whereas a badly maintained bike can give you tons of problems and could be extremely dangerous!

Take it to your dealer for peace of mind!

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