Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review 

The Schwinn High Timber mountain bike is an excellent choice for any beginner or intermediate level mountain biker looking to either enter the sport of mountain biking or expand their collection of bikes. Very reasonably priced and produced by Schwinn, a well-known and well respected name in the world of biking, the High Timber is a bike that is designed with the beginner rider in mind. Throughout this review we will go over some of the defining features of this mountain bike as well as give you our professional opinion about the quality that you will get from this downhill mountain bike. 

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Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review 


While not the most exciting bike in the world, for its price you will be hard pressed to find a better mountain bike with the capabilities of the Schwinn High Timber. The bike comes in a variety of different exciting colors as well as numerous different frame styles to fit each person comfort. Whether you want a steel frame for a more sturdy but slightly heavier bike, or a lightweight yet still strong aluminum frame, Schwinn gives you the option to choose the bike that you want. 

Hard Tail Suspension Fork

If you have read some of our previous reviews such as the Dynacraft Vertical Gauntlet review, you will know that a full suspension frame is our favorite type for downhill mountain biking. Providing better comfort and superior control for experienced riders, a full suspension frame is, in our professional opinion, the best choice for someone looking to purchase a high-end, professional mountain bike. However, with regards to the Schwinn High Timber mountain bike that is not necessarily the case. Designed for youth and beginner riders, this relatively inexpensive starter bike is not meant to be ridden by professionals.

With a hard tail suspension fork you get reduced shock absorption, however this is accompanied by better control for the inexperienced rider. Your child will be able to much more easily ride this bike as compared to a bike of similar size with a full suspension frame. The increased rigidity of a suspension fork compared to the full suspension frames is good for more casual riding, and for riders who do not have the experience necessary to control the movement of a full suspension frame. 

Small Frame and Wheels


Designed for youth and shorter riders, the frame of the Schwinn High Timer mountain bike is small and comes with 24 inch wheels. For more casual riding the size of the wheels is usually what is used to determine which bike to buy. For example, a person who is 4’ to 5’ tall will usually want 20 inch tires, while someone 5’ to 5’ 6” will want 24 inch tires. As an beginner rider the size of the tires is very important to your riding comfort. As you increase in skill however you will begin to want frames that are created specifically for you body, but as a beginner biker that is unnecessary.

The Schwinn High Timber is perfectly suited for a young, beginner rider with it’s 24 inch wheels and should be the correct size for most young boys. Additionally is the wheels are too small they can be easily replaced at any local bike shop, or at your house with just a few tools and knowledge.

Disc Brakes 

An upgrade from the low quality caliper/ grip breaks of most children’s bikes, disc brakes provide far better stopping power and control for the rider. As an avid rider myself I know just how important stopping can be, and it is especially important if you are looking to buy a bike for you child. Disc brakes are an excellent middle ground between the very low quality grip brakes and the very powerful and expensive high quality hydraulic disc brakes. For a beginner rider the braking power of hydraulic disc brakes is often too much and can lead to the ride feeling very jerky and out of control. In comparison, grip brakes work by clamping the wheel and using friction to slow down.

This can be quite dangerous and after a small amount of use these brakes wear down and become quite ineffective leading to a slow decrease in speed which is not what you want on a bike. Normal disc brakes are what we believe are the best choice for any beginner and even some intermediate bikers. They give the perfect amount of stopping power while simultaneously not jerking the rider or stopping too quickly to react. Additionally, they are far more sturdy and will not wear down and become unsafe like caliper brakes will after you use them. 

Pros And Cons 

Even though we’re fans of the Schwinn High Timber, there are distinct pros and cons to evaluate:


  • High quality production for its inexpensive price, great beginner bike 
  • disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power, but at the same time are not too much for a new rider to control
  • Easy bike assembly means you can put this bike together very quickly and be out and riding as soon as it arrives


  • Due to its inexpensive nature some parts, such as the derailleur are not quite as high quality as you might want, however at this bikes price range you won’t find anything better 
  • Small wheels limits the size of the rider unless you are willing to replace the wheels your self


Overall this is one of the better youth mountain bikes that we have come across here at Mountain Bikes Lab. We mostly do reviews of exclusively adult mountain bikes however we felt as though this bike deserved more attention than it was getting. Clearly at its price it is not the most high quality bike in the world, nor should you expect it to be able to handle years and year or heavy use. However, for a beginner/ youth level mountain bike it will provide a safe, durable, and high quality ride for a very reasonable price and, in our professional opinion, would be an excellent choice for someone looking to break into the exciting world of mountain biking or just biking in general. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Schwinn High Timber a good mountain bike?

For a beginner level bike the Schwinn High Timber youth mountain bike is an excellent choice due to its quality of build, low price, and comfort of ride.

How many speeds does the Schwinn High Timber youth mountain bike have?

The Schwinn High Timber youth mountain bike has 21 speeds to give you a wide range of pedaling power and allowing you to conquer flat plains or steep hills with ease.

How tall should I be to ride the Schwinn High Timber youth mountain bike?

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain bike comes with 24 inch wheels which are generally used by people who are between 5’ and 5’6” however, anyone from around 4’9” to 6’ should have no problem riding the Schwinn High Timber with its 24 inch wheels comfortably. 

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