ECOTRIC Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

When looking for a strong bike out of the Ecotric fat tire bikes, you can find the most powerful e-bike in the Hamer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike. This bike is powered with a 48V 1000 rear-hub motor making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks like hauling heavy loads and riding uphill. This bike is geared with a massive battery to go with its robust engine, the 48V 13aH battery can last several hours without draining or losing power. Best part is its durability, the Ecotric website notes that this battery can last up to 600 charge cycles before losing any potency. When fully charged, you can ride the Hammer bike up to 45 miles with the pedal assist mode. 

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ECOTRIC Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

The Ecotric Hammer E-bike is greatly designed with a sturdy frame, amazing details and the 1000 W motor that makes this bike stand out among other competing models. Here are some of the specs for this fat tire bike. 


The Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire E-bike has a uniquely designed frame with tubes that have a distinctive bend in the top tube which will give your bike a sleek look that will certainly catch some eyes. This bike has the attractive look of a vintage 1970s cruiser bike which is one of the reasons why it’s a fan favorite. It comes with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame which is similar and gives it the same feel as old-school bikes. Coming in at about 73 pounds, this isn’t the lightest e-bike you’ll find out there but it can definitely carry some weight. This bike can support up to 265 lbs, ensuring that you and all of your gear can make the trip. Another aspect that we liked about this bike is its comfortability. The Hammer Fat Tire E-bike comes with sporty seats that have a shock-absorption suspension post. With this design allows you to ride through almost any terrain without feeling rigid bumps that will affect the way you ride. 

Brakes and Tires

The Ecotric Hammer Mountain E-bike comes with 4-inch wide tires that will give plenty of traction on softer surfaces. This bike is really great for almost any terrain type and will be great to take out in any weather condition. These tires are non-skid and are designed to handle all types of terrains including sand, snow, dirt trails, city roads, and wet roads. 

Coupled with it’s durable tires, this bike is equipped with the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes to give you enough stopping power for any terrain type. Both the front and rear brakes are controlled by the 180mm rotor. These brakes have a great stopping power to protect you from any abrupt stops when going downhill or bumpy trails. When riding in wet and muddy weather, you can also have the option to purchase front and rear fenders to help keep you dry. 

Battery and Motor

You will be taken back by the sheer power of this bike and it’s powerful battery. The 1000W 48V motor will give you that extra push to lug heavy loads and get up steep trails. As your pedaling, the rear hub motor will add the power to your ride and get you where you need to get. You have the option to use pedal assist on-demand throttle to help push you even further during your ride. The Ecotric Hammer E-bike’s motor requires an equally large battery to go with it, which explains the bike’s weight. With a 48V battery, this bike will power up to 20 miles, depending on how you pedal. To get a full recharge on this bike will take about 5 to 8 hours. This bike also comes with an Ecotric smart LCD display panel that allows you to set the speed limit for your bike.


The Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire E-bike comes equipped with the Shimano 7-speed gears. With these gears you’ll have an easy time riding uphill trails and adjusting to different terrain types. With its powerful battery, you’ll feel like you’re flying and will feel its power from the start to the end of your ride. If the battery does die on you, you can use the pedal only mode and ride it like any other classic bike to finish your workout. 


Something undeniable about this bike is its weight. Weighing at about 73 lbs, this is one of the heavier model e-bikes that Ecotric makes. This could very well be a setback when looking to travel with this bike or if getting stuck in a ditch and needing to carry the bike out. The good thing is we’ve included great options for bike racks on our site that you can find here: [Best Bike Roof Rack (Review & Buying Guide) For Your Car in 2021]. Regardless of how heavy this bike is, you won’t feel the weight while you’re riding because of the sheer power of its motor. THere’s a reason why they call this bike Hammer, because it really is no joke.


If you love the style of 1970s cruisers and enjoy the power that comes with e-bikes you will be very pleased with the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike. Having an appealing designed frame with a sturdy yet comfortable seat will allow you to enjoy your ride no matter where you go. With the 4-inch wide and 26-inch tires you can take on almost any terrain type of your choosing. And with a battery that will last you more than 20 miles, this bike is a sure choice for the extreme mountain bike goers. 


Is the battery for the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Mountain E-Bike removable?

Yes, the batteries for the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire E-bike are removable. THere is one battery found on each side of this bike.

Does the Ecotric Hammer come fully assembled?

Not completely assembled. You will need to set the handle bars, slide the seat post in, and attach the front wheel. We recommend charging the batteries to a full charge before riding. Run the battery down almost all the way for the first three cycles.

Can I use the throttle when riding the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Bike or must I always pedal?

Yes, the Ecotric Hammer E-bike can use the throttle as well as the pedaling option. What is meant by the “motor assist” is when you peddle, you are helping the motor and ultimately getting more mileage. This comes in very handy when you are riding up steep hills at about 20 MPH and people are watching you fly by them. 

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