E-Mojo Lynx Pro Electric Fat Tire Bike Review

A newer type of electric bike, the E-Mojo Lynx electric bike is a foldable electric bike made by the Southern California based EMojo bike company. While not built to handle extremely rugged terrain like some of the other bikes that we have reviewed are, the E-Mojo Lynx is a great bike for casual outdoor riding and can certainly handle some trail riding as long as you do not try and take it anywhere too rough.

E-Mojo Lynx Electric Bike Review 

For a normal rider this would be a perfect bike to conquer your typical beach or mountain trails, and will give you the power and range you need to have a very enjoyable time. Some electric bikes like the Rambo Megatron, are made for the most intense riding conditions and as such are much more expensive and high powered, The E-Mojo Lynx on the other hand is made for an entirely different rider. Built for someone looking for a more casual electric bike the Lynx is perfect for anyone looking to invest a bit less money while still getting a high quality electric bike that they can enjoy in the city, on the beach, or on the trails!

In this E-Mojo Lynx electric bike review we will go over some of the standout features of Lynx as well as our teams experience riding the bike. Finally we will finish the review with our professional recommendation, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this electric bike. Powered by a 500 watt Brushless motor and a 48 volt, 10.4 amp hour lithium ion battery, the E-Mojo Lynx Pro has good but not great specs, however for most riders this should not be an issue, and will most likely not interfere with your riding experience. The Lynx is also foldable, which is an excellent feature to allow you to more easily transport and store your bike. Overall our team thoroughly enjoyed out time testing the Lynx Pro and although it is quite different from the normal bike that we review at Mountain Bikes Lab we are certainly exited to start reviewing more amateur, rather than professional level electric bikes. 

Foldable Aluminum Frame

One of the problems with electric bikes is there size. Due to most electric bikes fat tires, large batter and thick frame to house all its electric parts electric bikes can weigh upwards of 70 pounds and take up a huge amount of space. This make transporting and storing you bike a big hassle and will cause many users to think twice before making an investment in an electric bike. Thankfully the E-Mojo Lynx pro is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and comes in at a relatively light 55 pounds, additionally, this electric bike is foldable allowing it to become much more compact. Normally the Lynx is 67 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 45 inches high, a volume of 41.875 cubic feet, once folded the Lynx Pro is 39 inches long, 18 inches wide and 26 inches tall, a volume of only 10.56 cubic feet. By folding the Lynx you cut it down to nearly a quarter of its original size making it easier to carry, transport, and store. Our team found this to be one of its best features as it made getting the bike in an out of a regular car much easier and eliminates the need for a bike rack if you have a decent sized trunk or hatchback car. 

500 Watt Electric Motor

On an electric hunting or mountain bike 500 watts would be at the very low end of the spectrum in terms of output for you bike, and if you have read any of our Rambo Electric Bike reviews you will know that most of their bikes are equipped with at least a 750 watt motor. However for someone looking to buy a foldable electric bike like the E-Mojo Lynx 500 watts is more than sufficient for your needs. Able to handle some elevation and incline this motor will get you a maximum speed of 16 miles per hour. Although it will not be climbing any mountains, for a more level trail this motor is excellent, giving you high quality consistent power over the life of the battery. If you are looking for an electric bike that is capable of hauling or climbing very steep inclines this is not the bike for you, but if you are looking for an electric bike that you can enjoy on the beach, in the city, or on the trails, this is a great choice. Our team road this bike through a metropolitan area as well as along the boardwalk of our local beach and had no issues with power. Additionally, we took it trail riding through the desert with dirt path that had some rocky areas, with minor elevation changes. The motor was able to handle everything we threw at it and while we wouldn’t recommend it for serious trail biking for more casual trails its power was more than sufficient.

Powerful Lithium Ion Battery

If you have read some of our other reviews on electric bikes you will know that lithium ion batteries are the best of the best, and are quickly becoming the industry standard for electric bikes around the world. The E-Mojo Lynx pro is equipped with a 10.4 amp hour battery which will give you and effective electric range of about 30 miles on a single charge, and can be fully changed in about five hours. This is a great range and probably the perfect level that you would want as a casual rider. While most rides still might not reach 30 miles it is always nice to have some extra battery power, however some companies give their bikes massive battery power which only serves to greatly increase the cost. E-Mojo give you the best of both worlds with a battery that is powerful enough to get you through all but the longest rides, while also choosing to not give their bike a 20 amp hour battery which would greatly increase the cost for their customers. For the casual rider we would recommend not paying for any electric bike with a battery over 12 amp hours since you simply will not be going on rides that justify the need for such a powerful battery. 


Overall, while a different experience from what we are used to, our team very much enjoyed the opportunity to test out the E-Mojo Lynx Pro. This foldable electric bike is compact, powerful, and has enough range to get you through all of your rides. While certainly not a professional grade outdoor electric bike, the Lynx pro is a great choice for someone looking to invest in a new electric bike but is not going to be riding through extremely rugged and steep trails. This bike would be great for casual city riding, but can also handle off road trips on dirt paths. We would not recommend you taking this bike out on anything too strenuous, but for someone who is not going to be exclusively riding in the wilderness this would be an excellent choice. It’s foldable frame is also a great feature for the more casual rider who may not have the money to invest is expensive bike racks for their car. In conclusion, the Lynx Pro is a high quality bike that is made for the casual outdoor rider, and is an electric bike that you will enjoy greatly if you use it how it was intended. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does the 500w EMojo lynx electric folding bike go?

The EMojo Lynx has a 500 watt motor that will reach a max speed of about 16 miles per hour. 

Is the EMojo lynx a folding electric bike?

Yes, the Lynx pro is a foldable electric bike that when folding is about 1 quarter the volume of the original, unfolded bike, making storage and transportation much easier. 

Are EMojo electric bikes good?

Founded in 2012 in Southern California EMojo has quickly build up their name in the electric bike world for producing fun, high quality electric bikes. The EMojo is one of their best selling products and is considered one of best folding electric bikes on the markets with regards to price and performance. 

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