How to Fix a Flat Mountain Bike Tire

You probably have experienced fixing your flat tire if you have been mountain biking for quite a while. Correct me if I’m wrong, In bike maintenance, this is the second knowledge you have learned to do, right? Next to lubing your chains; But did you learn to do it correctly? Here is the complete and proper way of fixing a flat mountain bike tire.

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How to Fix a Flat Mountain Bike Tire Mountain Bikes Lab

Remove the Wheel

Place your mountain bike in a clear area so that if you drop something, you won’t lose it or waste time just looking for it. Search the area and see if you can hang your bike somewhere, like on a tree. Before you unlock the quick release and take the wheel out, put the gear to its smallest cog.

Remove the Air from the Wheel

After sliding out the wheel, check and see if there is still air in it, inflated tube makes taking off the tire from the rim so much easier.

Removing the Tire from the wheel

The tire has a bead, this bead pops inside the rim when we put an air pressure on it. First, unclip this bead out of the rim by pressing it hard with both thumbs. You will feel it when the bead pops out of the rim, then slide the tire tool carefully between the rim’s wall and the tire’s beads.

Use another tire tool and slide it in, just 2 to 3 inches away from the first tire tool. Push them both down to lift the bead over the rim wall. Leave 1 tire tool between the bead and the rim and slowly slide the other tire tool away from it,
placing the tire’s bead over the rim wall as you move it along. Some tires don’t fit tightly, so you can just use your fingers in this case.

Removing the Tube

Now that one side of the tire is off the rim, we can easily pull out the tube. Do it slowly and carefully; you don’t want it to get more damage.

Checking What causes the Flat Tire

This is very essential, if you don’t do this, most probably you will end up with a flat tire again pretty soon after fixing it. To check what causes the flat tire, run your fingers slowly inside the tire. You are feeling for something that put a hole in the tire and the tube.

Slowly running your fingers inside the tire may lower the risk of your fingers getting cut. If you felt what cause it inside the tire check the exterior of the tire as well, there may be other thorns attached to it, ready to strike the new tube.

Putting the Spare or Patched Tube

Partially inflate the spare or patched tube so that it will form its shape. Put the valve nut in its place in the rim and the work the tube into the tire. Slip the tire’s bead inside the rim wall starting at the opposite side of the valve.

You can put it easily with just your hands until the bid gets tight as most of the bead’s part is inside the rim. Use your tire tool to put back the wheel to its rim completely.

Add Air Pressure

After making sure that the tube is not caught in between the rim’s wall and the tire’s bead, pump up some air to it. You will hear the bead pop on the rim as you continue to add air pressure.

Now you can Put back the wheel and ride again!!!

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