Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike Review

When looking for a beach or snow bike, you can bet that they often won’t be budget friendly, especially cause they’re electric. Luckily for you, our team has found a more affordable model as a good quality bike alternative to the popular models; the Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike. This sleek and stylish bike is definitely one you’ll be looking forward to taking out and riding on a hot sunny day or a breezy snow day. 

Ecotric Fat Tire Beach and Snow Electric Bike Review

The Ecotric brand is well known for their high quality fat tire electric bikes. These bikes come built with high grade frames and durable tires that will keep you stable and safe on almost any terrain. Their bikes are known for their powerful motors and the longevity of the batteries. You’ll have no problem when trekking tough trails and needing to use the motor to get back after hours of pedaling. One bike that we enjoyed and were impressed by its features, was the Fat Tire Snow Beach E-bike. Let’s now take a deep dive into some of this bike’s specs.

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Gears and Brakes

The Ecotric Beach Snow E-bike comes equipped with the Shimano Acera 7-Speed Rear Derailleur. As far as derailleurs go, this one is lighter and operates more smoother than other Shimano counterparts. They aren’t as advanced as alivio but for most e-bike riders they will do the job. One setback is that they might not perform as smoothly under a heavy load. 

To ensure the safety of the rider and the ability to stop comfortably and on call, this bike comes equipped with front and rear Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc 160mm Rotor mechanical disc brakes. These brakes have a great stopping power to protect you from any abrupt stops when going downhill or bumpy trails. As far as reliability goes, these brakes’ are at least as good as Shimano equivalents for fat tire e-bikes.

Rear Hub Motor

In order to reach the top speed of 23 MPH, this bike is equipped with a powerful 500-watt geared rear hub motor. Going up hills is a breeze with this bike’s motor power, going through any terrains becomes easy with minimal pedaling effort. You have the option for either throttle work and pedal-assisted modes to help push you even further during your ride. The pedal-assist will help you gain more distance and for when you’re fully drained and can no longer pedal, use the throttle mode to engage the motor. This bike also comes with an LCD display panel that allows you to set the speed limit for your bike.


This Ecotric Fat Tire E-bike comes with a 36-volt 12Ah lithium battery. With the power of this battery, this bike can cover distances of up to 25 miles in one full charge. The battery life for this bike is about 400 to 600 charge cycles and will make you feel the power of the engine. The battery itself can be charged both on and off the bike and will take around 5 to 8 hours to fully charge. Once the light on the lithium charger turns green, you’ll know that your battery is fully charged. 


This Ecotric Fat Tire e-bike has a strong aluminum alloy frame with a fixed front suspension fork. This bike weighs 55 lbs with the battery and can take up to 265 lbs as its maximum load. We recommend to not surpass around 245 lbs as we’ve seen the engine struggle past that weight. We recommend that riders for this bike be between 5’3” and 6’2” as that is the ideal height this bike is meant for. 

Fat Tires

You’ll be pleased to know that the Ecotric Beach Snow E-bike comes with 26-inch by 4-inch fat tires that are made by Chaoyang. These tires are non-skid and are designed to handle all types of terrains including sand, snow, dirt trails, city roads, and wet roads. This bike can ride almost anywhere and will give you a comfortable ride that you can keep control off no matter the terrain. 


As with all bikes in the market, we did find a couple of cons with the Ecotric Beach SNow E-bike. Here are some of the ones that stood out for us. 


One of the most apparent cons of the Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike is this bike’s weight. This bike weighs 55 pounds and is not foldable, making it tough to transport when traveling to your destination. It also becomes a factor if you’re shorter and fatigued whereas you’ll struggle to walk this bike up a steep hill or out of any ditches if you were to fall. 

Icy Roads

This bike doesn’t trek so well in the winter when riding on icy roads. If you don’t tend to ride in colder weather than this isn’t a huge setback, however, this maybe if you do. Our best recommendation is to convert the tires into winter tires. There are many affordable ways to do this and most shops will help install them for you. 

No Fenders

Fenders come in handy in places it rains most of the time. If you live in a rainy city and plan to ride this bike a lot, you might need to invest in some fenders to avoid getting rocks, mud, sand, and water on your back while you’re riding. This allows you to stay dry and cool on your ride through the city or rainy everlands. 


The Ecotric Fat Tire Snow Beach Electric Bike is a promising bike for those looking to take on the less ridden terrains. With a 432-watt lithium battery and 500-watt geared rear hub motor you can count on this bike’s efficiency and it’s longevity as you can get up to 25 miles with just one charge. There are a couple of setbacks, keeping this bike from being the perfect model, including no fenders, not fully capable for winter conditions, and being pretty heavy, but these definitely don’t outweigh all this bike’s benefits with it’s specs. You’ll be pleased with this efficient, inexpensive and solid choice for an Ecotric Fat Tire E-bike. 


Is the electric motor quiet or fairly loud for the Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow E-bike?

The motor for this bike is very quiet, and the only thing that you will hear is a slight whirring sound which is not very noticeable.

Is the battery removable for the Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow E-bike and how much it weights?

The battery itself locks in place with a key and can be removed easily. It weighs about 6 pounds on its own.

Could a rear fender be installed on the Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow E-bike?

Yes, this bike has the holes on the frame to attach a rear fender and avoid you as the rider from being splashed. 

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