Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review

When looking for a reliable well built mountain bike, whether a beginner or a skiller biker, the Genesis V2100 is designed for you. With its great price point, due to its low cost materials, this is a great choice bike for those watching their budget. It is actually considered one of the most affordable mountain bikes for its class. Let’s go through some of the features that really make this bike stand out. 

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Last updated on July 12, 2024 1:16 pm

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review


You’ll want to understand this bike’s essential features before purchasing it, including its complex shifting system and how it is different from similar bikes. The Genesis has a 21 Speed drivetrain which is great for smooth changing of gears as you ride on bumpy roads, uphill trails and other types of terrains. The Shimano EF40 gears are lightweight and allow you to shift several gears in one shift. These shifters are definitely one of the bike’s best qualities and make riding uphill or downhill an easy task compared to other bikes in the market.


The Genesis V2100 mountain bike is considered a very sturdy bike loaded with a 26 inch full suspension aluminum frame. The frame itself is light and allows for easy control of the bike. This MTB also comes with a comfortable padded seat which is easy to remove and adjust by unlocking it at the base and pulling it out. The full suspension frame on this bike is really one of the more essential parts to allowing this bike to ride through almost any terrain out there.

Suspension Fork

This Genesis mountain bike comes equipped with a full suspension fork which allows for great acceleration. The low price range for this bike makes it worth it as we didn’t see too many faults with this bike’s suspension. This doesn’t mean you should take it for granted however, and aggressively ride this bike. We’ve seen that the suspension can wear out over time depending on how aggressively you ride it. 



The Genesis V2100 mountain bike comes equipped with a front disk brake 160 mm linear pull rear which is an essential part to this bike’s safety. With reliable brakes, you won’t have to worry about being put in dangerous situations when it comes to stopping on steep trails. These breaks are super responsive allowing you to bring the ride to a halt by only using one finger. You won’t have to worry about coming to an abrupt stop as you can rely on these breaks to keep you safe in nearly any situation. They have a great stopping power to protect you from any abrupt stops when going downhill or bumpy trails. 


The Genesis V2100 bike comes with 26-inch tires. THese tires are very durable and come with long lasting rubber allowing for an aggressive ride and great value for your money. Whether you’re just commuting, training, or taking on hard trails, these tires are perfect for you and the terrain you will ride on. This bike can ride almost anywhere and will give you a comfortable ride that you can keep control of no matter the terrain. The Genesis MTB wheels are designed for you to keep your speed high even though rolling resistance is low. 


While the Genesis V2100 bike comes with great technical features that make this bike stand out, it also has a style that is very attractive to riders. This bike’s great frame and easy assembly will attract the eyes of onlookers and give you a sleek look while you are riding. The way it’s cables are designed to not bend too tight and not become bound as the suspension moves up and down, eliminates the worry of any cable tension.

Pros and Cons


  • This bike has a very affordable price for its high quality features.
  • The bike’s full suspension fork is very reliable and stable, allowing for great acceleration. 
  • The Genesis MTB has gears that shift very smoothly and can be adjusted without too much interference to your ride. 
  • The bike’s frame supports over 300 pounds allowing you to put as much weight as needed on the bike.
  • The bike is equipped with front and back suspension which is very uncommon for a bike at this price point. 
  • The bike’s seat is very easy to adjust and allows for multiple rider heights.
  • The Genesis V2100 is rated as a safe bike by the NHTSA.


  • When climbing uphills, we recommend being very cautious as the gears can jump out during your ride.
  • The pedals for this bike are not that strong.
  • The warranty on this bike only covers the parts but not the bikes frame


The Genesis V2100 is a great mountain bike for both beginners and those who are experts at this extreme sport. At such a great price, you won’t be disappointed with this bike’s features. Starting with this bike’s frame, which is both stylish yet sturdy enough to get you through almost any terrain. It’s complex shifting system, with 21 speeds, allows you to tackle any uphill or downhill battle with minimal effort. The bike’s full suspension fork gives you that extra push you need to get started and feel the bike’s power. Lastly, you can count on this bike’s brakes to keep you safe when needing to stop on a halt. Overall, this bike is worth it when you look at it’s features and amazing low budget price. 



How much weight can the Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike hold?

The Genesis V2100 can hold about 300 pounds. The bike’s warranty supports only up to that weight. 

Does the Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike come assembled?

The Genesis V2100 only comes partially assembled. If this is the first bike you will assemble, we would recommend taking it to an expert to help complete the assembly of this bike.

What color does the Genesis V2100 come in?

The Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike comes in one color, slate grey with accents of green on the bikes handlebars and suspensions. 

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